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Corrib campaigners under scrutiny, Shell to Sea claims

The Irish Times – Friday, August 17, 2012

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

SHELL TO Sea says it has received “further evidence” of monitoring of campaigners opposed to the Corrib gas project by a private security company.

The group has released scans of pages from two notebooks, which it says comprises notes taken by security staff employed by Integrated-Risk Management Services (I-RMS). I-RMS is employed by Shell EP Ireland and Corrib gas developers on the project.

The notebooks with records dated between April and June 2010 included names of campaigners, and a reference to a “covert camera”.

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New evidence of Shell’s covert surveillance operations

News Release – Issued by Shell to Sea – Thursday, 16th August, 2012


— Scans of two IRMS notebooks sent to Shell to Sea —

This week Shell to Sea received further evidence of the surveillance operation that has been mounted by private security firm IRMS against campaigners opposed to the Corrib Gas project. The evidence consists of scans of pages from two IRMS notebooks that contain notes taken by IRMS personnel between April and June 2010. These scans of the notebooks can be viewed here:

Among the notes made was one which stated “VU Covert Camera Not in Box I-RMS 10” and also how the security went on the 5th June 2010 (while a gathering was taking place at Rossport Solidarity Camp) to “gather intel” and to take “Pics and names if possible”. The names of three campaigners are noted in one of the books.

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Corrib security firm ‘acts responsibly’

The Irish Times – Saturday, August 11, 2012

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

THE COMPANY which provides security for the Corrib gas project in Co Mayo has said it is working “to the highest standards”.

Integrated Risk Management Services (IRMS) was responding to disclosure of a company “situation report”, recording movements at a protest camp located on private land overlooking the Corrib gas pipeline worksite.

The report by IRMS’s “Aughoose Command and Control Centre” comprises a timeline of movements on June 29th and 30th last, from 7am to 7am.

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More Shell Spying

Rossport protesters under 24-hour surveillance by private security firm

Friday, August 10, 2012

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

OPPONENTS OF the Corrib gas project in north Mayo are seeking legal advice on a communication that indicates the Rossport solidarity camp is under 24-hour surveillance by a private security company.

The communication involves a “situation report” that documents movements at the protest camp in late June.

The solidarity camp, initially established at Rossport in 2005, is pitched on private land at Aughoose – one of two locations for the final part of the Corrib gas pipeline, along Sruwadaccon estuary, a special area of conservation.

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Former Shell employees suing Shell and Neconde allege intimidation


Dear John,

The Case between the NECONDE 115 Vs NECONDE and SHELL came up on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at the Ikoyi Industrial Court, Lagos, Nigeria. It was mentioned for hearing, the Trial Judge got the prayers from all the lawyers and adjourned the case for hearing to October 2, 2012.

We just want to bring to your notice that the leaders and some members of the NECONDE 115 have been receiving anonymous calls threatening them, and some of them have reported being trailed by unknown people.

Delta Rights is bringing this to the attention of the whole world in case any of them is hurt, injured or killed. The death of Mr. Daniel Anyanwu is one death too many.

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A loose cannon at Sakhalin Energy

It seems to me slightly over-the-top for the Sakhalin Energy source to compare the Russian Federation Government dealings with the Donovans to “another mistake similar to signing The Non-Aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany of 1939…”

By John Donovan

Definition of a “loose cannon” – An unpredictable or uncontrolled person who is likely to cause unintentional damage.

Over the last few days I have received many emails from a disgruntled translator, apparently a lady, who has been involved for some years in the Sakhalin 1 and 2 oil and gas projects.

The number, frequency and length of the emails has increased. An email received yesterday was several A4 pages in length. Eight more emails were received last night.

The most recent emails are all addressed to me and copied to many people in Sakhalin Energy and the ExxonMobil Sakhalin project.

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Digital assault on Shell

By John Donovan

The Financial Times has published an article under the headline “How Shell was hijacked in ad hoax.


It is part of a web campaign jointly orchestrated by environmental group Greenpeace, activist organisation Yes Lab and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement to rally against Shell’s Arctic drilling programme.

The digital assault is a new type of internet campaigning. Rather than staging a protest, activist groups hijack brands and harness social media to derail a company’s image. “We’re only beginning to understand how much social media can change our society,” says James Turner of Greenpeace USA.

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Dark Arts, Dark Energy


It has been awhile since anything appeared in your blog regarding Shell’s alleged espionage efforts targeting US DoD classified material in the States. Whatever the case may be there are ‘rumors afloat’ about what Shell may have been after. I have no confirmation of the accuracy of these rumors, but generally where there is smoke this is some fire.

Rumor has it that the technology Shell was targeting was of a highly innovative nature, some related to basic science, some to nuclear weapons perhaps, and some related to acoustics and stealth technologies.

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Heywood Murder Thrusts Employer Hakluyt Into Limelight

The firm was accused in a 2001 Sunday Times article of helping BP Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc spy on Greenpeace using a German agent called Manfred Schlickenrieder, who posed as a left-wing film-maker. Free University’s Blancke, who studied the incident, has computer files taken from Schlickenrieder’s room by environmental activists who became suspicious of his behavior. Those files include e-mails from Hakluyt.

By Kit Chellel and Jeremy Hodges – May 24, 2012 12:00 AM GMT+0100

Hakluyt & Co., the corporate investigations firm that hired British businessman Neil Heywood as a consultant in China, has been thrust by his death into a place it promises clients it will never be: the limelight.

“We guarantee complete confidentiality,” Hakluyt director Christopher James told Enron Corp.’s then Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Skilling in 2001, according to an e-mail exchange that was released during a U.S. investigation into the bankrupt energy company. Hakluyt, James wrote, “places an unparalleled private intelligence network at the personal disposal of senior commercial figures.”

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Shell’s predatory appetite for intellectual property

Shell is notorious for its predatory appetite for the intellectual property of other organizations, its business partners, contractors, etc. Industrial espionage is a way of life at Shell.


Another alleged case of IP theft hits Royal Dutch Shell

I have a short comment about the company you clearly enjoy tormenting.

Over the years RDS managers (not all, but a large percentage) have made it abundantly clear what type of people they are.

For years Shell senior management lied to the company’s shareholders, investors, regulators, etc., about their reserve balance sheet. That legacy of misconduct through the ranks of Shell management over a period of decades culminated in the 2004 reserves scandal.

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The Gripe Site – Royal Dutch Shell vs. Robert Eringer

by LloydBricks May 17, 2012

One consequence of global anger about widespread banking fraud, corruption, and environmental devastation as of late has been the creation of the online ‘gripe site’ such as those by author, blogger and self-proclaimed ‘intelligence adviser’ Robert Eringer, along with the more popular site of Royal Dutch Shell. These are websites dedicated to exposing what their writers see as unfair, illegal or corrupt behaviour by individuals or companies.

Comparing the sites, Robert Eringer’s primary website could not be more different from—one of the most well known of such sites. The numerous websites of Robert Eringer are a clear piece of self- promotion; alongside the half-baked conspiracy theories and wild claims of Eringer’s own personal involvement with powerful people are links to purchase his books. These include memoirs, spy thrillers and non-fiction books. All appear to have been self-published and not very well-received.

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Gripe Sites

By John Donovan

The article printed below is from our archives. It is about gripe web sites such as this one and contains a warning by Guy Martin, of the law firm Carter-Ruck concerning “potentially disastrous legal consequences for making untrue allegations which are defamatory of companies or individuals…” 

It is therefore a testimony to our caution and good judgement that after nearly two decades of operating websites focused on Royal Dutch Shell, the evil oil giant and its in-house army of 600 litigators have self-evidently never had grounds to sue us for defamation.

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Sordid side of Shell at Geelong Refinery

Photograph of Shell’s Geelong refinery in Australia

By John Donovan

The sordid side of Shell and its inability to follow its own core values at the very top of its management

Shell investigates alleged IP theft at Geelong Refinery

Alleged IP theft from employee of Shell Geelong Refinery

Stirring up a Hornets’ Nest at Shell’s Geelong Refinery

Hi John,          

It was good to see Diana’s friend from the old Mobil refinery reinforce the fact that she is a nice person, as well as being clever.

Our refinery production manager Mr Guy Hackwell has been visiting lunch rooms around the refinery removing copies of the original email, referring to Shells reliability Manager, Mr Rod Mayes , as “a blood sucker who realized the potential and ran off and presented this work to Vice President Downstream Australia, Mr Andrew Smith.”

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Stirring up a Hornets’ Nest at Shell’s Geelong Refinery

According to an insider source, the information that appeared on this website regarding alleged Intellectual Property theft has stirred up a hornet’s nest at Shell’s Geelong Refinery. It would also appear that an investigation is under way to find the person responsible for sending it to me, which has the objective of subjecting that person to Disciplinary Action.

By John Donovan

I have permission from the sender, Mr Warwick Williams, to publish an email he sent to me concerning the alleged theft by Shell of intellectual property owned by an employee at Geelong Refinery in Australia, Diana Newman.

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Alleged IP theft from employee of Shell Geelong Refinery

Shell management have sent staff messenger persons all around warning internet users about the dangers of viewing your web site, and that they have people watching internet use within the Refinery to get those who would dare look for the truth themselves.

Hi John,          

The story on IP theft at the Geelong Refinery startled those in charge who are not bound by Shell’s core values.

Shell management have sent staff messenger persons all around warning internet users about the dangers of viewing your web site, and that they have people watching internet use within the Refinery to get those who would dare look for the truth themselves.

I get the impression that your site may get many more followers from out here in the colonies, employees who unlike management have to follow Shells core values. I would lay odds that everyone except management will now have to do a revision test on Shell’s core values.

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Copy of an email sent by John Donovan to every UK MP: 25 APRIL 2012


This issue transcends all geographical (and constituency) boundaries.

In September 2011, The Independent published an article under the headline: “Oil exploration under Arctic ice could cause ‘uncontrollable’ natural disaster.  One of the world’s leading polar scientists has warned: “If there is serious oil spill under ice in the Arctic it will be very hard, if not impossible to stop it becoming an environmental catastrophe…”

What should be given the greatest weight in deciding if Shell can be trusted to drill in the Arctic Ocean – Shell’s promises about being able to react quickly and effectively to any incident/disaster arising from its pioneer Arctic drilling commencing in July, or its horrendous track record of environmental pollution on an epic scale and deceiving host governments?

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Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell

John Donovan at the Shell Centre, 4 April 2012

Professional translation (by OneHourTranslation) of the German narration in the ARD TV Europa Magazine documentary feature: Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell. Broadcast Saturday 21 April 2012.

Great Britain: A lone fighter against Shell

Next to the London Eye, the Shell Centre stands tall. Its enemy stands at the door.

“You might find that interesting,” says John Donovan. He distributes flyers to inform people about the oil company’s drilling projects.

“Shell destroys communities,” is what the banner says. An older gentleman and a handful of like-minded people are aggravating one of the world’s largest oil giants.

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Corruption, murder and intrigue in China

Posting on Shell Blog by LondonLad on Apr 16th, 2012 at 7:57 am

REPLY TO THIS ARTICLE: Chinese Whispers: Sticking all sorts of crime on Shell?

Not hysterical or a troll just sometimes fed up with the tabloid “reporting” you make with innuendos, titilation and insertions with the word “Shell” highlighted to try and make the reader believe Shell are full-on involved. Why do people that disagree with such reporting have to be trolls? Seems that most of the hysteria on this site is generated by its owner!!


You make personal comments about me hiding behind an alias. Comments that you do not have the courage to make under your real name.

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Royal Dutch Shell is still a client of Hakluyt & Company

By John Donovan

I have received confirmation this afternoon from a reliable source that Shell remains a client of Hakluyt & Company.

Shell’s close association with the spy firm, said to be heavily populated by current/former MI6 officers including the former Head of Shell Global Security, Ian Forbes McCredie OBE, stretches back over a decade.

Titled Shell directors were directors and major shareholders in Hakluyt. Sir William Purves was Chairman of Hakluyt & Company Limited. Sir Peter Holmes (now deceased) was President of The Hakluyt Foundation, which supposedly fulfilled an oversight function.

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Chinese whispers linking Shell with Neil Heywood/Hakluyt


From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Subject: Chinese whispers linking Shell with Neil Heywood/Hakluyt
Date: 13 April 2012 10:30:07 GMT+01:00
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]

Dear Mr Brandjes

On 31 March 2012 I sent you an email under the subject heading: Chinese Whispers about the death of a Hakluyt agent

I pointed out the connection between Royal Dutch Shell, Hakluyt & Co Ltd and Neil Heywood, the Hakluyt agent whose untimely demise in mysterious circumstances, appears to be a key factor in the unfolding momentous events in China, which has sparked worldwide interest.

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At long last, someone has written an invaluable guide on how ordinary individuals can publicly criticize the rich and powerful, including multinational corporations, by using the Internet.

EXTRACT: …the most successful gripe site of all time, which targets Shell Oil, actually operates under the domain name, Shell’s legal trading name.


The supplier in question advised us of a favored relationship Shell has had with a rival vendor. It became plain that unless they were prepared to abandon their own principles and hand out substantial bribes, they might as well give up trying to do business with Shell/Motiva. Contract/procurement decisions are allegedly made not on competitive pricing and first class support, but instead on the size and frequency of bribes. So its basically, cough up or give up.

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TV documentary: John Donovan and Royal Dutch Shell

By John Donovan

On Tuesday 3 April, a film crew from a national TV broadcaster spent 7 hours filming at my home in Colchester and nearby locations. The filming continued outside the Shell Centre for 3 hours yesterday. I am indebted to all who assisted, including Shell to Sea spokesperson, Maura Harrington.

The feature is about our unique relationship with Royal Dutch Shell. A decade enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship, followed by two decades of acrimony, including several High Court actions and related sinister activity, including the machinations of a hapless undercover agent acting for Shell.

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Shell receives complaint about impact of gas project’s haulage work

They say they are under “constant surveillance” by gardaí and Shell private security…

The Irish Times – Monday, April 2, 2012

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

SHELL EP Ireland has confirmed it has received a copy of a “detailed complaint” compiled by a group of north Mayo residents regarding the impact of the Corrib gas project’s construction and haulage work.

The group has submitted 104 letters of complaint to Mayo County Council, with 112 signatures.

Copies have been sent to Shell, the Garda, the Private Security Authority of Ireland, Ministers and politicians, and several environmental and human rights organisations.

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Chinese Whispers about the death of a Hakluyt agent

The fact that Mr Heywood worked for Hakluyt (the corporate intelligence firm closely linked with Shell), is said to be seen by some as a clue to his untimely death. Titled Shell directors were the ultimate spymasters and major shareholders in Hakluyt.


Dear Mr Brandjes

I am sure you will be aware of the recent articles concerning sinister events in China.

Today, BBC News published an article: China arrests over coup rumours

Almost all of the articles contain a reference to Mr Neil Heywood, the 41 year old Englishmen found dead in mysterious circumstances at a hotel in the Chinese city, Chongqing.

The Telegraph published a related article earlier today under the headline: ‘I think Neil Heywood was killed… everyone’s scared’.

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An open wound for Shell

SundayTimes19thJuly2009Some Shell employees complained on their website that a “Swiss Mafia” is running the group.

Meanwhile, staff flocked to to attack the groups management.

Influential? you bet. The Donovans and their blog are regularly quoted in the mainstream media? no doubt that the father-and-son team is an ongoing headache for Shell.

By John Donovan (article updated end of 2013)

We have published below a selection of links to newspaper, magazine and book extracts featuring comments/reports relating to this website.

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Shell BP Corporate Espionage

A Sunday Times article published in June 2001 detailed Shell/BP undercover activities including infiltration, spying and subversion operations around the world directed at perceived enemies. Contrary to The Sunday Times headline, it was not limited to “green groups”– as can be confirmed by reading the article.


By John Donovan

In a Reuters article published today, the UK company Hakluyt & Company Limited is described as “an ultra-secretive firm that is purported to spy on companies in order to gather intelligence in a more covert manner.”

A Sunday Times article published in July 2001 detailed Shell/BP undercover activities including infiltration, spying and subversion operations around the world directed at perceived enemies. Contrary to The Sunday Times headline, it was not limited to “green groups”as can be confirmed by reading the article. The clandestine activity was carried out by Hakluyt & Company Limited.

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Corporate governance: boardrooms fret over corporate espionage

In a known example where spying was authorized by companies, Hakluyt conducted intelligence gathering work on behalf of Shell and BP on Greenpeace and other environmental groups.

By Guest Contributor: March 12, 2012 By Alex Lee(Business Law Currents) – Dodd-Frank related governance issues such as say-on-pay and proxy access have been well known focal points for boardrooms during the 2012 proxy and annual meeting season, but another issue has topped headlines and is of increasing concern to boardrooms: business intelligence gathering activities. Faced with shareholder oversight, the risks posed by private intelligence gathering firms and governmental regulation in this area, companies must ensure that they abide by accepted best practices, the highest ethical standards and standards for compliance with laws.

Shareholders and governing bodies have enhanced scrutiny of corporate governance, with scandals such as MF Global highlighting abuses of corporate power and potential criminal activities by company officers. Effective corporate governance principles dictate that those who conduct unethical or, worse, illegal activities on behalf of a company must be brought to heel.The phrase “traditional intelligence gathering” has its roots corporate espionage. Popular targets include technology related industries such as software, hardware, aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunications and energy, among others. It is no surprise that Silicon Valley is the world’s most frequently targeted area for industrial espionage as any advantage gained in a rapidly evolving industry is multiplied in value. It is clear, however, that no specific industry or sector is immune to these issues.

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Hostile website domain names

Shell in their sights …. Royal Dutch Shell online critics John and Alfred Donovan outside the Shell Centre in London October 2009. Photograph: Graham Turner for Guardian newspaper article

By John Donovan

An article published in the Financial Times on 12 January 2012 reported that the Blackstone Group has been using a brand protection firm MarkMonitor to quietly register “hostile web domain names in an attempt to head off online criticism…

The domain names registered predictably include

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By John Donovan

“France’s state energy firm EDF has been fined €1.5m by a Paris court for spying on Greenpeace.”

“The energy company’s former security chief was sentenced to three years in prison for employing a firm to hack into the energy watchdog’s computers.”

See Guardian article “EDF fined €1.5m for spying on Greenpeace” from where the above extracts are taken.

This is not the first time that energy giants have resorted to spying operations against Greenpeace.

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By John Donovan

We have been reporting for some time about Shell skullduggery in Nigeria, including:

  • Shell’s sinister commercial relationship with militant leaders carrying out attacks against Shell employees and pipelines
  • arming Nigerian police spies
  • embedding Shell spies throughout the Nigerian government
  • engaging in massive corruption

Our sources have included Wiki-leaks, a senior manager inside Shell Nigeria and a senior member of Shell Global Security.

Some related articles reporting on Shell’s shameful track record in Nigeria:

*Shell embedded spies in governments of Nigeria, Dubai and Iraq

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Royal Dutch Shell interfering with politics

From pages 41, 42, 43 & 44 of “Royal Dutch Shell and its sustainability troubles” – Background report to the Erratum of Shell’s Annual Report 2010

The report is made on behalf of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)
Author: Albert ten Kate: May 2011.

Interfering with politics

Improper involvement?

Oil and politics have a lot to do with each other. The home states of Royal Dutch Shell are the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. These countries might want to secure their oil/gas imports and the economic benefits of having an international oil company based within their territory. These interests might overpower ethical interests, such as the protection of human rights in countries hosting the oil company. Home states often might have the same business interest than “their” oil companies.

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Shell espionage firm opens spy nest in New York

Activists campaigning against Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean may be concerned at this development.

18 September 2011

By John Donovan

Hakluyt, the London corporate intelligence firm, which has been closely associated with Royal Dutch Shell, has recently opened a bureau in New York.

Titled Shell directors have been major shareholders in Haklut & Company Limited and were at one time the ultimate spymasters heading the company and an associated oversight foundation.

Ian Forbes McCredie OBE, the former/current MI6 senior official, who until December 2010 headed up Shell Corporate Security, has recently returned to the Hakluyt/MI6 spy nest.

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Nigeria’s then acting President Goodluck Jonathan with President Obama in 2010



President Goodluck Jonathan constituted a special committee on oil pollution in Ogoniland recently, according to him; to perform a “holistic review of the UNEP report.” The committee is chaired by Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke, Minister of Petroleum Resources and former Shell Oil Company employee. The committee also has Mr. Austen Oniwon, Group Managing Director of Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) as a member. Technically, this committee is a consortium of oil conglomerate. NNPC and Shell Oil Company are partners in the operation of oil business in Nigeria. A child of circumstance, the ad hoc committee was born as an aftermath of the recent shocking revelation in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) report that almost all the Ogoni environment is contaminated by oil pollutants.

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Shell’s Touch Fuck All culture on North Sea Platforms

By John Donovan


In June 2006, The Guardian published an article by Terry Macalister  under the headline “Shell accused over oil rig safety“.

It reported on criticisms leveled at the oil giant by its former HSE Group Auditor Bill Campbell (right) “who worked directly for Shell for 24 years, says he brought his concerns to the attention of directors as far back as 1999 – and again in 2004 – but still feels safety is compromised.”

Mr Campbell was asked by Shell to lead an expert team carrying out a review of Shell’s North Sea platforms in 1999. His subsequent report included allegations of falsification of maintenance records for safety critical equipment, non-compliance with routine maintenance and bodged repairs.

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Shell sponsored conflict and corruption in Nigeria

From pages 12, 13, 14 & 15 of “Royal Dutch Shell and its sustainability troubles” – Background report to the Erratum of Shell’s Annual Report 2010

The report is made on behalf of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)
Author: Albert ten Kate: May 2011.


Shell assesses its contribution to conflict

With regard to conflict in the Niger Delta, Shell often profiles itself as one of the main victims. In July 2009, the company wrote: “We hope people recognise that the employees and contractor staff of [SPDC]…have to carry out their work against a backdrop of crime, violence, threats of kidnap and community actions.” Indeed, the Niger Delta is an extremely difficult environment for any company to operate.

However, one could also assess how Shell’s activities might contribute to conflict. In 2002 and 2003, Shell commissioned such research. The resulting report, released in December 2003, was written by three external conflict resolution experts. The insights in the report drew “heavily on the experiences of more than 200 individuals consulted during its preparation.” Shell had declined to publish the independent report, but it was leaked in June 2004. The report states that “after operating in the Niger Delta for over 50 years, SCIN [Shell company in Nigeria] is an integral part of the regional conflict environment (….) and the manner in which the SCIN operates and its staff behave creates, feeds into, or exacerbates conflict.”

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Donovan email correspondence with Shell ending 16 June 2011


It is our normal practice to publish our email correspondence with Shell.

In this instance, for legal reasons, we will provide a record of recent emails, but mainly in an abridged form.

They mostly concern allegations of a sexual nature relating to a senior Shell executive.

On 26 May I sent an email to a senior Shell executive advising of serious allegations of his alleged improper relationship with some female Shell employees.

I stated:

“If you categorically deny each of the allegations in an unequivocal manner, then I would accept that denial and take no further action.”

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Equally unforeseen, a CAS spook involved in the investigation of leaks to our website, has subsequently leaked information directly to us, including top secret Shell internal intel documents, one of which, we have already published.

Shell’s battle for the heart of Ireland home The Observer home

Ed Vulliamy: The Observer, Sunday 29 May 2011

This land is our land: pipeline protesters Willie and Mary Corduff at the quay at Rossport. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Observer

If the sea is calm, you can hear the traffic in New York,” goes the local introduction to the breathtaking beauty of Erris, in the north of County Mayo, where the coastline winds its way through little coves and beneath the cliffs of the wild seaboard at Europe‘s edge. Most nights, though, Manhattan must be quiet, for the only audible sounds are the distant baying of a dog several miles away, the soft bleating of newborn lambs from lush coastal meadows and the sighing of the brine as it moves across rocks and shingle.

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WikiLeaks exposes Shell’s infiltration of Nigeria’s government

The recent WikiLeaks revelations have exposed the high level of influence, infiltration and intelligence-gathering that global oil companies have in resource-rich nations in Africa, specifically Shell’s role in Nigeria. Shell gained information on all aspects of Nigeria’s oil business.

Leaked US diplomatic cables from last year, carried by a number of international newspapers and magazines, show that Royal Dutch Shell – among the major oil producers in Nigeria – have infiltrated key Nigerian ministries and have been using links to US officials to gain information on rival oil companies in the country, and the movements and objectives of militants in the Niger Delta region.

Shell’s level of penetration into the governmental structure of Nigeria – one of the world’s largest oil exporters – have given the company access to politicians and decision-makers at the highest level, providing it with insider knowledge of all movements and negotiations within those ministries.

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Spoof 24 page section of Shell Annual Report published

Shell ‘apologises’ for worldwide damage in “erratum” to annual report

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, May 17, 2011: During the Shell annual general assembly (AGM) in The Hague, today, Friends of the Earth International presented an “erratum” [1] to Shell’s 2010 annual report. In this spoof “erratum”, which was distributed among shareholders, Shell ‘admits’ that it is “causing a lot of unwanted and unnecessary damage” in its global oil-gas- and biofuels operations. The company also states that Shell “has learnt from these mistakes” and pledges to take “full responsibility to prevent and mitigate costs for the environment and people affected by our operations”.

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Shell execs feeding inside information to Shell’s arch-critic

By John Donovan

ADDED TO OUR ARTICLE: Shell embedded spies in host governments of Nigeria, Dubai and Iraq

Shell’s concern at our activities was plain from a Shell internal email dated 15 July 2009.


“…says he has about a dozen high level executive who regularly feed him inside infor. For example, he broke XXXXXX reorg plans in May. Is this worrying? are you trying to root out who these people are?

(The missing name was “Vosers”.)

The person who authored the email seems to agree that Shell insider information supplied to us has cost the company “many billions in lost revenue.”

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Shell embedded spies in host governments of Nigeria, Dubai and Iraq

By John Donovan

Today we provide a unique insight into the shadowy world of Shell Corporate Security, formerly known as “CAS” – Shell Corporate Affairs Security.

Shell has had advance sight of everything you are about to read and therefore the opportunity to challenge authenticity of the featured CAS Intel Summary, correct any inaccuracies and provide comment for unedited publication with the article. Shell has also had the opportunity to obtain an injunction to prevent publication.

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Inside the Shadowy World of Shell Corporate Security

By Alfred & John Donovan

We knew that Shell took seriously the leaks of information and Shell internal documents which have been supplied to us over several years by Shell employees. This was plain from Shell internal documents the company has been legally obliged to disclose to us.

We did not know just how seriously, until information reached us recently from a Shell Corporate Security source.

Leaked Shell Corporate intelligence documents now in our possession cover Shell’s security plans until 2014.

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Hakluyt, Enron, and Shell

By John Donovan

Information herein is sourced from Wikipedia articles relating to:

(1) Hakluyt – the British private intelligence agency, “…staffed almost entirely by ex-intelligence [services] staff”, according to a 2006 report in The Times[1]

(2) Shell, the oil giant notorious for a massive securities fraud when it swindled its shareholders. The company is closely associated with Hakluyt.

(3) Enron, a corrupt energy company based in Houston, Texas that went bankrupt as a result of committing institutionalized, systematic and well-planned accounting fraud.

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Shell sued over oil spill in Niger Delta

Royal Dutch Shell has been hit with a class-action lawsuit in London by the Bodo community of Nigeria, which suffered a “devastating” oil spill when a key pipeline burst in the summer of 2008.

The new lawsuit against Shell has been sparked by a leak allegedly coming from the Trans-Niger pipeline, which the community says started flowing into the Bodo creek in August 2008.  Photo: AP

Rowena Mason By Rowena Mason 7:45AM BST 02 May 2011

The community filed a lawsuit last month at the High Court against both Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, raising the possibility of a drawn-out legal battle for compensation.

More than 69,000 people live in Bodo in the Niger Delta, which has seen 9m to 13m barrels of oil spilt from the pipelines of various companies over the years – more than double the volume of BP’s Gulf of Mexico leak. UN figures show more than 6,800 spills between 1976 and 2001.

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Shell’s favorite website

By John Donovan

We have received the latest installment of Shell internal communications relating to this website and its owners. The information has been supplied in response to a Subject Access Request to Shell under the Data Protection Act.

As always, there is some information which Shell would not want put into the public domain.

For example, further evidence of Shell leaning on newspaper publishers in relation to this website. Our regular visitors may recall that Shell was determined to kill a half page Sunday Times article about our exploits. The headline mentioned that our intervention in Sakhalin2 had cost Shell £11 BILLION (over $17 billion USA). This time we have evidence of Shell’s intent to lean on the Financial Times because of irritation that it mentioned our website in an FT article. Shell self-evidently has no regard for freedom of the press.

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Shell espionage activities in Nigeria

By John Donovan

A great deal of publicity was generated by the recent WikiLeaks revelations exposing Shell’s infiltration of the supposedly sovereignty government of Nigeria. Secret U.S. Embassy cables reported the boasting by a senior Shell executive that Shell spies are infiltrated throughout the Nigerian government.

WikiLeaks Nigeria: Royal Dutch Shell embedded spies

The news did not come as a surprise to those of us who have closely followed Shell’s sinister activities in Nigeria (and elsewhere) over many years.

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Shell Emissions Up by 9% Last Year, Natural Gas Flaring Up 32%

by Rachel Cernansky, Boulder, Colorado on 04.18.11

Image: Lee Jordan via flickr

Royal Dutch Shell has released a sustainability report for 2010 showing that its direct greenhouse gas emissions rose by nine percent, and natural gas flaring—a wasteful practice that contributes its own emissions—increased by 32 percent. Shell attributes the increase to expanded production, including in Nigeria, where it says security has improved. People in Nigeria would probably beg to differ.

Environmental Leader reports that flaring, an industry-wide practice that wastes enough energy to power Germany, made up nearly 14 percent of Shell’s emissions last year.

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Royal Dutch Shell Spooks


By John Donovan

Regular visitors will be aware of our extensive history stretching back over a decade of being the subjects of intense Royal Dutch Shell espionage activity.

Shell admitted in writing its association with an undercover agent caught red-handed at our offices using fake credentials. Shell informed us that he was not the only investigative agent on our case, but refused to reveal the nature and scope of other intelligence gathering activities.

Shell categorically denied any connection with other sinister events, including threats made against us and our key witnesses in the run up to a High Court action against Shell; burglaries at the homes of our lawyer, our main witness and our own home during the same period, when Shell related documents were examined; interviews conducted with our key witnesses and our solicitor by undercover agents pretending to be journalists for well known newspapers.

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Royal Dutch Shell four day meeting directly with Hitler

By John Donovan (last updated 24 Sept 2012)

This posting provides a clarification to my recent article “Will Shell block Internet publication of its Nazi past?”.

It is in relation to the following paragraph.

Information in Shell’s own authorised history of the company confirms that Shell pumped funds into the Nazi in a variety of ways, was at times anti-Semitic, sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis and conspired directly with Hitler.

When I said “and conspired directly with Hitler” that was partly an informed assumption on my part.

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