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Canada’s hidden and unwanted gift in its heavy crudes

Promoters of Canadian tar sands development and the sale of large volumes of Canadian heavy oil never mention this hidden and unwanted ‘gift’ of high sulfur ‘coal’ that comes with the heavy oil. It is the ‘dirty little secret’ of the Canadian heavy oil crude that nobody in the oil industry wants to talk about. […]

Industry veteran John Broadhurst has confronted three decades of oil sands challenges

Claudia Cattaneo | 13/06/14 | Last Updated: 13/06/14 6:57 PM ET John Broadhurst knows how tough it gets when you put innovation on a schedule. After a 32-year career in which he led Shell’s entry, development and expansion into the Alberta deposits, Mr. Broadhurst, 54, vice-president heavy oil, is retiring Monday and letting others solve […]

Opponents of Oxford’s partnership with Shell

Shell’s research money is also buying legitimacy for its unconscionable activities globally. These include human rights abuses in the Niger delta, reckless drilling plans in the Arctic, fracking in South Africa, and carbon-intensive tar sands extraction that undermines indigenous rights in Canada. Thursday 9 May 2013 Today sees the launch of a new partnership between […]

Top Canada court will not hear oil sands case

Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:42pm EDT CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – Canada’s Supreme Court on Thursday declined to hear an Alberta aboriginal group’s application to block an upcoming regulatory decision for a Royal Dutch Shell oil sands development. The aboriginal group sought the block because it was not adequately consulted. The country’s top court did not […]

Shell Says Energy Efficiency in Oil, Gas Production a Challenge

By Sarah Kent: Published April 11, 2013 by Dow Jones Newswires Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB) said Thursday that maintaining energy efficiency in its oil and gas production will prove a challenge in coming years. “We expect that maintaining the energy efficiency levels of recent years will be more difficult in the future as existing […]

One-on-one with Shell Oil president Marvin Odum

The U.S. will always need our oil. Apr 3, 2013 James Cowan Marvin Odum’s job titles could fill several business cards. He is president of Shell Oil Co. in the United States, and sits on the executive committee of Royal Dutch Shell, its parent company. But for Canadians, his most important role is serving as […]

S&P Warns of Credit Downgrade for BP, Shell, Others

March 4, 2013 Oil and gas companies including BP and Shell will likely see declines in cash flows and credit downgrades if world leaders implement policies to limit GHG emissions, according to a study by Carbon Tracker and Standard & Poor’s. What A Carbon-Constrained Future Could Mean For Oil Companies’ Creditworthiness looks at how BP […]

Selection of links to Shell related articles: 21 February 2013

Selection of links to Shell related articles kindly supplied by a regular contributor ExxonMobil Witness in Trial Says MTBE Raised Cancer Risk: Bloomberg: Shell Oil Co., Sunoco Inc., ConocoPhillips (COP), Irving Oil Ltd., Vitol SA and Hess Corp. settled before the trial began. The New Hampshire … Five reasons the Keystone XL pipeline is bad […]

Shell undermines climate, guts clean energy legislation

By: Ray Anderson, River Falls Published February 13, 2013 Letter: Shell undermines climate, guts clean energy legislation, he says TO THE EDITOR: The Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, the most carbon-intensive oil company in the world, will contribute more to global warming than any other oil company. Shell continues to expand investments in oil sands […]

Oil Sands Industry in Canada Tied to Higher Carcinogen Level

The development of Alberta’s oil sands has increased levels of cancer-causing compounds in surrounding lakes well beyond natural levels, Canadian researchers reported in a study released on Monday. And they said the contamination covered a wider area than had previously been believed. “Now we have the smoking gun,” Professor Smol said. The study is likely […]

Critics blast Shell, saying its Jackpine oilsands plan will harm the environment

By Sheila Pratt, Edmonton Journal November 21, 2012 EDMONTON – Shell Canada is trying to “sneak” its Jackpine project past regulators before the regional plan is complete, and the $12-billion mine expansion should be delayed for a year, a review panel was told in the final day of hearings into the project 100 km northeast […]

A big mess at Motiva and why Gulf Coast refiners are making a killing

Lorne Stockman While Chevron’s Richmond refinery has been making the news lately with a very visible incident, our attention has been drawn to less noticed recent events in America’s biggest refining center on the Gulf Coast, where what was to become the country’s largest refinery also ran into a spot of trouble. You’d think that […]

Panel says it doesn’t have authority to rule on challenge to Jackpine Mine expansion

Constitutional challenge to Shell oilsands development raised by First Nation, Metis groups By Marty Klinkenberg, Edmonton Journal October 26, 2012 The Joint Review Panel reviewing Shell’s proposed Jackpine Mine expansion project north of Fort McMurray on Friday ruled that it does not have jurisdiction to consider a constitutional challenge raised by the Athabasca Chipewyan First […]

Selection of Article Links: 24 October 2012

Selection of article links supplied by a regular contributor Study for Shell’s Jackpine Oil Sands Mine Predicts ‘Unprecedented … Inside Climate News-Oct 22, 2012 Study for Shell’s Jackpine Oil Sands Mine Predicts ‘Unprecedented’ Losses in Animal Habitat (Edmonton Journal) · Methane Found in Drinking … Shell’s Tar Sands Expansion Could Be Illegal 22, 2012 […]