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Shell confidential reserves fraud documents published on 14 December 2007: includes PERSON OVERVIEW assessment of Shell executives

Shell confidential reserves fraud documents published on 14 December 2007

Declaration of Sarah Bell, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Limited, formally Reservoir Engineer at Shell Development Australia (Five pages)

Transcript of Videotaped Deposition of MATTHIAS BICHSEL, Executive Vice President Technical, Shell Exploration and Production B.V.: taken in New York, New York October 31, 2006

Exhibit 49 (200 pages) Bichsel Deposition

Exhibit 50 (below) is of particular interest. In addition to the Deposition of Bichsel, it also contains his CV, confidential email correspondence and PERSON OVERVIEW documents for Bishsel and other senior Shell Executives from “Executive Talent Book”, as follows: –

Brian Ward, Director, Technical and Operational Excellence: RBD Europe and Africa; Shell International Exploration and Production:

Extract: “Brian needs to take care against slipping back in his natural Shell “operations management” role thereby diluting his all-round abilities as “role model EP leader”.

Zaharuddin (Din) Megat, Regional Business Director, Central and South Asia and Russia, Shell International Exploration and Production:

Extract: “Din’s portfolio was reduced on April 1, 2002 to better align scope and capabilities.”

Extract: “Din does not always choose his words carefully when communicating with staff which has resulted in misunderstandings, anger and frustration for several of them this past year. He needs to work on his ability to build effective working relationships with, and more effectively motivate, those reporting to him.”

Tim Warren, former Chairman Shell Australia:

Extract: “Tim’s long hours are a legend at Shell. Given our current struggles with work-life balance, he would be well served to lead by example in managing his own work hours and ensuring those he leads focus on the most critical strategic initiatives/issues.”

John Darley, Director Shell Technology Exploration and Production; SIEP


Bob Sprague, Regional Business Director Shell International Exploration and Production:

Extract: “He is direct in his communications with others, sometimes uncomfortably so when stating his concerns or objections (particularly through e-mail!). He displays… intolerance for decisions/ recommendations where staff work has not been thorough or the thinking well organised. His lack of natural engagement skills and absence of pro-active behaviour towards changing performance or business climates can “downgrade” his overall excellence in-depth expertise and perspectives.”

Bichsel Matthias, Exploration Director, Shell International Exploration and Production


Lorin Brass, Director, Business Development Support, Shell International Exploration and Production:

Extract: “Lorin needs to work at more forceful, persuasive presentation of his position.”

Dominique Gardy, Chief Financial Officer, Shell International Exploration and Production Company:

Extract: “…Dominique at times has appeared to be spread a bit thin and needed to consider more effective delegation, time management and perhaps more effective use of resources.”

Carol Dubnicki, HR Director, Exploration and Production, Shell International Exploration and Production.


Exhibit 50 (75 pages)

Exhibit 51 Confidential Production forecasts for Shell, ExxonMobil, TotalFinaElf, Chevron and Texaco (47 pages)

Exhibit 52 Declaration of Bichsel Matthias (13 pages) and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

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