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With regard to your most obvious rivals, Simon Henry seems to be a very intelligent, competent executive, but comes with the baggage of his starring role in the reserves scandal. I published our verdict. Based on my strange experience of communicating with Marvin Odum via RDS Plc Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes, I reached the conclusion […]

Briton tipped to run Shell for first time in a decade as Voser steps down into retirement

Chief financial officer Simon Henry was made the front-runner by bookmaker Paddy Power, despite saying it would be ‘inappropriate’ to discuss his candidacy. The Anglo-Dutch firm has not had a British boss since Sir Philip Watts left in disgrace in 2004 after Shell overstated its oil reserves. By Rob Davies: PUBLISHED: 22:14, 2 May 2013 […]

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicates

I last wrote to you on 1st March 1999. I did so in the knowledge that your esteemed family is one of the largest single shareholders in Shell. I warned you about what I described as “a culture of deception and cover-up deeply ingrained at the highest levels of Shell”. FINANCIAL TIMES By Matt Steinglass […] hacked off

By John Donovan: Printed below is current email correspondence with the Open Security Foundation DataLossDB project, which had seen reports posted on the Internet that this website had been hacked by the “Brazilian Electronic Army”. The claims were false. Like the Brazilian Electronic Army, the Open Security Foundation seems to be under the impression that […]


In case you are not aware, ***I have already supplied Shell insider information and leaked documents to the Department of the Interior. A senior person requested our help on behalf of the DoI, which we were happy to give. We will of course be pleased to assist in any further requests made of us. EMAIL […]

Firms pocket millions for Shell work

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE Firms pocket millions for Shell work: “Oil company Shell pays record-breaking amount for audit work during one of the most controversial periods in its history.”: “KPMG and PwC pocketed $70m (£37m) for their work with Shell during its troubled last 12 months, according to the oil company’s latest filing with […]

Selection of links to Shell related articles 2 April 2013

Selection of links to Shell related articles kindly supplied by a regular contributor Shell to invest in energy technology companies with new venture: FuelFix (blog)-Shell Technology Ventures’ focus will include enhanced oil recovery; natural-gas production and marketing; geophysical surveys; chemical … ExxonMobil Joins LNG Rush With Barge 6X Bigger Than An Aircraft …: Forbes-by chris […]

Shell Lent Former Directors $12M For Reserves Fraud Legal Costs In 2004

By John Donovan: As can be verified from page 81 of the Shell Form 20F 2004 filing with the US Securities & Exchange Commission and a related Wall Street Journal article, Shell lent the fraudsters responsible for the reserves scandal $12 million to cover litigation costs. Almost a decade later, I have not seen any […]

Shell facing up to 15 fraud claims

FROM OUR MARCH 2004 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE EMBATTLED oil major Shell has been hit by at least 15 multi-billion-dollar claims of fraud, it has emerged. London Evening Standard: Shell facing up to 15 fraud claims James Rossiter, 10 March 2004 EMBATTLED oil major Shell has been hit by at least 15 multi-billion-dollar claims of fraud, […]

Shell seers who failed to predict Arctic debacle offer latest scenarios

By John Donovan Shell seers who failed to predict the reserves scandal and Shell’s Arctic meltdown, now offer their latest peek into the future. Past performance does not inspire confidence in their prophecies… The famed corporate crystal ball never revealed a world in which its so-called No.1 Enemy would be operating globally under the Royal […]

Shell Buckets, Superbuckets and Rustbuckets

How come that nobody dared say what everyone in the world saw (thanks to the Donovans) that you simply cannot go to this most sensitive area in the world with a couple of old rustbuckets? The timing of the most recent Shell reorganisation to buckets and superbuckets was very opportune. I wonder if there now […]

Is Shell Executive Director Matthias Bichsel Trustworthy?

Irrefutable evidence proves that Matthias Bichsel knew years before Shell investors that Shell had a major problem over its proven reserves bookings, which were not in compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules. Like his colleague Simon Henry, the current CFO of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, he participated in the cover-up by not […]

Matthias Bichsel and the Shell reserves fraud

By John Donovan Within the next few days we will publish authentic Shell internal confidential emails and documents that provide irrefutable proof that like his fellow Royal Dutch Shell Plc executive director, Simon Henry, Matthias Bichsel (right) was aware years before the Shell reserves fraud became public knowledge, that Shell was cooking the books. Many […]



Shell Deeply Ashamed

FROM OUR NEWS ARCHIVE: LONDON EVENING STANDARD Wednesday, 27 October 2004 page 42 BUSINESS SECTION SPEAKING OUT “I’m convinced we have a lot of strengths. All of us are deeply ashamed about what happened about the reserves, but we are determined to regain our, position.” – Shell chairman Jeroen van der Veer on the oil […]

Starring Role of Shell CFO Simon Henry in Reserves Scandal

By John Donovan On 13 March 2009, the FT published an article about Simon Henry, who was about to become Chief Financial Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. It said that he had survived the Shell reserves misreporting scandal with his reputation intact. On the basis of irrefutable Shell internal evidence, we take issue with that […]

Verdict on Royal Dutch Shell CFO Simon Henry

Shell internal email correspondence irrefutably proves that Simon Henry was aware in March 2002 that “reserves bookings were made that should not have been made”. Walter van de Vijver, the “sick and tired” Chief Executive of Shell EP, gave the information directly to him. As can be seen in the email, Walter van de Vijver aggressively […]

Shell reserves fraudster Rev Sir Philip Watts

By John Donovan An article published today by the Maidenhead Advertiser says the Rev Sir Philip Watts is taking up a new position as Priest in Charge of the Benefice of Waltham St Lawrence. He is still protesting his innocence in relation to the Shell reserves fraud and cover-up that resulted in him being forced […]

A word in your Shell-like

FROM OUR FEBRUARY 2005 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE: “…we learned last year that the company leadership had been systematically lying to itself, its shareholders and wider stakeholders about the size of its oil reserves.”: “for years Shell lied about its sustainability as a business while preaching principles that it was betraying.”: “Shell had knowingly overstated its […]

Unsure of Shell

FROM OUR FEBRUARY 2005 SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE: A person close to the company said: “Without exception, every Shell person I have met recently has asked me if I am able to help them find something else. Others are leaving without even waiting to find another job.” By John Donovan Printed below is an article by […]

Signs of failure of the Royal Dutch Shell Empire?

The problem is when the corruption stems from the boardroom as witnessed by the lead up to the Shell reserves crisis and the protracted cover-up of the Shell Touch F*** All scandal, all is lost.  You only have to look at recent history of how organisations fail due to internal corruption of essential controls by […]

Desperation led to Shell’s plotting to exploit 9/11 attacks

BUILD UP TO SHELL RESERVES SCANDAL: Comments by leading Shell execs: “…the market will want to know whose head is going to roll for what they will see as blatant deception.”; “this is potential dynamite for management credibility and the share price”; “…how you have to break the detail of this news in September, assuming […]

Shell slight of hand with reserve estimates

By a former employee of Shell Oil Co (Name and contact details supplied to John Donovan) Back in the 1980’s Shell (and other major oil companies) were having problems with one of the major vendors that provided borehole wireline logging services. There were three of these companies at the time, but we need not mention […]

9/11 Terror Attack and the Shell Reserves Scandal

By John Donovan On Friday we published an article revealing Shell internal email correspondence, which provided proof that three weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the USA, Shell executives were considering how Shell could exploit the horrific event for commercial reasons. As can be seen from the correspondence, the objective was to “buy us […]


“I found the emails interesting and indicative of the deception Shell management was clearly engaged in. They were trying to exploit the events of 9/11 to their benefit. What these emails could have done at the time they were written is cause Shell’s stock to drop significantly.“ By John Donovan I stumbled across some intriguing […]

Simon Henry feared Shell would ‘score an own goal’ on reserves

Simon Henry was at the heart of what was going on, conveying reserves data to the market while dealing with colleagues engaged in the fraud. We have to assume that none of them confided in him and that he was an innocent dupe. He was asking questions about accuracy of the reserves information, but some […]

New article about Shell CFO Simon Henry

Subject to any intervention/response by Shell, a new article about the starring role of Mr Simon Henry in the Shell reserves crisis will be published here at 4pm UK time today. By John Donovan Subject to any intervention/response by Shell, a new article about the starring role of Mr Simon Henry in the Shell reserves […]

Shell big investors in a revolutionary mood

Shell News, this day, 9 years ago: Shell investors were still in a state of shock over the dramatic disclosure that Shell had vastly overstated its proven oil and gas reserves. The main villain, the fraudster, Sir Philip Watts, was still Royal Dutch Shell Group Chairman. Lord Oxburgh was still backing him. Daily Mail: Rebels […]

Simon Henry and the reserves time bomb

Were they aware that Simon Henry was a key player, as Head of Global Investor Relations, in dealing with the reserves data and actually had responsibility to ensure the quality/accuracy of the data before it was disclosed to analysts and investors? As we all know, it turned out that some of the data was not […]

Short list of praiseworthy senior Royal Dutch Shell executives

Now we have his equally scandal tainted successor, Peter Voser, Chairman of the UBS Audit Committee at the time when UBS was engaged in all kinds of criminal activity. Posting on Shell Blog by LondonLad on Jan 17th, 2013 at 19:56 In all honesty can the Donovan’s kindly list some of the past and present […]

Chris Finlayson: One can of worms after another

Despite his scandal-ridden record at Shell, Chris Finlayson was recently appointed as Chief Executive of BG Group plc. We have already published articles relating to his involvement in the Shell reserves fraud and his time as head of Shell in Russia, when he played a starring role in the Sakhalin 2 debacle, which cost Shell […]

Candid testimony of Simon Henry about disgraced Shell EP Boss Walter van de Vijver

As can be seen in his testimony, Simon Henry deliberately limited the amount of time that Walter van de Vijver spent with UK and US investors, almost as if there was something to hide? Wonder what current Shell investors will make of that revelation? An insight into how Mr Henry thinks shareholders can be manipulated […]

Candid testimony of Shell’s Simon Henry about Sir Philip Watts

Q: Do you like Mr. Watts personally? A: It was difficult to like Phil.  He was not a guy you go for a beer with. …he was still running with that chip on his shoulder… He was a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Candid (some might say indiscreet) testimony of Simon Henry […]

Investors howl for Shell’s blood

By John Donovan The current news about Shell’s Alaskan debacle is chilling, but not as bad as the news about the Shell reserves scandal exactly 9 years ago today. Monday, January 12, 2004 The Australian: Shell chief faces the axe Daily Mail: Heat is on Watts after Shell shock The West Australian: Investors howl for […]

Devastatingly bad news day for Shell 9 years ago: 10 Jan 2004

9th anniversary of a devastatingly bad news day for Shell and its shareholders exactly 9 years ago: 10 Jan 2004. How Shell blew a hole in a 100-year reputation. News of reserves fraud wipes 7.5% off shares, £8bn from value of oil giant. The Times: How Shell blew a hole in a 100-year reputation The […]

Why Shell does not sue the Donovans

By John Donovan I know that many people must be baffled why Shell does not take legal action against us bearing in mind that some articles authored by us may appear rather forthright.  The reason why we are not buried in Shell injunctions is because of meticulous research to ensure we can substantiate in court […]

Prophetic 2004 photograph of Shell Group Chairman Sir Philip Watts

Prophetic 2004 photograph of  the then Royal Dutch Shell Group Chairman and fraudster Sir Philip Watts (above) from a Sunday Telegraph article published on 18 January 2004 days after the Shell reserves scandal made news headlines around the world. Right, a photograph from 2012, also of Sir Philip, but rematerialized this time as the Rev. […]

Shell CEO Peter Voser tainted by UBS Scandals

Voser was said to have provided significant input to the stabilization of the scandal ridden Swiss bank. Ironic spin given that the Swiss Justice Minister warned only months later that UBS was in danger of collapse. It actually has a reputation riddled with more holes than Swiss cheese. In February 2008, Peter Voser was appointed […]


“With regards to the reserves fraud, Mr Finlayson was either part of the cover-up, or negligent in his fiduciary duties as a senior Shell executive, supposedly protecting the interests of investors”; “That should be of great concern to investors in BG Group. Surely the company could have found a new CEO untainted by scandal?” John […]

Jeroen van der Veer exit from Shell

I am only surprised that an ex CEO of Shell leaves the board at a young age. Is Jeroen washing his hands in innocence or trying to put light between him and Shell?? In the past they used to hang in there for long periods until they had to get up too often to take […]