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Oil supply disruption threatens fuel prices

Royal Dutch Shell said about 10 per cent of its stations were out of fuel as of Saturday morning in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. It would continue delivering petrol to keep stations open as long as possible, but cautioned that its employees and operators would need to be evacuated.



By John Donovan

The EIGHT Shell Group companies collectively suing Dr Huong for alleged defamation have for several years buried him in High Court injunctions and applications seeking his imprisonment. The purpose of the multiple injunctions is to silence him. That background makes it dangerous to report events. Injunctions are meant to be temporary in nature pending a court hearing. They are not meant to drag on for several years. I do know from sources that due solely to an application by Shell, the court hearing for August 2008 has been put back to February 2009. read more



Irish Daily Mail


This is the first time we have been used against civilian protestors, says Navy as gunboat is sent to protect Broadhaven Bay pipeline

By Sandra Murphy

A NAVY gunboat was yesterday deployed to help gardai quell escalating protests by Shell to Sea campaigners at the Corrib gas site. 

The Navy admitted that sending in the LE Orla, a 39-man warship, was the first time the Navy had been used against civilian demonstrators. 

The gunboat was brought in because protesters had entered the water in a bid to halt pipeline works. 

But despite this admission, and claims that the armed forces were being used to ‘crush’ protests, gardai said they were within their rights to call in the warship as back-up.  read more

It may strike you as odd that I, a leader of a multinational oil company, would speak so glowingly of a “competitor”.

More spin and deceit by a Shell senior executive: "Datuk" Saw Choo Boon describes Petronas as a "competitor" when in fact the Malaysian national oil company, run by one of the worlds most corrupt and repressive governments, is a major partner of Shell. It is no doubt an example of the servile boot-licking which brought the reward of the equivalent of a knighthood for the Shell Malaysia chairman.

Shell comes under fire for role in Sakhalin audit

Email exchanges spanning three months and 40 pages show how officials at Shell sought to downplay the significance of a critical Russian environmental audit by persuading AEA to disperse its findings through the report, rather than leaving them in one potentially damning appendix

Oil companies completing Gulf evacuations

Royal Dutch Shell, BP and other oil companies wrapped up evacuations and shut down production Saturday as an intensifying Hurricane Gustav churned toward the petroleum-rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

ADL slams Shell, Austrian energy giant for taking part in Iran conference

Officials from Austrian energy giant OMV and the multinational Shell corporation are scheduled to attend a conference in Tehran sponsored by Iran's state-run energy firm. "These two companies are co-sponsoring a conference by the state-owned energy company of the leading state-sponsor of terrorism and human rights violator," the ADL said.

Linda Zarda Cook the next CEO of Royal Dutch Shell?

Linda Zarda Cook, a Shawnee native who earned a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from KU in 1980, ranks 43rd. Now the executive director of gas and power for Royal Dutch Shell, Cook is in the running to become CEO of the company in 2009

Oil and gas: Party on, Alberta!

The sands have become a major focus for Shell Canada’s parent, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, which picked up the outstanding shares of its subsidiary in 2007. That decision reinforces the theory that we’re moving deeper into the age of unconventional oil...

Gustav: Shell, BP and Exxon ready to close Gulf of Mexico rigs

Shell and BP evacuated staff from rigs, while ExxonMobil and other operators activated contingency plans to cease operations on offshore facilities that account for a quarter of US crude oil production and 15% of natural gas output.

Beware the bear trap

In the oil sector, all the major companies have been drawn into the Kremlin's new great game. Shell has lost majority ownership of its vast Sakhalin project; Total has been reduced to the status of a services company; BP seems on the verge of having 25% of its reserves expropriated by Russian oligarchs.

Darling under pressure to ease jitters over tax

2003: * Shell Opts for a parent company with Dutch HQ and tax residency

Shell Guides: No stone was left untold

Of the rash of quality guidebooks that hit the bookshelves in the first half of the past century, it was the Shell Guides, with their sharp writing and atmospheric black and white photos and pictures, that elevated the medium to an art form

Navy called in over Shell Corrib pipeline protests

A naval ship has been deployed as protests mounted over a controversial Shell gas pipeline.

China Reaches $3 Billion Deal To Develop Oil Field in Iraq

Ministry officials had said they hoped to sign contracts with Western companies by the end of June. Now, those talks -- with major oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell PLC,BP PLC and Exxon Mobil Corp. -- are unlikely to go through, the Oil Ministry said.

Gulf storm shuts US oil and gas production

Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips led the majors in evacuating personnel and ceasing production.

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