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Shell is truly a dark malevolent force

I genuinely believe that Ben van Beurden is a decent man and appears to have a good heart, but his weakness in dealing with the army of internal rogue corrupt dictators and getting control of the HR mafia has already cost him his legacy.

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Yet Another Concerned Employee
Behind the glossy facade of its brightly coloured filling stations and shiny reflective glass towers, Shell is truly a dark malevolent force. It is not only the Church of the poisoned mind, but also home to the parasitic mind which snatches thoughts from others and presents them as its own. Experience and being correct are not recognised, only ‘Process’. Many, through either bitter experience, incompetence or ignorance have learned to hide behind process and can no longer think for themselves. Merit is trodden under heel into the mud. Often one bad decision after another results in a predictable squandering of shareholders’ money, not by the millions or tens of millions of dollars, but by the hundreds of millions of dollars. Lessons learned are written down then forgotten as the machine moves forwards. This is rewarded by large bonuses. Reality plays little part in the daily running of the business, the public image of the ‘Brand’ must be protected at all cost. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell is dark, corrupt and dirty?


Comment on Bill Campbell *article by “Concerned employee” (Confidential contact information supplied)

I share your sentiments wholeheartedly Bill. The company has been caught with its pants down, with senior staff most likely involved in kickbacks. How could this have got through the numerous assurance including Integrity teams, Auditors etc who all form part of the checks and balances to ensure this is easily picked up (particularly in Nigeria). Either the company is full of incompetence, or there has been a blind eye turned to such corruption. I say (a lot of) both. The amounts of money involved is not loose change. I say this problem is endemic in many of the hardship countries we do business in. Shell is dark, corrupt and dirty and I am beginning to question if I am working for a far more sinister company than I originally thought. And this is playing on my mind.

*Stunned and outraged by Shell’s denouncement of Peter Robinson 


Concerned employee

Thank you for your comments. One of the observable symptoms of a corrupt and unethical organisation or individual is when it or they are critical of others whilst ignoring their own faults. Ben van Beurden may be, by all accounts, a nice man and perhaps the most competent chief executive RDS has had since the reserves crisis, but he exhibits a common failing that of shear hypocrisy. Remember, way back in those heady days of 1999, the first year coincidentally that the Company posted a negative reserves ratio, a younger Ben was one of a few aides de camp, protecting and assisting Phil Watts and masking this information at the time from shareholders, investors et al. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Stunned and outraged by Shell’s denouncement of Peter Robinson 

Comment by retired Shell International HSE Group Auditor, Bill Campbell on The Times article: Shell executive Peter Robinson took bribe, oil giant suspects

Stunned and outraged 

I find the virulent condemnation of Peter Robinson in the OML 42 affair interesting in both the timing, what happened to innocent until proven otherwise, and the strength of the rebuke I understand communicated to thousands of employees down the line, stunned and outraged, pretty strong stuff. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan
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