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Shell shareholders move to back £35bn takeover of BG

David Hellier: Tuesday 22 December 2015  Some of the largest shareholders in Royal Dutch Shell, the giant petroleum and energy group, are expected to publicly back the company’s $53bn (£35bn) takeover of BG amid concern the deal could be sabotaged by those who want it scrapped. read more

Shell fined for leak on platform where workers died

Thursday 2nd July 2015 Oil giant Shell has been fined more than £6,000 after a diesel leak on board the same North Sea platform where two workers died 12 years ago. Sean McCue, 22, and Keith Moncrieff, 45, lost their lives when they were overcome by gas while working on the energy firm’s Brent Bravo […]

Malcolm Brinded still connected with Shell

Brinded speaks out on sustainable and accessible energy Written by  OE Staff: Friday 26 June 2015 Speaking this week as the 2015 recipient of the Energy Institute (EI)’s Cadman Award, Malcolm Brinded, chairman of Shell Foundation, has called for increased focus on breakthrough technology and business innovations to respond to the challenges of international development, […]

Shell Lobbied EU To Favour Gas Over Renewables – The Guardian

Article by Joshua Warner published Monday 27April 2015 by Alliance News PRESS: Shell Lobbied EU To Favour Gas Over Renewables – The Guardian LONDON (Alliance News) – Royal Dutch Shell PLC successfully lobbied to undermine European renewable energy targets, in favour of the expanded use of gas, ahead of a key agreement on emissions cuts […]

Special relationship between a Shell oil executive and a Government Minister contributed to offshore deaths?

Love hurts: How a special relationship between a Shell oil executive and a Government Minister contributed to offshore deaths  SELF-EXPLANATORY EMAIL FROM JOHN DONOVAN TO BARONESS HELEN LIDDELL:  From: John Donovan  Subject: THE EMAIL YOU RECEIVED FROM MR BILL CAMPBELL Date: 9 March 2015 22:50:38 GMT Cc: Campbell <Cambell To: [email protected] Dear Baroness Liddell, I understand […]

The Case against Malcolm Brinded CBE

Email Dated 4 March 2015 from Mr Bill Campbell, Retired HSE Group Auditor, Shell International, to Mr Billy Gordon, a senior officer of Police Scotland The Case against Malcolm Brinded CBE:  Dear Mr Gordon Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continual support especially over the period when the Fiscal Anne Currie was carrying out […]

Rail chaos at Finsbury Park: Trusting ex Shell executives to run a railway network?

(THE ABOVE SCREENSHOT IS FROM AN ARTICLE IN THE INDEPENDENT PUBLISHED SUNDAY 28 DEC 2014) ARTICLE BY BILL CAMPBELL, RETIRED HSE GROUP AUDITOR, SHELL INTERNATIONAL Could you really trust ex Shell executives to run a railway network? In the usual manner *TFA Malcolm the Tank Engine arranged for his apprentice Marc Carne to take over as […]

Shell evacuates workers from Brent Alpha and Bravo

By John Donovan  After all the Royal Dutch Shell senior management promises to improve safety on Shell North Sea platforms, serious incidents continue to occur. is reporting that Shell workers have today been evacuated from the Brent Alpha and Bravo platforms after a crane dropped a large container into the North Sea.  Extracts The […]

Royal Dutch Shell Implicated in Nigerian OPL245 Corruption Scandal

Can’t help wondering whether Malcolm Brinded will be “helping the police with their enquiries” regarding OPL245 as he was in charge of E&P at Shell at the time. Assuming that Shell/ENI lose the block, I presume there will be a $550 million hole in the Shell accounts to explain… By John Donovan Claudio Descalzi, the […]


Analysts hint at merger of Shell and BP According to an article by Keith Findlay published by “Falling fortunes at BP and Shell could force the two oil and gas giants into a “mega-merger” within a couple of years, some City analysts believe.  Some of Shell’s big shareholders are said to be frustrated by […]


A safety audit on the Brent Bravo platform in 1999 led by Bill Campbell exposed a “Touch F*** All” culture with safety records routinely falsified. The damning audit report was passed to then Shell EP director Malcolm Brinded, who made promises to remedy the situation that were not kept. Instead Brinded decided to put profits […]

Leaving a sinking ship: Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Bichsel will undoubtedly leave shortly, joining Ollila, Rees, Brown, Brinded, Voser, Finlayson, Carne… And when everything starts to collapse, he will at least now have the satisfaction of saying “I told you so”. This is typical for a coward… By John Donovan Earlier today Reuters published comments attributed to Royal Dutch Shell Plc Executive Director, Matthias […]

Dear old Chris Finlayson

“With hindsight you should revisit his CV printed out by the BG Group at the time of his appointment, a work of fiction that Hans Christian Andersen would have been proud of. You are right, your web site warned the World about his previous track record but such foresight is often ignored.” Comment received from […]

Shell, the Brunei Royal Family and Sharia Law

His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei meeting Malcolm (TFA) Brinded, Shell’s then Executive Director, Upstream International By John Donovan There may be some relief by Muslim employees of Shell Brunei at the news that “Brunei has postponed the introduction of tough Islamic criminal punishments that were due to begin on Tuesday.” Fortunately for Shell, the […]

Safety at risk under Malcolm Brinded

Entirely the wrong man to entrust with an oversight function in relation to the safety of rail passengers. He was shunted out of Shell under a cloud. If that is a model of the Shell Prelude in the background of the photograph, it is not an encouraging omen. Mining giant BHP Billiton has appointed former […]

Kashagan Debacle: Not enough engineers, too many idiots

When John Stubbs was assigned to the Kashagan project, he was confronted by an over-budget hopelessly out-of-control shambles and advised Shell senior management that he did not want the job. He was bluntly told by Shell EP boss Malcolm Brinded, to take it, or leave the company. Stubbs, an engineer and project manager highly regarded by […]

Health & Safety Executive feared ‘catastrophe’ on Shell North Sea Platform

Extract from an article published today: The incident was stood down later that morning, but inspectors have accused Shell of failing to have systems in place that would see equipment which is exposed to the elements checked regularly for rust. The notice – which was made public yesterday – stated: “You (Shell) failed to have effective arrangements to ensure work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration which […]

Royal Dutch Shell and Mad Dog Gaddafi

The compilation of articles accessible below provide the answer to why Tony Blair and Royal Dutch Shell executive director Malcolm Brinded (above left), sucked up to the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, the monster ultimately responsible for the Pan-Am 103 bombing and other terrorist atrocities. They include the murder of a British police constable Yvonne Fletcher […]

Shell’s mega(lomanic) FLNG project

Have you noticed it has gone a bit quiet around Andy Brown? Heralded as the saviour of the Upstream! He is not making a big impact apparently. And you should keep an eye open for this mega(lomanic) project of the FLNG. A floating LNG unit, described to be so long that it is equal to […]

Chris Finlayson saw himself as the victim of a brutal Shell regime

In summary, and there was evidence in 1999 to support this to a degree, Finlayson (right) saw himself as a victim of a brutal regime run out of Seafield House where the TFA mode was born and his MD Malcolm Brinded who was frantically doing everything in his power to suppress all this because he […]



Mark Carne and the Shell Brent Bravo Scandal

By John Donovan In view of the announcement made today about former Royal Dutch Shell executive Mark Carne (right) being appointed as the next Chief Executive of Network Rail, it would seem at opportune moment to republish our previous articles about him. But first the Reuters article carrying news of his appointment, then our own […]


By John Donovan Anyone who has read the postings made on this website in recent years by insiders working on the Motiva Refinery expansion project should not be in the least surprised by the series of serious mishaps following the restart, which taken together, can only be described as a complete and utter shambles. Troubled […]

Shell in Nigerian arms controversy

By Rob Davies PUBLISHED: 22:00, 16 August 2013 | UPDATED: 22:00, 16 August 2013 Shell lobbied the Government to send millions of pounds of weapons to Nigeria that may have fallen into the hands of militants guilty of human rights abuses, a report has warned. Oil theft in Nigeria cost Shell some £460million in its […]

BG Group CEO Chris Finlayson, past indiscretions at Shell

In summary, Finlayson (right) sees himself as a victim to the goings-on in 1999, just one of many victims in the then Shell Expro, described in our Audit notes as a hostile environment of extreme denial.  I can concur that Chris was a victim, when for example he made light of the Touch F-All scandal […]

Secret papers ‘show how Shell targeted Nigeria oil protests’

Documents seen by The IoS support claims energy giant enlisted help of country’s military government By Andy Rowell Sunday 14 June 2009 Serious questions over Shell Oil’s alleged involvement in human rights abuses in Nigeria emerged last night after confidential internal documents and court statements revealed how the energy giant enlisted the help of the […]

Shell buys Brinded’s silence in golden good riddance

In addition to the £2.9m for his Netherlands home, “Brinded, 60 tomorrow, pocketed £2.7 in salary and severance for the four months he worked last year. He also walked away with £9.7m in shares and a £19m pension pot.” So, with wonderful timing, Brinded received a package worth £34.3 million as a spectacular birthday present. […]

Royal Dutch Shell chief executive Peter Voser bags £2.8m cash bonus

Voser receives double BP counterpart’s prize after success in north American gas and China expansion Nick Fletcher, Thursday 14 March 2013 15.05 GMT Royal Dutch Shell chief executive Peter Voser received a €3.3m (£2.8m) cash bonus in 2012, a year in which the Anglo-Dutch oil group reported a fall in profits from $28.6bn to […]

Shell Buckets, Superbuckets and Rustbuckets

How come that nobody dared say what everyone in the world saw (thanks to the Donovans) that you simply cannot go to this most sensitive area in the world with a couple of old rustbuckets? The timing of the most recent Shell reorganisation to buckets and superbuckets was very opportune. I wonder if there now […]

Chris Finlayson: One can of worms after another

Despite his scandal-ridden record at Shell, Chris Finlayson was recently appointed as Chief Executive of BG Group plc. We have already published articles relating to his involvement in the Shell reserves fraud and his time as head of Shell in Russia, when he played a starring role in the Sakhalin 2 debacle, which cost Shell […]

SHELL ARCTIC MELTDOWN: What a f****** mess Shell have got themselves into…

SHELL ARCTIC MELTDOWN: What a f****** mess Shell have got themselves into… COMMENT RECEIVED FROM A SHELL SENIOR MANAGEMENT RETIREE Just read that Shell broke some air quality rules from the EPA. There must be a whole team coordinating all the replies to the press and authorities and making sure they all say the same […]

Tom Botts

Botts was in charge of Southern as GasDirector UEG with his buddy Finlayson as Oil Director UED. It’s interesting the connection with Wood Group as one of the guys killed by the combined neglect of Birnie, Bayliss, Berget, Finlayson, Botts, Hill and their mentor TFA Brinded was a Wood Group employee, who of course was […]

BG Group corporate incubator for Shell strays?

“Nowhere in the flattering and in my judgement misleading CV for Finlayson is there any mention of the words safety, health or environment. It eulogises Finlayson for his optimising of production and operating performance, well that is what TFA was all about.”: “Anyway for fair reason or foul, Finlayson arrives, Carne leaves, Finlayson reaches the […]

BG Group CEO Chris Finlayson and the Shell ‘Touch Fuck All’ Scandal

“Hyman et al should be reminded that Shell pled guilty on behalf of its Directors to all charges placed before them. So whatever gloss you paint over the turd, Finlayson and Brinded failed as Directors in their principal duty to comply with the Law so that risks to those persons exposed to these risks offshore […]

All the worst Shell traits – secrecy, haughtiness, inertia

 From our Shell News Archive Sunday 31 October, 2004 The fallout from the Shell reserves fraud continues… The Independent On Sunday (UK): Business View: Shell’s real location problem is finding more black stuff: “The misreporting of reserves scandal showed all the worst Shell traits – secrecy, haughtiness, inertia.”: “So what’s the hurry? Was it because […]

Ousted dictators

From our October 2005 Shell News Archive The Seoul Times: NOC of Libya, Shell Agree on Major Gas Deal “Shell’s Executive Director for Exploration and Production, Mr Malcolm Brinded, said: We are delighted to be back in Libya and honoured to work together with NOC…”: “I am excited about concluding this major agreement.” Tuesday, October […]

Taped telephone call confirms Shell Brent Bravo explosion cover-up

Bill Campbell believes that the innocent victims of Shell senior managements willingness to put production, profits, personal greed and ambition before the safety of Shell offshore employees, are being blamed for their own tragic avoidable deaths. Journalists who feel duped by information given to them by Shell, including by its then CEO Jeroen van der […]

Vince Cable Described As ‘Minister For Shell’ In Letter From Oil Giant

Vince Cable Described As ‘Minister For Shell’ In Letter From Oil Giant A letter describing Vince Cable as the “contact minister for Shell” has raised fresh questions about the business secretary’s relationship with the oil giant. In the letter to Cable dated 19 March 2012, Malcolm Brinded, the then chief executive of Shell Upstream International, […]


FROM OUR SEPT 2005 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE ROYAL DUTCH SHELL ROBBERS AND RASCALS “…Shell shareholders have to foot the bill for lawyers fees run up in the course of defending fat cat crooks, such as Sir Phillip Watts, the disgraced former Group Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. Sir Phillip ended up with a […]

How Shell pleased Qaddafi

It seems Shell violated its own principles in Libya… SUMMARY OF AN ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN THE DUTCH MAGAZINE VRIJ NEDERLAND ON 1st AUGUST 2012 (TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH) Shell consolidated its interests in Libya by appeasing Qaddafi’s confidants with jobs for their children. Ahmed Sawani was in 2006 a freshman in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science […]

FINAL SHELL TRANSPORT AGM started and ended to refrain of Bing Crosby crooning: You can be sure of Shell

ARTICLE FROM OUR 2005 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE (MICHAEL HOLLIDAY VERSION OF THE SHELL SONG) The Shell Transport FINAL AGM resulting from the reserves scandal, started and ended to the refrain of Bing Crosby crooning: “You can be sure of Shell”: Wednesday 29 June 2005 By John Donovan Editor, Shell’s marathon AGM was held […]

Shell repeats commitment to end Nigeria gas flaring by 2008


Shell’s undignified exit from Libya

By John Donovan We have already published an article containing a leaked email purportedly sent on 14 June 2012 by disgruntled Shell Exploration & Production Libya staff to senior Shell managers. Shell claims that it is withdrawing from Libya because of a deteriorating security situation. It self-evidently prefers to do business with dictators (a policy […]

Shell seeks to draw a line after fourth cut in reserves

FROM OUR ARCHIVES… Shell seeks to draw a line after fourth cut in reserves By Michael Harrison, Business Editor 25 May 2004 Royal Dutch-Shell, the crisis-torn oil giant, yesterday cut its proven reserves for the fourth time this year but then sought to reassure the City that it had drawn a line at last under […]

Shareholders shake Shell with pay vote

23 May 2012 Shell became the latest company to receive a bloody nose yesterday, as more than a tenth of the oil giant’s investors failed to approve the pay awards of its top-level executives. Despite Shell reporting a 54 per cent jump in profits last year, just over 9 per cent of investors voted against […]

Shell shareholders latest to warn on executive pay

May 22, 2012 By Alexis Flynn (Updates with details, context, background throughout.) LONDON (MarketWatch) — Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA, RDSB.LN) shareholders showed their ire over high executive pay with 9% of investors rejecting the company’s remuneration report at Shell’s annual general meeting Tuesday. While the overwhelming majority of Shell shareholders backed paying Chief Executive […]

Canada candidate for top Shell job

Financial Times: Canada candidate for top Shell job By Carola Hoyos in London Published: May 19 2004 5:00 | Last Updated: May 19 2004 5:00 Royal Dutch/Shell yesterday announced the first promotion to its committee of managing directors since the scandal over its oil and gas reserves cut its members from six to three. The […]

Cash flows and oil spills for Shell’s directors

The CEO of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company Peter Voser earned more than $16.3 million last year amid surging oil prices, though the company was responsible for more than 200 spills last year. 16 March 2012 The CEO of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company Peter Voser earned more than $16.3 million last year […]

Shell bosses cash in with shares plan sharing £54.5m between 19 senior staff

By Rob Davies PUBLISHED: 22:18, 15 March 2012 | UPDATED: 22:18, 15 March 2012 Shell’s top brass doubled their money in 2011 as the firm’s performance triggered generous share awards under an incentive scheme that has since been scrapped. Nineteen senior staff shared £54.5m compared to £26.9m last year, while they also picked up pension […]

Shell’s Labor Costs Rose In 2011 Despite Fewer Workers

Published March 15, 2012: Dow Jones Newswires LONDON –  The cost of Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s global work force rose 2.8% last year, even though the Anglo-Dutch company reduced its overall number of employees by some 7.2% as the company continues to roll out a long-term plan to shrink headcount. In recent years, Shell has […]

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