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You and your late father seem to have started out trying to hold Shell accountable for its actions. I hope you agree that accountability goes both ways, and it is fair that you should be held accountable for your own actions as well. The energy that fuels your website seems to be a deep resentment, […]


SQUEEZED OFFICE SPACE AT SHELL POSTING ON SHELL BLOG BY “RAYMOND” ON TUESDAY 18 FEB 2014 Well we moved into the new buildings in Houston. What an utter disappointment. If this is the new face of Shell (small cubes, no privacy and poor working conditions ) then I can see Shell having problems attracting top […]

BP a novice at manipulating Wikipedia compared with Shell

In Shell’s case, a vast amount of information, which fully met Wikipedia guidelines, but was deemed damaging to Shell’s reputation, has been either covertly removed, or removed in dubious circumstances by editors hiding their identity behind an alias, as they are allowed to do. Royal Dutch Shell articles on Wikipedia are, in my experience, regularly […]

Shell’s Arctic Farce: helicopter de-icing controversy

Phi helicopter from the article: Phi Helicopter Crash Kills 8 POSTINGS ON OUR SHELL BLOG LondonLad: I wonder if “Outsider” can supply his source (newspaper article / date) of the rumour about Shell flying helicopters without de-icing equipment? Of course with all this hot air about the Arctic warming up etc. maybe the temperatures at […]

MOTIVA REFINERY DEBACLE: Caustic – the same thing that blew up Norco. Unbelievable

Might as well melt it all down and start over… CAUSTIC COMMENTS ON MOTIVA REFINERY DEBACLE FIRST COMMENT (FROM SHELL BLOG) Re: Motiva Refinery Debacle – Unbelievable. Lock-out, Tag-out, the most basic safety rule, strikes again. The same thing that blew-up Piper Alpha. Caustic – the same thing that blew up Norco. Unbelievable. And Caustic […]

Shell propaganda guys?

FROM “OUTSPOKEN” – A FORMER SHELL OIL EMPLOYEE John, I see you now have two mindless friends, ‘USCitizen’ and ‘LondonLad’ staunchly defending Royal Dutch Shell. Hmmm. It would appear to me that the propaganda guys on both sides of the pond appear to have gotten into the act. I seriously doubt these people really exist. […]

John Donovan, Shell’s nightmare

Picture Caption: John Donovan in 2009. On his website, this former adman has posted more than 25,000 items on oil giant Shell. Thanks to a network of “moles” inside the company, this early retiree from Britain is posting on his website reports on shortcomings inside the world’s largest oil group. It’s a dogged pursuit that […]

A brush with Brinded

“I confirm that in my experience Shell UK operates oppressively against small business people.  Its staff has acted unscrupulously and possibly illegally. The tactics of Shell UK management is completely opposite to the honesty and integrity promised by Shell in its code of ethics.” By John Donovan At the 1999 Shell AGM in London, Malcolm […]

Article extract about

20 October 2011 EXTRACTS FROM THE ARTICLE: The strategic application of Web 2.0 in the mining industry [Mining Engineering] The introduction of Web 2.0 platforms (also referred to as social media), with their architectures of participation, has ushered in a new era of technological interaction and information exchange that is changing the nature of corporate-community […]

Shell’s cash flow conundrum in focus

Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:11pm GMT * Shell strategy update due on March 15 * Oil price spike not seen affecting Shell’s plans * Eyes on cash flows generated from projects * Shell expected to add to investment pipeline By Greg Roumeliotis and Alex Lawler AMSTERDAM/LONDON, March 11 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L: Quote) […]

Diatribes about ‘glorious Shell’

POSTING BY AN OUTSPOKEN FORMER EMPLOYEE OF SHELL OIL USA POSTINGS ON SHELL BLOG BY USCitizen John, This business with USCitizen is very tiring. Where does he find the time to write his diatribes about ‘glorious Shell’? Cheese Louise, the North Koreans need to think about employing that fellow. He comes close to outdoing their […]

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