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Midlife crisis for Mr. Voser?

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Man Isn’t Alone; Apes Also Suffer Midlife Crises

August 30, 2013, 7:38 p.m. ET

The petroleum industry is still absorbing the recent, surprising resignation of Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell. Mr. Voser had been riding high with many successes during his stewardship of the petroleum giant. Yet, at the peak of his game at age 54, he resigned, wanting a “lifestyle change,” and to spend more time with his family.

If this constitutes a midlife crisis for Mr. Voser, he appears to have dealt with it with a steady hand. But there is no shortage of people, amid their own midlife crises, going off the rails in ways both small—sudden obsessive exercising, …

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Nigeria: 10,000 Jobs At Risk, As Chevron, Shell Pull Out From Oklng

Nigeria's unemployment situation is set to worsen, as the fate of about 10,000 workers in the Olokola Liquefied Natural Gas project, OKLNG, is currently on the line, following the pulling out of Chevron and Shell, which threatens the continuation of the project.

Shell Global PR Rethink Aims To Streamline Roster

Research released last year revealed that Shell is the brand most targeted by activist groups. The company has seen a particular rise in activist criticism because its Arctic drilling plans, which are the target of a high-profile Greenpeace campaign.

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Greenpeace activists invade Shell refinery

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 17.23.44 Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 17.22.26 Around 40 Greenpeace activists, some dressed as polar bears, forced entrance to the Shell oil refinery in Fredericia this morning (Photo: Greenpeace) Christian Wenande: August 28, 2013 – 09:38The action is a protest against Shell spearheading the search for oil in the vulnerable Arctic region

Shell’s oil refinery in the Jutland city of Fredericia was invaded by about 40 Greenpeace activists dressed up like polar bears early this morning.

The activists forced entry to the Dutch oil giant’s refinery just after 6am and a group of them immediately began climbing up one of the refinery’s large silos , where they hung a banner featuring an image of the well-known yellow and red Shell logo juxtaposed with a polar bear’s face.

“We are here to reveal Shell’s true face. The company is leading the hunt for oil in the Arctic, despite having shown us that they are completely unable to protect the vulnerable environment and unique nature in Greenland and the rest of the region,” Helene Hansen, a 28-year-old activist, told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

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Josef Ackermann resigns after suicide of Zurich CFO: Ackermann a board member of Royal Dutch Shell

Zurich chairman Ackermann resigns over suicide of CFO

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ZURICH | Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:07am EDT

(Reuters) – Josef Ackermann, the chairman of Zurich Insurance (ZURN.VX) and former Deutsche Bank boss (DBKGn.DE), resigned on Thursday over the apparent suicide of the insurer’s chief financial officer, further roiling the top ranks of the firm.

Ackermann said the family of Pierrer Wauthier, who worked at Europe’s No. 3 insurance group for 17 years, believed he shared some of the blame for his death.

“I have reasons to believe that the family is of the opinion that I should take my share of responsibility, as unfounded as any allegations might be,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

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Alan Shatter and the Shell Garda Corruption Scandal

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 00.03.05The latest news is that Roadbridge, the main contractor on the scandal ridden Corrib Gas Project has categorically denied allegations by a sub-contractor, OSSL, that Roadbridge was involved in handling any invoice related to “illegal or unethical activity”. Does this mean that Roadbridge will join the long queue of parties that appear to have grounds for a defamation action, but for some reason, do not actually launch legal proceedings?

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.52.53

By John Donovan

For several months Mr. Alan Shatter TD, the Irish Minister for Justice, has been aware of the Shell Garda Corruption scandal that has led to the Garda being the subject of public ridicule on YouTube and in the print media.

Printed below is his answer to a question kindly raised on my behalf in the Irish Parliament by Clare Daly TD.

It is followed by a response email sent directly to me on his behalf.

The latest news is that Roadbridge, the main contractor on the scandal ridden Corrib Gas Project has categorically denied allegations by a sub-contractor, OSSL, that Roadbridge was involved in handling any invoice related to “illegal or unethical activity”.

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Civil engineering firm ‘categorically denies’ former Corrib contractors claims

Roadbridge confirms it handled invoices for OSSL in 2007

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 14.03.08

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 07.59.08

Garda directing vehicles at Shell’s gas refinery site at Ballinaboy in north Mayo. A former Shell contractor, OSSL, claims it made deliveries of alcohol to Belmullet Garda station between 2005 and 2007, claims which Shell denies.

Lorna Siggins: Wed, Aug 28, 2013

The Corrib gas projects main contractor Roadbridge has confirmed it handled invoices for the company in dispute with Shell E&P Ireland over alleged non-payment for alcohol deliveries.

However, Roadbridge chairman Jim Mulcair has told The Irish Times his company “categorically denies” that it would have handled or paid any invoice related to “illegal or unethical activity”.

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Senior garda to meet Corrib booze contractor

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 00.03.05In a statement by spokesman John Monaghan, the community group reiterated the fact that it was ‘committed to solving the continued difficulties with the ongoing Shell-Statoil Corrib Gas controversy’, but was ‘extremely concerned about the most recent developments regarding allegations of bribery and deception involving senior members of An Garda Siochána and agents acting on behalf of the Corrib developers’.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 08.58.06

Áine Ryan: [email protected]: Tuesday, 27 August 2013 12:03

A SENIOR garda confirmed yesterday he ‘was in the process of arranging a meeting’ with the former Corrib gas contractor who claims he delivered almost €30,000 worth of booze on behalf of Shell to Belmullet Garda Station before Christmas 2007, while smaller amounts were delivered as festive gifts the previous two years.

Supt Thomas Murphy of Swinford Garda Station told The Mayo News he had just returned from holidays and had contacted Mr Desmond Kane of OSSL to arrange a meeting.

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YouTube takes down Greenpeace Shell video

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 15.05.22

Blogpost by Brian Fitzgerald – August 27, 2013 at 13:49

Video of our rather hilarious hijack of Sunday’s Shell-sponsored Formula 1 ceremony has been pulled by YouTube following a “Copyright” (AKA “Embarrassment”) complaint. While the take down appears to have been ordered by the Formula 1 organisers, we suspect Shell is pleased. They may even be behind it. Now, why would we think that?

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that a corporation has tried to silence a Greenpeace parody or critical piece by claiming they own their name and therefore any content mentioning them.

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Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 13.32.19By John Donovan

A month has passed since the death of my father, Alfred Donovan, at the age of 96. A war disabled and decorated veteran who spent 12 years in the British Army.

I have received many moving tributes and messages of condolences from friends and critics, for which I am most sincerely grateful.

But not one word from Shell. No gallantly shown towards a formidable opponent of Shell in recent decades (and the Japanese invaders in Burma during World War 2).

The company has been well aware for several years that if it stipulates that a communication sent to me is not for publication, that stipulation would be respected. So it could have said something off the record, but chose not to make even that minimal gesture of respect.

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Shell South African Shale Drive Riles Farmers Over Water: Energy

Royal Dutch Shell Plc shale gas drilling plans for South Africa’s Karoo semi-desert are pitting the government and its energy goals against farmers and conservationists like billionaire Johann Rupert who say the land will be spoiled.

Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 09.32.24

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 08.34.59

Shell applied for permission in 2011 to drill 24 exploratory wells in the Karoo. Source: GO!/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA)’s shale gas drilling plans for South Africa’s Karoo semi-desert are pitting the government and its energy goals against farmers and conservationists like billionaire Johann Rupert who say the land will be spoiled.

The government estimates enough gas can be discovered to generate 1 trillion rand ($100 billion) of sales within three decades and help bring a country that imports 70 percent of its crude oil needs closer to supplying its own energy demand. Landowners are lining up against the water-intensive drilling techniques that Europe’s biggest oil company intends to use.

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Activist hijacks Belgian GP podium

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.02.10

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.05.36Activist hijacks Belgian GP podium just metres away from celebrating Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton on day of protests at F1 race

By Phil Duncan and Joe Strange

PUBLISHED: 13:55, 25 August 2013 | UPDATED: 16:14, 25 August 2013

A Greenpeace activist managed to scale the Belgian Grand Prix podium as Sebastian Vettel was celebrating his fifth victory of the Formula One season.

The female, protesting against race sponsor Shell and their Arctic oil programme, managed to unfurl a banner which read ‘Congratulations! Now help us save the Arctic!’ while abseiling above the podium celebrations.

Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton were seemingly oblivious to the huge security lapse as the crowd jeered the activist later named as Julia Ritschard.

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