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UAE renews gas concession with Shell, Total, Partex

ABU DHABI, March 31 (Reuters) - Abu Dhabi has renewed its onshore gas concession with Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L), Total (TOTF.PA) and Partex, United Arab Emirates state news agency WAM reported on Tuesday.

Royal Dutch Shell and Royal Bank of Scotland to merge

Posted on March 31st, 2009

by Paddy Briggs  RDS and RBS to merge


Flora Poi

The leaked news, yet to be confirmed but buzzing around the City, that the two regal corporations Royal Bank of Scotland and Royal Dutch Shell are to merge has caught analysts and legislators off their guard. The idea that a failing bank and a struggling oil company should pool there resources seems extraordinary – but no stranger than the bizarre train of circumstances that has led to this apparent accord. The further leaked insider information that the two beknighted ex-CEOs of Shell and RBS, Sir Philip Watts and Sir Fred Goodwin, are to be jointly tasked with the creation of the new global giant has rocked the city to its foundations “It’s as if Lehman Brothers went bust” one insider said over a large glass of Château Margaux 1986. read more

Appeals court pulls judge from $28M contract case

The plaintiffs in the case accused Shell Oil of inducing the corporations into contracts with bogus historical expense and profit figures. The two companies sought $28 million in damages.

FAR, Shell sign deal to conduct exploration program offshore Senegal

First Australian Resources has signed an agreement with Shell Exploration Company to conduct an exploration program in respect of Sangomar Offshore, Rufisque Offshore and Sangomar Deep Offshore blocks off the coast of Senegal.

Despite Interior’s resistance, oil shale R&D efforts forge ahead

"The technology continues to advance. We're making good progress," said James Thurman, the manager of regulatory policy for Shell Unconventional Resources. "There's still a lot that needs to happen. ... But nothing is insurmountable."

Australia’s Nexus sells exploration stake to Shell

PERTH, March 31 (Reuters) - Australian oil firm Nexus Energy Ltd (NXS.AX), which is urgently seeking cash to fund its proposed projects, has sold the rest of its stake in an exploration permit off western Australia to Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) for $19 million.

Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary at Royal Dutch Shell, to speak on corporate governance

Shell’s company secretary will present his thoughts on the current variety of worldwide systems of corporate governance at Ethical Corporation’s Corporate Governance Summit.

Collapse of crude prices heralds wave of oil industry consolidation

“There are some fantastic opportunities out there,” Mr Savage said. “We are going to see a whole raft of mergers in the months ahead.” He suggested that the most vulnerable companies were those with good access to reserves but little or no current production and insufficient finance to develop projects because of the credit crunch.

Pages 6 & 7 from current issue Shell SPA News: of interest to Shell UK pensioners




Risk and reward? In Shell there is no link…

I mentioned a short while ago in an article featured on this website and elsewhere that the remuneration ratio between a mid level executive like me in Shell when I was last employed by the oil giant seven or so years ago was 10:1. The top man in Shell was paid ten times what I as a middle ranking employee was paid. I never had a problem with this. Today that ratio has risen to an astonishing 50:1 – the greedy Executive Board of Royal Dutch Shell pay themselves rewards that bare no comparison with what their predecessors of less than ten years ago were paid. Obscene? Of course. And a root cause of Shell’s current dysfunctionality and troubles as well – the evidence would suggest so. read more

Russia ships first Sakhalin LNG to Japan

MOSCOW, March 29 (Reuters) - Russia sent its first cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan on Sunday from a Pacific island project that will allow the Kremlin to extend its reach in world energy markets from Europe into Asia and North America

Green gauge

Power failure: Despite a series of adverts proclaiming an interest in clean power, Shell has announced it doesn't plan to make any further investments in wind or solar energy

Shell Hopes To Finish Feasibility Study For China Refinery In 09

The location of the refinery and petrochemical-manufacturing complex will be in a coastal area of China, said Lim Haw-Kuang, the executive chairman of Shell Companies in China, without disclosing a specific place.

Shell and the shocking bonfire of its vanities

Does this story mean that you can’t believe a thing that Shell tells us in its communications? Sadly I think that it does and that it will be a long time, if ever, before you can believe a word that they say again.

Royal Dutch Shell will not stand short in the international downturn

New crude oil production is the key to maintenance of competitive ability in the dog-eat-dog world of the international oil and gas super giant companies. To fall behind is to invite a takeover.

News headlines file for Royal Dutch Shell Sex and Drugs Scandal

Selection of news headline links to articles about the Royal Dutch Shell Sex and Drugs Scandal in the USA. Also related reports prepared for the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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