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Cyber attacks on

By John Donovan: We had enjoyed a brief respite from the constant cyber attacks on this website, but the main disruptive activity restarted earlier this week. Michiel Brandjes, the Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc had previously issued a denial of any involvement by Shell. However, for a number of […]


Disclaimer: We encourage a diversity of opinion and comment. The opinions/information expressed/provided by “Washington Observer” in this article are not necessarily endorsed or condoned by this website. For legal reasons we have removed the name of a well known U.S. company that was identified in the article. Shell did not take up our invitation to […]

Kulluk grounding has already cost Shell $90 million

Royal Dutch Shell is a company with sham business principles and no scruples. It plotted to exploit the 9/11 attack for commercial purposes, adopted a Touch F*** All approach to the safety of offshore operations costing the lives of Shell offshore workers, and even defrauded its own investors. Is the U.S. government really going to […]

Constant cyber attacks on website continue

I want it to be known that all of the nasty activity described in my email to Royal Dutch Shell, including covert attacks, continues to this day, currently on a 24 hour basis. Someone apparently has very deep pockets and is clearly not very fond of us. By John Donovan On 11 November 2012, we […]

Chris Finlayson: One can of worms after another

Despite his scandal-ridden record at Shell, Chris Finlayson was recently appointed as Chief Executive of BG Group plc. We have already published articles relating to his involvement in the Shell reserves fraud and his time as head of Shell in Russia, when he played a starring role in the Sakhalin 2 debacle, which cost Shell […]

How Chris Finlayson bungled the Mother of all Projects: Sakhalin II

Chris Finlayson representing Shell and Alexander Medvedev, Gazprom’s Vice Chairman By John Donovan Chris Finlayson, the newly appointed Chief Executive of BG Group, held a leadership position in Shell’s Sakhalin II project in Russia from September 2005 to September 2009. The venture was described as “the Mother of all Projects” by the Financial Times. We […]

Corrib protestors meet UN Human Rights Rapporteur

Áine Ryan: TUESDAY 04 DECEMBER 2012 GOVERNMENT’S ‘positive’ attitude to human rights issues in Africa are not reflected in its addressing of the controversial Corrib gas project. That was the view expressed by human rights observer, Sr Majella McCarron, when she met the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders recently. The ten-person delegation, […]

Shell propped up racist apartheid regime in South Africa

Within 48 hours, subject to legal intervention by Shell, we will publish an article about how Royal Dutch Shell propped up and profited from the repressive apartheid regime in South Africa. By John Donovan Update Monday 26 November: Within 48 hours, subject to legal intervention by Shell, we will publish an article about how Royal […]

Corrib human rights report calls for new policing guidelines

“Among its series of recommendations is a proposal that Shell ‘communicates to the community the purposes for which surveillance may be undertaken by its security service’ and the procedures and safeguards it uses ‘to ensure the right to privacy is adequately protected’ during surveillance.” Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:27 Áine Ryan: A HUMAN rights […]

Shell Security Service in Ireland

Garda guide for Corrib protests proposed ÁINE RYAN A human rights report on the policing of the controversial Corrib gas project has recommended that the Department of Justice publish a guide defining methods that may be legitimately used by An Garda Síochána during protests. The report on the Corrib Human Rights Monitoring Initiative states this […]

Constant attacks on the website

For over a year we have received attacks on the site in the form of massive numbers of blog entries being received. They have recently reached a level whereby legitimate blogs are crowded out, effectively blocking criticism against Shell. EMAIL SENT 11 NOVEMBER 2012 BY JOHN DONOVAN TO MR MICHIEL BRANDJES, COMPANY SECRETARY & GENERAL […]

Shell’s business ethics guidelines are a sham

John, THE NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE Spies and Co. As an ‘interested observer’ I would make this comment about Shell’s business operations and their unethical business practices. The US Federal government operates under the Federal Acquisition Regulation’s for the purposes of purchasing goods and services. As it happens to be, the US government requires that […]

Spies and Co.

A version of this op-ed appeared in print on October 25, 2012, on page A31 of the New York edition with the headline: Spies and Co.. EXTRACT Spying for profit continued in more recent times. In the late 1990s, the candy companies Nestlé and Mars engaged in an epic corporate war that included a confidential […]

Another PR blunder from the House of Shell or a tragic piece of misreporting?

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE OCTOBER 2005 The Guardian: Shell shows cracks: “Another PR blunder from the House of Shell or a tragic piece of misreporting? “Ian McCredie, head of global security services at Shell, is reported to have told a Chatham House conference a tale of how up to 70 staff have been kidnapped […]