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Guardian Media Group to divest its £800m fund from fossil fuels

From an article by Damian Carrington  published Wednesday 1 April 2015  by The Guardian newspaper Guardian Media Group to divest its £800m fund from fossil fuels The Guardian Media Group (GMG) is to sell all the fossil fuel assets in its investment fund of over £800m, making it the largest yet known to pull out of coal, […]

Why The Oil Price Could Fall Even Further

From an article by Prabhat Sakya published 24 March 2015 by The Motley Fool under the headline: BP plc And Royal Dutch Shell plc: Why The Oil Price Could Fall Even Further The oil price has fallen dramatically since last summer. This has meant difficult times for the oil producers, including companies such as BP and […]

The credibility of Royal Dutch Shell oil demand forecasts

By John Donovan Forecasts of future oil demand and oil prices made by Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden have been widely reported. See syndicated Reuters article. He is not exactly a disinterested independent observer, as his personal income and the well-being and profitability of the oil company he leads, depends on these issues. […]

Oil Prices Start Week in Negative Territory

From an article by Georgi Kantchev published by the Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2015 unde the headline: “Oil Prices Start Week in Negative Territory” Extract LONDON—Oil prices started the week in negative territory on expectations that a sustained recovery is still a long way off. …analysts said they see little evidence that the combination of oversupply […]

Shell Plans To Boost Ethanol Production In Brazil

How Royal Dutch Shell Intends To Boost Ethanol Production In Brazil Bidness Etc looks at the progress Shell is making in the joint-venture with with Cosan Limited to boost ethanol production in Brazil over the next ten years By: MICHEAL KAUFMAN Published: Dec 30, 2014 at 7:19 am EST The joint-venture between Royal Dutch Shell […]

Oil prices continued their collapse on Friday

Oil prices continued their collapse on Friday… The new rout began Friday morning… Gas prices will continue to be in a free fall as long as crude oil is searching for a bottom,” the AAA motor club reported on Friday. From an article published by The New York Times on page B1 of the New […]


By: MICHEAL KAUFMAN Published: Dec 10, 2014 at 10:02 am EST Exxon Mobil Corporation(NYSE:XOM) revealed its annual energy outlook yesterday and maintained its stance despite the fact that crude price has declined 40% since its peak in late-June. This has resulted in energy companies slashing down their capital spending plans and slowing down growth in […]

How Church’s Leaning Toward Renewable Energy Will Affect BP and Shell

By: MICHEAL KAUFMAN Published: Dec 5, 2014 at 10:29 am EST Companies engaged in the oil businesses are increasingly in the limelight and under pressure to adopt techniques that will assure minimum carbon emissions into the environment. In a recent development, the Church of England (COE) has urged BP plc. (ADR) (NYSE:BP) and Royal Dutch […]

Declining coal production in the U.S.

From a Regular Contributor The following link is about the approaching end of cheap and easy coal from the surface mines in the Western part of the US, specifically Wyoming. These reserves are approaching depletion. That is good for the planet but not necessarily good for electricity consumers in the US, China, and Europe. The […]

‘Solar’ jet fuel made out of thin air

Extract from a Chemistry World article by Jon Cartwright published 2 May 2014 The dream of producing hydrocarbon fuels from carbon dioxide and sunlight is one step closer thanks to chemists in Europe who have made jet fuel from scratch in a solar reactor for the first time. Although the chemists only produced enough kerosene to […]

Marvin Odum speaks out

Article by M. Nadeem published 27 June 2014 by insider under the headline: “Royal Dutch Shell plc’s Subsidiary Shell Oil Company President Marvin Odum Discusses Energy Industry State” In a Fox News’ Opening Bell program on June 27, Shell Oil Company’s, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc), President, Marvin Odum, talked about the […]

Oil giant says profits are assured

Extracts from an article published by Eco-Business 28 May 2014 Shell, the world’s largest oil company, believes that governments will not damage its business by taking rapid action on climate change, and says all its oil reserves will be needed and sold at a profit. In a robust reply to a recent report by the […]

BT, Shell and corporates call for trillion tonnes of carbon to stay in the ground

Extract from an article published Tuesday 8 April 2014 by The Guardian newspaper Unilever, Shell, BT, and EDF Energy are among 70 leading companies today calling on governments across the globe to step up efforts to tackle climate change. The companies, which have a combined turnover of $90bn, say the world needs a “rapid and […]

Shell Oil Self-Imposes Carbon Pollution Tax High Enough To Crash Coal, Erase Natural Gas’s Value-Add

Comment received on this article: Shell hypocrisy at its best… Shell claim to price carbon emissions at $40/ton, but then ignore the conclusions! By Joe Romm on November 21, 2013 at 5:36 pm Royal Dutch Shell includes a high price for carbon dioxide when evaluating new projects. The $40 a metric ton price that Shell […]

Shell Is Working on ‘Promising’ Renewable Technology, Voser Says

By Eduard Gismatullin – Nov 13, 2013 10:38 AM GMT The following are excerpts from an interview with Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser at the company’s headquarters in The Hague. Voser, who has headed Europe’s largest oil and gas producer since 2009, steps down at the end of the year, […]

Is Shell’s Shocking Revelation Good News for Tesla?

By Tyler Crowe : October 13, 2013 Cats and dogs. Oil and water. Name any cliche about polar opposites and they have probably been used to compare the oil industry and electric vehicles. So, it seems almost impossible that an oil company would make the claim that electric vehicles will be the predominant transportation fuel, […]

BP, Shell stall biofuel plans, cut down $57m investment

EBR Staff Writer: 08 July 2013 European oil giants BP and Royal Dutch Shell are deferring their investments in bio-fuel projects by holding a consolidated investment of about $57m during the first quarter of 2013. Industry sources claim that the current quarter witnessed the lowest investment for bio-fuel production since 2006. FULL ARTICLE Like this:Like […]

Big Oil’s Big Lies About Alternative Energy

By Antonia Juhasz: June 25, 2013 11:30 AM ET EXTRACTS How about Shell ­– the world’s largest corporation, according to Fortune? In 2010, the company launched an ad campaign called “Let’s Go,” hyping its efforts to “broaden the world’s energy mix.” The ads are still running today. But the numbers tell a different story. Shell […]

European energy policy ‘not working’

Peter Voser attacked the EU’s renewables subsidy as he claimed the continent’s approach to energy was failing. read moreLike this:Like Loading…

The Serious Fraud Office ‘urgently reviewing’ oil price inquiry

UK fraud authorities are “urgently reviewing” whether to launch an investigation into companies that may have rigged the oil market and driven up petrol costs for millions of drivers. By Rowena Mason and Christopher Hope: 7:06PM BST 16 May 2013 The Serious Fraud Office said it is considering an inquiry, after European Commission officials raided […]

By 2023, a Changed World in Energy

By 2023, a Changed World in Energy By CLIFFORD KRAUSS: A version of this article appeared in print on April 25, 2013, on page F1 of the New York edition HOUSTON IF you could close your eyes for just a moment like Rip Van Winkle, and blink them open in 2023, you might see a […]

Shell exploration manager Roland Spuij – deluded or ignorant?

By John Donovan Printed below is a deluded article written by a Shell exploration manager – Roland Spuij (prat on the right) – who apparently is totally ignorant of Shell’s track record of giving a higher priority to production and profits than to the safety of its offshore workers. Either that, or he is trying […]

S&P Warns of Credit Downgrade for BP, Shell, Others

March 4, 2013 Oil and gas companies including BP and Shell will likely see declines in cash flows and credit downgrades if world leaders implement policies to limit GHG emissions, according to a study by Carbon Tracker and Standard & Poor’s. What A Carbon-Constrained Future Could Mean For Oil Companies’ Creditworthiness looks at how BP […]

Shell Sees Solar as Biggest Energy Source After Exiting Industry

By Eduard Gismatullin & Sally Bakewell – Feb 28, 2013 12:01 AM GMT Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) says solar power, a business it abandoned four years ago, may expand into the world’s biggest source of energy in the next half century. The proposition that photovoltaic panels will be the main power source by 2070 […]

Shell Invests $26 Million in GlassPoint to Get Heavy Crude Deals

By Wael Mahdi – Dec 11, 2012 8:00 AM GMT Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) invested $26 million in GlassPoint Solar Inc. to help it secure contracts in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman to extract dense crude using steam produced from a solar plant, the California-based company said in a statement. GlassPoint runs a 7-megawatt, four-acre […]

Brazil regulator approves Cosan, Shell partnership

Wed Dec 5, 2012 11:11am EST Dec 5 (Reuters) – Brazil’s antitrust regulator approved a joint venture between the sugar, ethanol and fuel distribution assets of milling group Cosan SA and Royal Dutch Shell Plc on Wednesday. The two companies originally announced the multi-billion dollar union of their Brazilian assets in 2010, later dubbing the […]

Gas is abundant, affordable and acceptable. It’s also the future, argues Shell chief Peter Voser

Ahead of the Government’s gas strategy, Shell chief executive Peter Voser reveals why it is the fuel of the future and how he is riding the shale revolution. Peter Voser believes Shell is creating value out of the whole of the production and supply chain and that its exposure to gas growth is the jewel […]

US food giant accused over biofuel ‘tainted with Indian blood’

Earlier this year, Raizen, a biofuels company set up by Shell and COSAN scrapped controversial plans to source sugarcane from land stolen from the Guarani after a sustained campaign by the Indians and Survival. A Guarani man in front of sugarcane crops, grown where the tribe’s forests once stood. © Survival A US food giant […]

Shell attacks ‘ridiculous’ effects of European energy policy

Royal Dutch Shell has attacked the “ridiculous” impact of European energy policy, warning that governments are erasing the environmental benefits from expensive renewables by allowing coal use to increase. Europe is burning more coal, while demand for gas – which emits much less CO2 than coal – is declining Photo: GETTY IMAGES By Emily Gosden: 6:03PM […]

Shell Cosan jv world’s largest producer of sugarcane ethanol

Engineering begins on Iogen-based cellulosic plant in Brazil By Susanne Retka Schill | October 17, 2012 Ottawa-based Iogen Energy Corp. announced an initial investment by Raízen Group to develop a commercial cellulosic ethanol project in Brazil. Raízen, a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan SA is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane ethanol. […]

Selection of links to Shell related articles

A REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR SUGGESTS THAT THESE MAINLY SHELL RELATED ARTICLES MAY BE OF INTEREST TO SOME OF OUR READERS. LINKS PROVIDED. Shell and Stop & Shop Help Greater Boston Customers Save on Fuel Shell mulls bid in Iraq oil auction [National, The (United Arab … Pennsylvania’s Shell deal is bipartisan effort Vegetable oil fuel ‘David’ […]

Codexis, Shell redefine relationship

Jim Lane | September 5, 2012 Codexis, Shell redefine relationship; Codexis gains global rights; will lay off 133 staff; adopts anti-takeover measures; what does it mean for Shell, Raizen, Iogen, Codexis and Dyadic? What does it say about strategic investors in advanced biofuels? In California, Codexis announced that Shell has granted Codexis a royalty-bearing, non-exclusive […]

Shell offers free fill-ups for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

The oil company opens a station in Newport Beach where hydrogen will be available at no charge, but only 200 cars statewide can take advantage of it. By Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles TimesAugust 1, 2012, 4:45 p.m. Shell has opened a new station in Newport Beach where drivers fill up at no charge. That’s right: […]

Informative links

VARIETY OF LINKS SUPPLIED BY A REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR John, Some more links to a variety of information that may be of interest to your readers: Shell Fails To Get Its Arctic Oil Spill Barge Certified By The Coast Guard Shell Oil | ThinkProgress Who is getting bought off by big oil? [PDF] DEEP DRILLING, DEEP […]

More on Poo Gas

More on Poo Gas from the same source as the article: Why can’t those geniuses at Shell think of something like this? John I decided to play a few number games… Consider the scenario where 1 cu ft. of Poo Gas methane can be generated from the average human’s daily discharge of Loo-Poo. There are […]

Hydrogen Generation

HYDROGEN POWERED VEHICLE John, I have supplied links to articles detailing Shell’s investment in hydrogen generation R&D. Shell Announces $1 Million Research Project to Ohio State … Alternate Fuel Shell Hydrogen And links to related articles: Nuclear power plants can produce hydrogen to fuel the ‘hydrogen … New Way To Split Water Into Hydrogen And […]

Why can’t those geniuses at Shell think of something like this?

FROM A REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR John, Thought you might like this article. New Toilet Turns Human Waste Into Electricity and Fertilizer‎‏ Why can’t those geniuses at Royal Dutch Shell think of something like this ??? Maybe RD Shell needs to invest in the Loo market. Think of all the natural gas that can be generated and […]

Shell scraps controversial biofuels plan after Brazilian Indian protest

13 June 2012 A biofuels company set up by Shell in Brazil has scrapped controversial plans to source sugar cane from land stolen from an indigenous tribe after a vociferous campaign by the Indians and Survival International. The company, Raizen, was established in 2010 as a joint venture of Shell and Brazilian ethanol giant Cosan […]

Shell expands LNG option for 18-wheelers

By Simone Sebastian: Updated 07:21 p.m., Thursday, June 7, 2012 The nation’s slow roll toward cheap natural gas fuel for commercial fleets took another step Thursday as Shell Oil Co.said it’s gearing up to supply liquefied natural gas to 100 interstate highway fueling stations across the nation beginning in 2013. Under the tentative terms of the agreement, […]

Does Hydrogen have a future in the world of energy?

FROM A CONTRIBUTOR About two decades ago the US DoD ran some tests designed to test the efficacy of a propulsion system for shallow draft/shallow water vessels. These tests failed, and they failed miserably. However, there was a surprise that came out of these tests. The experimental propulsion system produce large amounts of gas – […]