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A Clean Energy Machine That Works Like the Sun

The goal is to prove that energy can be generated through nuclear fusion — a process akin to how light and heat are produced by the sun. The promise is virtually unlimited amounts of energy from abundantly available sources. Wikipedia article April 2009 version

On 25 January 2008, Carl Mortished, World Business Editor of The Times newspaper wrote an article headlined: “Shell chief fears oil shortage in seven years” in which he described the site as “an independent website that monitors the company.”

Snapshot of Wikipedia Article 30 April 2009

Snapshot of Wikipedia Article taken on 30 April 2009 is a gripe site operated by 92 year old Alfred Donovan and his 62 year old son John Donovan, which is critical of Royal Dutch Shell. On 11 June 2007, Ed Crooks of the Financial Times described it as “an anti-Shell website run by a father and son partnership that has […]

Shell to pump $5bn into pension in ’09

Global Pensions by Raquel Pichardo-Allison 30 April 2009 NETHERLANDS– Royal Dutch Shell plans to inject US$5bn into its pension fund in 2009, chief financial officer Peter Voser told analysts yesterday. In a presentation about the firm’s first quarter returns, Voser said the increased contribution amount, up from $1.6bn in 2008, is driven by regulatory and […]

Shell Refinery worker’s body found after a day’s search

Security crews, the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s search and rescue team and tracking dogs searched every nook and cranny of the 1,000 acre-plant but found nothing. Then, at 11:22 p.m., the mystery was unraveled: His body was found inside a water-holding tank. Now, Martinez police are investigating the death and trying to find out how Maddock ended up inside the tank.

Energy Trades Ease Oil Firms’ Pain

BP PLC and Royal Dutch Shell PLC both reported first-quarter earnings this week that comfortably beat analysts’ forecasts. One factor was the success of their oil trading operations.

Gorgon project wins conditional approval

Chevron’s partners in the Gorgon venture are ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell, with each owning 25 per cent stakes.

Shell to cut further jobs after 58% fall in profits

Royal Dutch Shell expects to cut jobs this year as it continues its squeeze on costs in response to the lower oil price, its chief executive has told the Financial Times.

Jeremy Warner: BP and Shell struggle to keep up with Exxon

Should BP and Royal Dutch Shell redomicile and relist to the United States? The question is largely academic, for it is most unlikely to happen any time soon. Yet London-based oil chiefs sometimes look longingly across the pond at the apparently superior share-price performance of Exxon Mobil.

Royal Dutch Shell reports 58% profit fall on weak oil prices

Royal Dutch Shell blamed weaker oil prices and continuing violence in Nigeria for a 58 per cent fall in earnings. However, despite sliding profits, the oil group said that it would still pay out $2.4 billion (£1.6 billion) in dividends to shareholders for the quarter.

Gazprom, Shell May Expand Venture

Royal Dutch Shell said it is examining plans with Gazprom to expand Sakhalin projects beyond their liquefied natural gas venture in the Far East.

Royal Dutch Shell predicts lull in growth as profits fall

Daily Mail  By SAM FLEMING Last updated at 9:11 PM on 29th April 2009 Oil prices may not bounce back for 12 to 18 months, Royal Dutch Shell warned after a sharp fall in profits.   Profit warning: Royal Dutch Shell says it could be another 12 months before oil price bounce back First-quarter earnings tumbled […]

Lex: Royal Dutch Shell

…Shell’s trading numbers made for some grim reading on Wednesday. Its high-cost oil sands business swung sharply into loss compared with last year. The same was true for chemicals, due to a collapse in demand. Earnings from gas and power halved, while those from exploration and production fell by two-thirds.

‘To invest or not to invest, that is the question’

The industry is, in effect, back to the days when oil was about $10 per barrel, and many of the biggest companies – Shell not among them – were forced to merge to cut costs.

Royal Dutch Shell’s profits fall 58pc on oil price slide

Daily Telegraph Group increases debt to pay for dividend rise and capital expenditure By Garry White Last Updated: 7:33PM BST 29 Apr 2009   Hard times: Royal Dutch Shell’s profits more than halved in the first quarter as oil prices tumbled Photo: Bloomberg News   Royal Dutch Shell’s profits more than halved in the first quarter […]

Shell committed to tar sands despite $42m losses

Shell has pledged to continue with its controversial tar sands projects but has been forced to consider far-reaching cost cuts to keep the operations going after they lost $42m (£28m) in the last three months

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