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A retraction by Jo Blow

“Jo Blow” has asked us to substitute the posting below for the one previously displayed.

From “Jo Blow”


Yesterday I posted an article that I am not proud of.  I allowed my emotions to cause me to lower myself in the last paragraph to a level that I personally do not care to sink to and for that I am truly sorry to anyone who may have taken offense to the posting.  In regards to the people suffering through these difficult times, again my heart and prayers go out to you. read more

Shell Giveaway – Newstalk Radio Skit


Royal Dutch Shell becomes first global oil company to build lubricants blending plant in Russia

David Pirret, Executive Vice President for Shell Lubricants, said: "Russia is a country of strategic importance for Shell, and today's announcement is further evidence of our commitment to grow our business here, not only in upstream but also in downstream.

Lockerbie bomber ‘set free for oil’

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal.Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

Revealed: how Shell won the fight for Libyan gas and oil home

The Observer home

Documents reveal orchestrated campaign by ministers, mandarins and royalty

Terry Macalister

The Observer, Sunday 30 August 2009

Marsa El-Brega was once a tiny Libyan fishing village on the most southerly tip of the Mediterranean – now it is a thriving port handling 300 ocean-going ships a year and, with the help of Shell, is poised to become one of the world’s key energy terminals, capable of exporting huge quantities of gas to Britain.

The Anglo-Dutch oil company is currently upgrading the liquefied natural gas (LNG) from 500,000 tonnes a year to 3.2m and has just drilled the first of a dozen planned wells. These are the fruits of a historic visit in March 2004 by Tony Blair but also part of a closely orchestrated campaign by British ministers and Big Oil as documents seen by the Observer reveal. read more

Shell Upstream International Executive Director Malcolm Brinded named in Libyan intrigue

The Observer home home

Secret documents uncover UK’s interest in Libyan oil

Negotiations fuel rumours of commercial deal behind Megrahi’s release

Terry Macalister

The Observer, Sunday 30 August 2009

Libya has been courted by Prince Charles, government ministers and Foreign Office mandarins on a dozen or more occasions in pursuit of lucrative oil and gas contracts.

Documents obtained by the Observer show ministers and senior civil servants met Shell to discuss the company’s oil interests in Libya on at least 11 occasions and perhaps as many as 26 times in less than four years.

Foreign secretary David Miliband, the former Labour leader Lord Kinnock and even Prince Charles were involved in the meetings with Shell about its business in Libya or Egypt. read more

Alaska Gov Touts Crt Ruling On Offshore Oil Lease

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--Alaska Governor Sean Parnell on Friday praised a federal appeals court decision that he said will allow Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) to continue exploring for oil and gas in the Beaufort Sea.

Carson homes sit over Shell benzene, methane contamination

Shell Oil Co. has discovered extensive contamination of methane and benzene underneath the Carousel housing tract on the southern end of Carson. "Chemicals are a serious matter," said Barbara Post, president of the Carousel Homeowners' Association. "We have to trust that Shell is going to take care of it for us."

When truth about Britain’s dealings with Libya turns out to be a mirage

Both of Mr Blair’s trips coincided with the announcement of big trade agreements for Shell and then BP.

They thought it was a mirage, but black gold is gushing in the Indian desert

Shell sold its final 50 per cent stake in its Rajasthan blocs to the Scottish company for only £4.4 million in 2002 and the total sale price was less than $20 million... in January 2004, Cairn struck oil — at least one billion barrels of it.

Shell Says It Wins Appeal on Alberta Oil Sands Mines

Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Shell Canada Ltd. said a regulatory agency’s approval of two oil sands mines in Alberta was upheld by an appeals court judge who rejected an environmental group’s request for a new hearing on the projects.

Interesting round of discussion this morning!

BY Jo Blow (real name and background information supplied)

Interesting round of discussion this morning!

Stu,  you asked the following question “Also, which member of staff has been “escourted from the premises” under their current restructuring. Please name one.”  I can name several in downstream that were stripped of the company property in their possession, refused the right to retain their personal belongings from their offices, and then escorted to the gate.  I will refrain from listing their name out of respect, but rest assured that it did occur, and I doubt it was isolated to the US Gulf Coast. read more

Wow, just stumbled on this site and blog


Wow, just stumbled on this site and blog. Whilst I’m impressed with the way it has been set up and maintained, I’m amazed by two aspects: Firstly, those of you who work for Shell and are seemingly so disgruntled, why not just walk? You must be so unhappy in what you do to resort to these postings – so why not show some conviction and leave? I have heard that people who work at Shell tend to forget what the real world is like, but you can just leave you know and rejoin the real world out here! Secondly, to the Donnovans, I’ve just read some of the background and understand some of the history, but really, when are you going to live your lives?? Do you really want you gravestones to just say “had a pop at Shell for most of my life”. read more

Exxon Says $42 Billion Gorgon Decision May Come Within a Month

The partners will take a final decision on investment once they have production licenses and development approvals, Nicole Hodgson, Perth-based spokeswoman for Chevron said Aug. 26. Gorgon, which includes Royal Dutch Shell Plc, has contracts to supply the fuel to China, India and Japan and is among more than 12 LNG projects in the region competing for Asian buyers.

Shell information and insider comments

By John Donovan

If you would like to supply information or post comments on our website, but are concerned about protecting your anonymity, you can set up a free account with and then send information or comments to me at my hushmail email address: [email protected]

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Royal Dutch Shell site must bear responsibility for its actions

Headline: site must bear responsibility for its actions: Extract from article: "We also have good reason to believe that many Shell employees welcome our activities, including publishing and circulating leaked information which senior management would prefer to cover up, or withhold from effected Shell stakeholders while negotiations with highly controversial third parties are in progress."