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By John Donovan Just read the article by Tom Banks published today by Design Week under the headline: “Shell lifts the lid on new digital strategy” Extracts Radley Yeldar  has redesigned Shell’s website, which will act as a hub for all corporate and consumer activity. Radley Yeldar digital director Richard Coope says this extended to […]

News items of interest to Shell

In view of its past horrendous track record of dealing with a whistleblower (buried alive in multiple defamation actions, multiple injunctions, threat of imprisonment etc) and the fact that Shell was a pioneer in evil, sinister blacklisting activities, Shell is likely to be interested in these current news stories… 1.  WHISTLEBLOWER BOUNTIES: The Financial Times […]

Verdict on Royal Dutch Shell CFO Simon Henry

Shell internal email correspondence irrefutably proves that Simon Henry was aware in March 2002 that “reserves bookings were made that should not have been made”. Walter van de Vijver, the “sick and tired” Chief Executive of Shell EP, gave the information directly to him. As can be seen in the email, Walter van de Vijver aggressively […]


By John Donovan Shell has for many years supposedly operated within an ethical code which, according to its current webpage on the subject, was first published in 1976. This does not tally with the relevant pages in “A HISTORY OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, Volume 3,” about the history of the code – known in […]

Study for Shell’s Jackpine oilsands mine predicts big losses in animal habitat

By Marty Klinkenberg, Edmonton Journal October 21, 2012 A black-throated green warbler bathes at the bird sanctuary at High Island in Texas, May 8, 2006. Photograph by: NATALIE CAUDILL , MCT EDMONTON – Shell Canada outlines a substantial loss of habitat for birds, woodland caribou, bison and other animals in an environmental assessment of the […]


FROM OUR SEPT 2005 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE ROYAL DUTCH SHELL ROBBERS AND RASCALS “…Shell shareholders have to foot the bill for lawyers fees run up in the course of defending fat cat crooks, such as Sir Phillip Watts, the disgraced former Group Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. Sir Phillip ended up with a […]

Question mark over legal status of Royal Dutch Shell Business Principles

FROM OUR SEPT 2005 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE Question mark over legal status of Royal Dutch Shell Statement of General Business Principles “The development may also be of interest to the Rossport Five jailed in Ireland at Shell’s behest after making a stand on environmental grounds.” Friday 9 September 2005: 10.00am ET By John Donovan Comments […]

US pension fund giants lead Shell onslaught

FROM OUR ARCHIVES By John Donovan In May 2005, Royal Dutch Shell was in the middle of the maelstrom arising from the reserves scandal. Shell had defrauded many of its own shareholders as a result of filing false information with the US Securities & Exchange Commission. The Sunday Telegraph article printed below provides an insight […]

Corporate Scandals: Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat

Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat, the collective knickers of the business world are in a twist about ethics, and rightly so. Deals are the building blocks of business. Enormous sums are at stake and the money belongs mostly to strangers, not neighbours. Without ethics to define deals and fair dealing, business will not get done. Introduction […]


HOW TO GUT GOLIATH At long last, someone has written an invaluable guide on how ordinary individuals can publicly criticize the rich and powerful, including multinational corporations, by using the Internet. EXTRACT: …the most successful gripe site of all time, which targets Shell Oil, actually operates under the domain name, Shell’s legal trading name. […]

Globalization of class action lawsuits

From the outset of the litigation, Lead Counsel used our website to generate witnesses and evidence, including important information from Dr John Huong, the Shell production geologist who blew the whistle on the reserves fraud. By John Donovan In January 2006, a U.S. Federal Judge set a deadline of 1st March 2006, to find […]

Malaysian Judge told Shell that they should sue John Donovan in the UK

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia. By John Donovan In 2004, EIGHT companies within the […]

Integrity of Wikipedia corporate articles corrupted by editing scandal

On 12th October 2010, I published an article containing the warning: “…it is only a matter of time before the culture of subterfuge and deception at Wikipedia results in a scandal.” My prediction has come to pass… By John Donovan Jimmy Wales is to be congratulated on being the joint founder of Wikipedia and for […]

Warning about working for Shell in Malaysia

Above are screenshots from Shell Malaysia website taken 17 June 2011 Introduction by John Donovan Many visitors to are aware of past litigation involving several hundred thoroughly disgruntled employees of Shell in Malaysia who sued Shell on various grounds, including wrongful dismissal and allegations that Shell management made unlawful deductions from the employee retirement […]


By John Donovan Twitter is currently flooded with people trying to identity parties who have obtained Super-injunctions in an attempt to hide embarrassing information from public scrutiny. It is not widely known that Royal Dutch Shell has been a trailblazer in using draconian litigation to silence a conscience driven whistleblower who objected to Shell defrauding […]

Court case involving allegations of racism settled by Shell

The Defendant has gone on wild rampage with Alfred Donovan to consider any wrongdoing done by any Shell company around the world. He then extrapolates from the particular – individual instances of impropriety anywhere in the world – and reaches a general conclusion that the 8 Plaintiffs have been dishonest, engage in criminal conspiracy and […]

Shell censorship of free speech on the Internet

“I also have doubts about the wisdom of allying yourself so closely and obviously to the Donovans, who seem to have raised Shell-baiting to such a level of vituperation (cleverly mixed with plenty of apparent balance and reasonableness) that it is difficult to see how either side can compromise without losing an unacceptable amount of […]

Shell employees must be able to speak out without fear of retribution

…the Group’s leadership is working very hard to promote open and honest communication within Shell, as well as with our external stakeholders. We genuinely do welcome all comments, positive and negative. We also believe that employees must be able to speak out without fear of rebuke or retribution. John Hofmeister By John Donovan I have […]

The Shell whistleblower buried alive in Shell injunctions

“My deeply held religious beliefs and moral convictions put me into a very difficult position when I realised that Shell shareholders were being deliberately deceived in regards to hydrocarbon reserves: I also had reservations in regards to certain health and safety issues of conscience which caused me great concern because it is not in consonant […]

Whistleblower 2004 email on Shell reserves scandal

Honesty and Integrity once the pillars of culture in the Shell Group, no longer appear to exist. John Scruton Extracts from an email we received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (some personal information omitted) From: huong john <[email protected]> Date: 18 August 2004 14:00:32 GMT+01:00 To: John Donovan <[email protected] Subject: RE: FW: SHELL WHAT ELSE […]

Donovans v. Royal Dutch Shell

By John Donovan Printed below is our most recent correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell Plc. It is self-explanatory. From: John Donovan <[email protected]> Date: 2 February 2011 14:47:14 GMT To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Subject: Section 7 (1) of the Data Protection Act To: Mr. Gavin White Company Secretarial Department Shell International Limited Dear Mr. White Section […]

Shell’s treatment of Whistleblowers

OVERTON v. SHELL OIL COMPANY: On December 22, 1999, Mr. Overton formally announced to Ms. Sistrunk that he was working with the Department of Interior and of his status as a whistleblower. On January 19, 2000, while Mr. Overton was working on MP252, federal agents boarded the platform armed with weapons and issued grand jury […]

Overnight ‘crippling load’ on Royal Dutch Shell website

By John Donovan As regular visitors will be aware, this website, which is operated on a dedicated high traffic server hosted in the USA,  is being brought down on a regular basis. By coincidence or otherwise,  it often seems to happen when we publish negative information about Royal Dutch Shell, such as in WikiLeak cables, […]

Invitation by Shell to a Malaysian jail cell

Article by Alfred Donovan By June 2006 Shell Malaysia legal boss, Thavakumar Kandiah Pillai (right), had got himself into a most dreadful mess. Two years earlier he had advised EIGHT different companies, all within the Royal Dutch Shell Group, to bring a collective defamation action against a former Shell Malaysia Production Geologist, Dr John Huong. […]

Royal Dutch Shell Malaysian pension fund controversy

If you haven’t seen the attached, it may interest you to know that the attached is a copy of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company’s internal management exchange which was leaked by one of the employees who is disgusted with Shell. You may take note that Shell cheats on paying the Retirement Benefit Fund resulting in the class action at Miri High Court by ex and current staff of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company.

Royal Dutch Shell tried to blackmail reserves whistleblower

Shell lawyers to Dr Huong: …positive steps must be taken by you to ensure that these notices must be given to all persons’, not only Donovan, who are able to operate and maintain the web site. As such by simply writing to Donovan to request him to remove your postings as you have done is […]

Shell whistleblower Dr Huong accuses Shell of psychological torture

I am very disappointed with Shell in the person of Mr. Thuvakumar for the psychological torture inflicted on me for almost four years.  In his affidavit affirmed on 6.11.2007 before the Commissioner of Oath, Mr. Thuvakumar and the Shell Counsel knew very well that I was not the author of the publications – the “Corruption […]

Dr Huong evidence refuting Shell defamation law suit

By John Donovan After EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group collectively buried him in legal proceedings, including multiple injunctions, as part of a draconian defamation action in respect of allegations published on this website, former Shell production geologist, Dr John  Huong begun assembling evidence to substantiate that the allegations were true. His efforts […]

Is Royal Dutch Shell a racist company?

From an outspoken former employee of Shell Oil USA The association between Dutch companies and West Africa is centuries old. It began in earnest with the slave trade. Dutch companies were the first and largest of the slave traders. Of course, the justification of the concept of slavery was based on Biblical interpretations of the […]

Judge told Shell that ‘they should sue John Donovan in the UK’

By John Donovan The email printed below from Shell Malaysia whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) to his lawyer, Trevor George De Silva, confirms that the High Court judge dealing with the defamation action brought against Dr Huong by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies, told Shell that “they should sue John Donovan in the UK”. Since […]

Dr John Huong accused Shell lawyers of tampering with evidence

May I asked you where you got all those information for your articles, the publication of which prompt Shell to take legal actions against me, in breach of my human rights and freedom? Email received from Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong on 21 April 2008. We have provided hyperlinks to the articles he itemized. Dear […]

Shell: Beware the Yellow Peril

COMMENTS FROM A FORMER EMPLOYEE OF SHELL OIL USA ON RECENT ARTICLES PUBLISHED ON THIS WEBSITE John Part of Shell Brent Bravo oil platform falls into North Sea I just read about the Brent ‘incident’. That ‘little problem’ should have been taken care of through a preventive maintenance inspection program long ago. Sea water is […]

Dr John Huong: Donovan correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell

At the age of 90 and with numerous aliments, the thought of ending up in a small room with only iron bars for a view and without air conditioning in a tropical climate, is not much of an incentive to make the trip. In other words, while pretending that my presence in court in Malaysian […]

Whistleblower Dr John Huong on Shell’s North Sea safety record

By John Donovan We have hundreds of emails received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) during the many years when he was prohibited by the Malaysian courts from supplying information to us for publication. This was part of the draconian defamation proceedings and related multiple injunctions brought against him by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell […]


It is surely essential… that an even-handed approach is adopted… so that would be whistleblowers and parties with genuine grievances are not deterred by the prospect that they could be ostracized, victimized, sacked and/or sued if they do come forward. 2 February 2006 Jyoti Munsiff SCO Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Royal Dutch Shell plc […]

Dr Huong defence against Royal Dutch Shell defamation action

It will soon be apparent to our readers from the extracts below, why Shell settled the Dr Huong litigation out of court. A very considerable pile of extremely smelly internal dirty laundry that Shell definitely did not want aired in open court, even in Malaysia. By John Donovan Dr John Huong, a former Shell geologist […]

Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong and freedom of speech on the Internet

Extracts from comments by Dr John Huong regarding Alfred Donovan and the right to criticize Royal Dutch Shell on the Internet I am baffled why Shell allows him to comprehensively tear Shell management to pieces on countless postings all over the Internet, including Shell’s own website – while I am not allowed the freedom to […]

Royal Dutch Shell defamation controversy

Comment by a former employee of Shell Oil USA on Dr Huong controversy John, Re: Your articles on Dr. John Huong. How in Perdition’s good name do the Malaysian courts think that they have legal jurisdiction over what is published on your website? What the Devil is that BS all about? Furthermore, in the UK […]

Letter from a Shell Whistleblower, Dr John Huong

By Dr. John Huong (right) Below is a letter I last wrote on 3rd June 2004 to Shell Malaysian Management, hoping that if both sides entered into a constructive dialogue on a “without prejudice” basis, the matter could be resolved amicably despite the threats I had received on 17th May 2004 from their legal Manager […]

Dr John Huong Index

Several years have now passed. Shell has spent tons of shareholder funds on draconian defamation legal proceedings with related injunctions and demands for the imprisonment of Dr. Huong. Ironically, despite a settlement between the parties, the same information is still being published on the same website. The litigation was a complete waste of time and money.

Whistleblowers devastating indictment of Shell continues

The Shell brand name has an entirely different connotation these days. It stands for deceit, cover-up, dishonesty, pollution, corruption, undercover spies, class action law suits, defective gasoline, exploitation of the poorest people on the planet; support of a murderous military regime, etc – arrogance and evil on a breathtaking scale. (Verdict by Dr John Huong, […]

Extraordinary letter from Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong

Because my stand on this matter in consonant with Shell Group Business Principles, its governance and with Malaysian national interests in mind, I made my concerns known internally at Shell. Shell made me feel that I had sinned for having a moral compass and a conscience. My name is Dr John Huong. Until May 2003 […]

Royal Dutch Shell management accused of a ‘con-artist mentality’

By John Donovan EXTRACTS FROM THE WISE WORDS OF SHELL WHISTLEBLOWER DR JOHN HUONG PROHIBITED BY THE MALAYSIAN COURTS FROM PUBLICATION ON THIS WEBSITE When I started with Shell all those years ago I was proud to be an employee of what I considered to be nothing less than the best company in the world; […]

Words of warning from a Shell whistleblower

By John Donovan EXTRACTS FROM THE WISE WORDS OF SHELL WHISTLEBLOWER DR JOHN HUONG PROHIBITED BY THE MALAYSIAN COURTS FROM PUBLICATION ON THIS WEBSITE Correspondence between Sir Mark Moody Stuart and Mr Richard Wiseman… shows the actual mentality of Shell Management in high places. This behaviour was inevitably imitated by executives in operating companies who […]

Prohibited words of a Royal Dutch Shell whistleblower

WISE WORDS OF SHELL WHISTLEBLOWER DR JOHN HUONG PROHIBITED FROM PUBLICATION BY THE MALAYSIAN COURTS I will supply for publication further informed comment and revelations in the run up to Shell’s AGM… It will include examples of the toxic combination of  arrogance, greed, dishonesty, and blatant disregard for all ethical norms by Shell Management, that […]

Royal Dutch Shell terrorist tactics against Malaysian whistleblower

“For his audacity in raising the reserves issue, Dr Huong was demoted, appointed as an asset manager with responsibility for helicopter flights. Once again, his integrity got him into trouble when he raised concerns over helicopter safety, recording in internal documents that Shell employees were being used as guinea pigs on test flights.” By John […]



Wakey Wakey on Freedom of Expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

Tell Shell: Wakey Wakey on Freedom of Expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (United Nations) – By Dr. John Huong “Wow, I’ve just read the posting below about the 2005 Accountability Rating – the article by Alfred Donovan- the owner of the worlds self proclaimed ultimate gripe site, I am baffled […]

Shell farcical No. 2 ranking in 2005 Accountability Rating in FORTUNE magazine

Royal Dutch Shell farcical No. 2 ranking in the 2005 “Accountability Rating” published in FORTUNE magazine Tuesday 27 September 2005 08.15am ET By Alfred and John Donovan 27 Sept 2005 How much faith can investors/stakeholders have in a rating methodology capable of conjuring up a ranking which has no relationship to reality? Royal Dutch/Shell Group […]

Is Royal Dutch Shell Plc adopting racist policies against its Malaysian employees?

Is Royal Dutch Shell Plc adopting racist policies against its Malaysian employees? Thursday 22 September 2005 00.10 am EDT NY Datuk Jon Chadwick Chairman of Shell Malaysia (Shown right) By Alfred Donovan has obtained a leaked copy of a recent email from Shell Malaysia Country Chairman, Datuk Jon Chadwick to all Shell employees in […]

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