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Death threat from Shell supplier on Brazilian tribe’s land

Energy giant Shell’s joint venture partner, Cosan, is buying sugarcane grown on Guarani land. © João Ripper/Survival

A Brazilian rancher supplying sugarcane to a joint venture partner of energy giant Shell has reportedly issued a death threat against a political opponent.?? José Teixeira, who is also a state deputy, is said to have recently warned a political rival that, ‘If it were up to me, you’d be under the ground.’

Teixeira is renting out part of his ranch for sugarcane production, even though the Government has confirmed that the land belongs to Guarani Indians.

Shell and Brazilian ethanol company Cosan are now united in a $12 billion joint venture company called Raizen, to produce ethanol to sell as a biofuel. Cosan is buying sugarcane grown on Guarani land that Teixeira continues to occupy. Survival has urged Shell and Cosan to stop using sugarcane grown on the Guarani’s land, but the companies continue to use it. read more

Shell accused of supporting Syrian regime

Daily Mail

31 May 2011, 10:05am

Royal Dutch Shell has been accused of working ‘hand in glove’ with the government in Syria where hundreds of unarmed demonstrators have been killed during protests against the regime.

The firm chartered a tanker to export almost 600,000 barrels of the country’s oil worth $55m, according to campaign group Platform. Shell declined to comment.

Platform researcher Lorenzo Paluello said: ‘While the British and Syrian public believe that suppressing a mass democratic uprising with tanks is problematic, Shell continues to work hand in glove with the regime. read more

Shell must suspend operations in Syria

IKV Pax Christi believes that all cooperation with the regime in Syria is illegitimate and that Shell must suspend its operations immediately. In Syria it is impossible for Shell to ensure that it is not involved in human rights violations. Shell has no other option than to suspend all operations until violence against demonstrators has completely ended, says a statement issued by IKV Pax Christi.

Shell is a major player in the Syrian oil industry. Shell owns 20% of Syria’s largest oil producer Furat Petroleum Company, that sells all its oil to state-owned General Petroleum Company, that exports 39% of Syrian production and that largely supplies to the domestic market. The Syrian tanks shelling civilians are likely to run partly on fuel provided by Shell. The same goes for police cars and the vans of the security police that strike terror in the streets of Homs and Tall Kalakh. Shell has a license to operate from government and no more from Syrian society. read more

Shell accused over Syrian oil exports


By David Blair, Energy Correspondent

Published: May 29 2011 20:02

Royal Dutch Shell has been accused of working “hand in glove” with Syria’s regime after the energy company chartered a tanker to export almost 600,000 barrels of the country’s oil. A spokesperson for Shell declined to confirm or deny the vessel’s arrival in Syria, saying only that the company does not comment on “commercial information”.

Hundreds of people have been killed since popular protests against the regime began in March. The army has responded to the unrest by opening fire on unarmed demonstrators in the country’s largest cities.

By continuing its commercial relationship with Syria despite the bloodshed, critics say that Shell is complicit in Mr Assad’s repression. “Shell continues to work hand in glove with the regime. The people of Syria rise up for freedom, but this company has placed itself firmly on the side of corrupt dictators,” said Lorenzo Paluello, a researcher for Platform. read more


By Alfred Donovan

As a result of proceedings Shell International brought against me in May 2005 via The World Intellectual Property Organization, we carried out a financial investigation of the setting up of Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

We discovered from Companies House documents that the company is the offspring of an off-the-shelf company – FORTHDEAL LIMITED – a company of dubious antecedence.

In 2005, Shell management was so grossly incompetent that it forgot to obtain registration of the royaldutchshellplc top level domain name as part of the process of setting up the unified company: Royal Dutch Shell plc. read more


By: Keith Bourke – Extract from Western People article

SCORES of musical acts and performers are heading to the shores of Broadhaven Bay in north Mayo this June Bank Holiday weekend for an extraordinary three-day festival.

The ‘Party Against The Pipe’ will feature an eclectic mix of music, circus performance, art, children’s activities and free camping, celebrating a decade of resistance to the Corrib gas project.


Shell turns up heat in race to woo Russia

29 May 2011, 3:32pm

Shell has moved ahead of its rivals in a multi-billion pound race to partner Russia as it starts to exploit its vast oil riches in the Arctic.

Following BP’s failure to conclude a partnership deal with Rosneft, Shell has organised a series of further talks with the Kremlin-controlled company.

A meeting on Wednesday between Shell chief executive Peter Voser and deputy prime minister Igor Sechin has fuelled speculation that an alternative deal may be on the cards.
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Shell’s battle for the heart of Ireland home The Observer home

Ed Vulliamy: The Observer, Sunday 29 May 2011

This land is our land: pipeline protesters Willie and Mary Corduff at the quay at Rossport. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Observer

If the sea is calm, you can hear the traffic in New York,” goes the local introduction to the breathtaking beauty of Erris, in the north of County Mayo, where the coastline winds its way through little coves and beneath the cliffs of the wild seaboard at Europe‘s edge. Most nights, though, Manhattan must be quiet, for the only audible sounds are the distant baying of a dog several miles away, the soft bleating of newborn lambs from lush coastal meadows and the sighing of the brine as it moves across rocks and shingle. read more

Shell’s Karoo-born man steers clear of shale gas rumpus

Sunday Times

May 29, 2011 3:08 AM | By ANTON FERREIRA

One of Colesberg’s most successful sons, who went from a sheep farm childhood to becoming vice president of a leading multinational, is trying to keep a low profile in the controversy over plans to look for shale gas in the Karoo.

That’s because the company De la Rey Venter works for in the Netherlands is Royal Dutch Shell, one of the companies that want to “frack” his former backyard.

Venter, a former head boy at Colesberg High School, has had a meteoric career since obtaining a BCom at the University of Johannesburg in 1997. He worked for Samancor, then BHP Billiton. In 2002 he joined Shell.

On a website advertising the school at which he obtained his MBA, Venter said he had chosen his career at Shell because he was “fascinated by the intrigues of geo-politics and by the global energy and environmental debates”. read more

Shell tried to lean on Time Magazine

By John Donovan

Our applications compelling Shell to supply us with Shell internal documents in which we are mentioned, has generated some very revealing information, especially in regards to Shell bullying and manipulating the news media.

We have previously published articles revealing Shell’s intent to “kill” a half-page story about this website that The Sunday Times was on the brink of publishing.

The story was killed.

In 2007 Shell lawyers and media specialists in the USA and Europe were frantic about thwarting our contact with Fox News. As is evident from repetitive fragmented Shell internal correspondence, Shell was panicked about the prospect of Bill O’Reilly taking up our suggestion of Americans boycotting Shell, because of its continued links with the fanatical Iranian regime.
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Shell says it’s looking at B.C. Coast for new LNG terminal

By GORDON HAMILTON, Vancouver Sun May 27, 2011

Shell says it’s looking at B.C. Coast for new LNG terminal.
Photograph by: Leon Neal, AFP/Getty Images

Shell Canada says it is investigating the potential for a new liquid natural gas terminal to be located on the B.C. coast.

Shell “is interested in, and currently exploring LNG opportunities along the B.C. coast,” Stephen Doolan, of Shell’s media relations department said in an email to The Sun.

“We are early in the evaluation process so do not have specific details but are pursuing opportunities,” he said. “Natural gas is a key area of growth for Shell. In terms of LNG, we will continue to invest in our global leadership position as demand continues to grow.” read more

Shell Faces NGO Pressure To Withdraw From Syria

MAY 27, 2011 2:12 P.M. ET


LONDON (Dow Jones)–Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) is coming under pressure in the Netherlands to withdraw from Syria because of the Syrian government’s violent reprisals against pro-democracy demonstrators.

Dutch non-governmental organization IKV Pax Christi is lobbying for Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) to cease all activities in Syria. The group’s director, Jan Gruiters, will meet with Shell Netherlands President Dick Benschop next month, after the group protested outside Shell headquarters in The Hague, the group’s spokesperson said Thursday. read more

Vladimir Putin ‘comfortable’ with Shell as Arctic partner for Rosneft

Russia’s powerful prime minister Vladimir Putin has given a vote of confidence in Royal Dutch Shell, saying he is “comfortable” with the company exploring the Arctic with state-controlled oil giant Rosneft.

The right to look for oil in the Arctic is a great prize for foreign companies as there is the potential for major discoveries in an area the size of the North Sea. Photo: REUTERS

Rowena Mason By Rowena Mason 8:43PM BST 27 May 2011

His comments come after the collapse of Rosneft’s £10bn share swap and Arctic exploration deal with BP, Shell’s nearest rival.

Mr Putin told the Russian state news agency: “We’ve been working with Shell for a long time. We’re comfortable with them.”

However, he showed that Russia is still keeping its options open by adding “our work with BP is not over yet”.

The BP-Rosneft alliance was frustrated when it emerged that an existing agreement between BP and four Russian billionaires prevents the British company from pursuing any other opportunities in the country. read more

Putin: Shell could work with Rosneft in Arctic

Associated Press, 05.27.11, 10:05 AM EDT

MOSCOW — Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says state-owned oil firm Rosneft could team up and swap shares with Royal Dutch Shell in an Arctic offshore deal similar to one with BP that fell through. read more

Royal Dutch Shell improper meddling in politics

From pages 41 & 42 of “Royal Dutch Shell and its sustainability troubles” – Background report to the Erratum of Shell’s Annual Report 2010

The report is made on behalf of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)
Author: Albert ten Kate: May 2011.

Interfering with politics

Improper involvement?

Oil and politics have a lot to do with each other. The home states of Royal Dutch Shell are the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. These countries might want to secure their oil/gas imports and the economic benefits of having an international oil company based within their territory. These interests might overpower ethical interests, such as the protection of human rights in countries hosting the oil company. Home states often might have the same business interest than “their” oil companies.

Oil companies may lobby their home states, so these will pay more attention to oil business possibilities. Oil companies may speak kindly of regimes that are in fact abusing human rights. Oil companies might keep their finger on the pulses of home as well as host states, in order to keep informed of the latest political developments. read more

Shell’s suppliers to reapply for work

Shell’s 70,000 suppliers have to re-register to work for the oil giant as it adopts an Achilles global management platform

Shell is shifting its supplier management onto a global basis Photo: AP

Richard Tyler By Richard Tyler 7:46PM BST 24 May 2011

Shell’s 70,000 suppliers will have to reapply to work for the oil giant as it shifts the management of its supply chain onto a global footing – thought to be the first such move of its kind.

Suppliers in more than 90 countries will be notified of the move from this July and the transition onto the new platform is expected to complete by the end of next year.

The plan is being driven by Shell’s desire for better “spending intelligence” as well as its need to monitor global compliance with health and safety and bribery legislation, according to Colin Maund, chief executive of Achilles, which is providing the software platform. read more