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Mounir Bouaziz, Shell VP for making deals with corrupt governments

Mounir Bouaziz, Royal Dutch Shell VP Commercial Region Middle East North Africa

(Would you buy a 2nd hand car from this man?)

Tunisian, Mounir Bouaziz, is the Shell VP responsible for making deals on Shell’s behalf with the Libyan dictator, Gaddafi, the corrupt Iraqi government and an equally corrupt African dictator.

Bouaziz worked with Shell EP boss Malcolm Brinded to secure the Libyan deal. Brinded, an Anglicized Scot, is apparently willing to forget Libya’s bombing over Scotland.

Bouaziz is a protege of Harry J. M. Roels, a senior executive of the oil giant (now retired from Shell). He worked for Roels in NAM, the Exxon/Shell joint venture in the Netherlands.

According to our sources, Bouaziz transferred to Gabon in 1993 and became involved in some murky deals which began to unravel with an investigation into corruption involving the French oil company ELF and Gabon President/Dictator Omar Bongo. Now thankfully deceased.

This eventually led to an investigation into the dealings of Bouaziz with Bongo’s close associate, Samuel Dossou-Aworet.

Harry Roels allegedly stepped in to cover up the affair with the aim of saving his protege and protecting his own prospects of promotion into the Committee of Royal Dutch Shell Group Managing Directors (the “CMD”).

As a reward for his willingness to put Shell’s claimed business ethics and obvious moral issues to one side when concluding deals with corrupt despots, Bouaziz has been promoted in the Peter Voser restructuring process to his new position: Royal Dutch Shell VP Commercial Region Middle East North Africa.

If any Shell insiders have more information about the unscrupulous exploits of Mounir Bouaziz, please contact us.

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