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Royal Dutch Shell in Chapter 11

Over 50 books contain references to our Shell focussed websites, or our founders Alfred and John Donovan.

One example is a book published in 2010 entitled “United States Trademark Law.”

Chapter 11 of the book is devoted to the website

The following are extracts. The entire chapter can be read here.

What is stated is not entirely accurate. We sued Shell four times for stealing ideas and Shell settled ALL of the claims, each time involving a confidentiality agreement that Shell later contravened. We also successfuly sued Shell twice for libel. read more

Think Twice Before Disclosing An Idea To Shell

By John Donovan

I see that Shell is still energetically trawling for other people’s ideas, this time in India and Singapore.

Shell has used a number of elaborate schemes under different names – GameChanger, Ideas360 etc – in an attempt to entice innovators into disclosing their ideas.

The latest vehicles are Shell #makethefuture Accelerator India 2017 and Make the Future Singapore.

All very well, providing Shell does not steal the ideas caught in their country wide nets.

That might seem a preposterous and libellous suggestion, but from my perspective, it is a genuine concern. read more

Shell calls for students to enter a global contest

Posted by OilVoice Press13-Dec-2016

Shell Ideas360 challenges students to create innovations that will tackle some of the planet’s biggest challenges: global access to energy, food and water

  • Entrants could win a National Geographic exploration adventure
  • Studies show employers want to recruit graduates with experience in big thinking
  • Enter now – students have until 20 January to register their concep

Shell is calling for students to enter a global contest that gives them the opportunity to develop ideas to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

The Shell Ideas360 initiative aims to develop an innovation to address the issue of providing global access to three of the most basic human needs: food, water and energy. read more

Namesake tenant departing One Shell Plaza

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-07-24-51The move will affect 3,400 employees when it takes place early next year as part of “an effort to meet the ever changing market conditions and optimize resources for future opportunities,” Shell said in a statement Tuesday. Employees will move to the company’s Woodcreek facility and Shell Technology Center on the west side of town.

Those who work for Shell’s downtown trading operations will stay put, although the company said it eventually plans to have all of its Houston-based staff in company-owned facilities on the west side. read more


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 21.02.41

New ebook available globally, including:;;;;;;;;;

About: John Donovan, Shell’s nightmare

His ebook tells the truly extraordinary story of a series of battles in an epic feud between him and the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell. It all stemmed from the repeated theft of intellectual property by Shell.

Donovan was chairman of a sales promotion agency, Don Marketing, that devised spectacularly successful forecourt promotions for Shell on an international basis. Many involved budgets of several million dollars. A mutually beneficial relationship lasted for over a decade.

This was followed by two decades of acrimony involving six High Court actions, a County Court case and proceedings via the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). read more

Another warning to inventors of the alleged dangers when dealing with Shell

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.39.41EXTRACTS FROM AN ARTICLE ENTITLED:

Boral and Shell

We discovered in 2004 that Shell international Research Maatschappij B.V had lodged an international application in 2002 under the international patent cooperation treaty titled “Pigmentable Binder Composition”, Incredibly, the Shell pigmentable binder patent resembles our pigmentable surrogate hydrocarbon bitumen formulation to the letter.

Boral Asphalt was the only “organization” that had access to our GEO320 MRH Asphalt bitumen(surrogate hydrocarbon bitumen formulation) material between year 2000 and to the time when Shell lodged their pigmentable binder patent application in 2002 and Kraton polymers research in 2004. read more

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