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Setback for the Shell Corrib gas pipeline

Another setback for the Shell Corrib gas pipeline Mayo Advertiser, October 18, 2013. The Commercial Court on Tuesday granted an order quashing a revised licence which was issued for the Shell gas terminal in north Mayo. The refinery site at Ballinaboy was granted a revised licence by the Environmental Protection Agency last June to construct […]

Court ruling a setback for a project which has overrun on costs and time

Court ruling a setback for a project which has overrun on costs and time… at least nine years behind schedule… Work remains suspended on tunnelling this final section of pipeline… By Lorna Siggins: Wed, Oct 16, 2013 Shell E&P Ireland Ltd (SEPIL) has played down the significance of yesterday’s Commercial Court decision quashing an emissions […]

Corrib tunnel works still suspended

OVER five weeks after the tragic death of a Corrib gas tunnel worker, operations still have not restarted on the sub-sea tunnel. Twenty-six-year-old German national Lars Wagner sustained fatal injuries early on the morning of Sunday, September 8, when a compressed air-pipe attached to the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) exploded. Áine Ryan: Tuesday, 15 October […]


Shell to Sea also gave an undertaking in the tender that it would “not be bribed, swayed or unduly influenced by the oil and gas giants” News release – Issued by Shell to Sea Monday 14th October 2013 SHELL TO SEA TENDER FOR OIL & GAS REVIEW Shell to Sea have today submitted a tender […]

Eight Shell to Sea protesters due in court

We no longer believe we can have equality before the law until such time as an independent, international panel/commission has investigated the policing of the Shell/Corrib project with specific reference to policies, practices, procedures, bribery, corruption and collusion. Eight Shell to Sea protesters due in court over public order offences Spokespeople Maura Harrington and Terence […]

Irish review into oil and gas tax rates

A report released by the Shell to Sea campaign, which has opposed the Corrib gas field off Mayo, last year claimed there are 69 prospects, discoveries and licensed areas off Ireland and that energy firms estimate the potential finds could hit 21 billion barrels of oil equivalent. 24 September 2013 Independent advisers are being sought […]


In the continuing absence of straightforward denials by Shell or the Garda, or any defamation proceedings brought by anyone from Shell or the Garda (numerous individuals have been named in relation to the scandal), it is unsurprising that public unease is growing day-by-day in Ireland, as is plain from material posted on YouTube and put […]

Eight Shell to Sea protesters due in court over public order offences

I am before this Court today on charges under Sections 8&9 of the Public Order Act and Section 53 of the Road Traffic Act alleged on 01 August and 03 August 2012. I request that the court direct that a nolle prosequi be entered in this instance or, failing that, that the hearing of the […]

Police liquidity on Shell Corrib Gas project

EMAIL RECEIVED FROM A MEMBER OF THE “ROSSPORT FIVE” (WITH REPLY COMMENT NOW RECEIVED FROM OSSL) Hi, John I am one of the Rossport 5. I have followed the stream of detail on your web-site from OSSL in their exposé of gardai and much/many more. Thank you.   One very strange item  or dynamic , […]

Garda Superintendent Thomas Murphy: A clean pair of hands?

By John Donovan The claimed latest development announced today about the Corrib Gas Project Corruption Scandal is that a Superintendent Thomas Murphy has been appointed to investigate. We reported on this development nearly a month ago and published an email he sent to OSSL on 9 July. Supt Murphy presented himself “as an independent person […]

Gardaí deny booze bribes

Superintendent appointed to examine allegations Áine Ryan A SENIOR garda is examining serious allegations about Belmullet gardaí accepting boxes of booze from Shell before Christmas 2007, The Mayo News can exclusively reveal. The Garda Press Office confirmed last night that ‘a garda superintendent had been appointed to examine the matter’. It declined to confirm the […]

Garda examining claims alcohol was delivered to Mayo station

ARTICLES BY LORNA SIGGINS ABOUT THE SHELL GARDA SCANDAL PUBLISHED TODAY AUG 13, BY THE IRISH TIMES Garda examining claims alcohol was delivered to Mayo station Senior officer’s examination underway for over a month Tue, Aug 13, 2013 An Garda Síochána has appointed a senior officer to examine claims a company contracted to Shell E&P […]


By John Donovan The article published on Sunday in The Observer has created a firestorm of interest in Ireland with hundreds of comments posted on online discussion forums. Many contributors make a very good point saying that the OSSL invoice posted on this website is fake. They raise legitimate concerns about its authenticity, about the […]


“The Observer asked the Garda and Gilligan specifically to deny the delivery, but no denial came, only a repeat of the prepared statement. The Observer replied that, unless a denial was received, we would presume the veracity of OSSL’s story. Silence ensued.” CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES OF FULL PAGE ARTICLE IN THE OBSERVER PDF OF […]

Shell’s man inside the Garda: Superintendent Joe Gannon

By John Donovan I have recently reported on the daily email bombardment of Royal Dutch Shell executives by the disgruntled former “Mr Fixit” company for Shell in Ireland: OSSL The email below provides more information about Shell’s attempt to bully an eye witness into giving perjured evidence to an official inquiry relating to a violent […]

Daily bombardment of Shell by disgruntled Irish Company continues

The daily email bombardment of Shell by their former “Mr Fixit” in Ireland continues unabated. OSSL was used as a conduit by Shell to bribe the Irish Police Force and engage in other illegal activity on Shell’s behalf. By John Donovan The daily email bombardment of Shell by their former “Mr Fixit” in Ireland continues […]

Ireland Digs Deep For Economic Recovery

The solution to Ireland’s economic woes could be under the seabed – if further reserves are found it could begin exporting oil. Saturday 03 August 2013 By David Blevins, Ireland Correspondent, in County Mayo Seismic surveys are to be carried out to ascertain if Ireland has enough oil and gas reserves to export fuel. Shell […]


Gerry Bourke has opposed the imposition of the Corrib Gas project in his village over the past decade and has previously spoken out regarding the occupation of the area by Shell and IRMS security. Shell to Sea spokesperson Maura Harrington stated “Gerry Bourke was part of the Shell to Sea delegation which met the UN […]

New revelations in Shell Corrib Gas Corruption Scandal

Now Superintendent Thomas Murphy has approached OSSL saying that he is going to investigate. He has presented himself “as an independent person to the ongoing issues in Co Mayo” with clean hands. I can only guess that he did not receive a share of the free booze received from Shell by hundreds of his fellow […]


The warning signs which read “Danger Sinkholes: Keep Back” were erected in order to warn users of the estuary of presence of the sinkhole, which have been up to 8 foot deep.  Residents were forced to put up the warning signs after both Mayo County Council and the Department of Energy & Natural Resources, despite […]

Donal O’ Kelly plays with Shell

TUESDAY, 02 July 2013 The controversial Shell Corrib gas project takes centre stage when the theatrical force that is Donal O’Kelly returns to the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar with his latest work, Benbo Productions’ surreal and heartfelt ‘Ailliliú Fionnuala’ tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 3. Written and performed by O’Kelly, directed by Sorcha Fox and […]

Campaigner against Corrib gas pipeline ‘on hunger strike’ in prison

Rossport campaigners say Liam Heffernan was arrested for blocking construction vehicles CAMPAIGNERS AGAINST the construction of a Shell gas pipeline at Rossport in Co Mayo say one of their fellow campaigners is on his fourth day of a hunger strike over his arrest. Liam Heffernan was arrested at Aughoose last Wednesday for allegedly obstructing Shell […]

Shell Corrib Gas Project campaigner on hunger strike in Castlerea prison

On Monday 17th of June Shell Corrib Gas Project campaigner Liam Heffernan (right) began a hunger strike in protest against his continued detention in Castlerea prison. Issued by Rossport Solidarity Camp On Monday 17th of June Shell Corrib Gas Project campaigner Liam Heffernan (right) began a hunger strike in protest against his continued detention in […]

Shell law returns to Broadhaven Bay

Shell safety boat sinks kayak while detaining others on Broadhaven Bay: Almost immediately after entering the bay the kayakers progress was obstructed by six Shell security and safety boats. The security boats, staffed with IRMS, Shell’s security personnel, then proceeded to grab hold of kayakers and their kayaks and detain them against their will.  On some […]

Corruption of the Irish Police by Royal Dutch Shell

This is a brief update about OSSL, a company employed for some years by Shell EP Ireland as a “Mr Fixit” (distributor of Shell bribes) used to ease the progress of the controversial, hopelessly delayed and billions over-budget, Shell led Corrib Gas Project in Ireland By John Donovan This is a brief update about OSSL, […]

The integrity of Shell EP Ireland CEO Michael Crothers

At that point, when you send a letter in your name knowing that it is designed to deceive, you have lost your integrity and join previous Shell senior executives, such as Jeroen van der Veer, who also gave in to the dark side of Shell. Bill Campbell, the retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International […]


Astonishingly, none of these Shell officials, nor John Gilligan, Alan Shatter, or anyone else in the Irish government, police, or any oversight body, has asked me to supply the voluminous evidence. No one seems shocked, or even interested. There have been no denials issued, nor have I received any threats of litigation, as could be […]

Shell Corrib Corruption & Community Complaints

That these events go almost universally unreported by the Irish media is a great hindrance to that justice being secured, but your website’s ongoing work in exposing the wrongdoing of Shell and it’s agents worldwide is a vitally important one. Rest assured, the most recent events on the subject of the Corrib Gas project are […]

Shell Corrib Gas Project

By John Donovan I have sent an email to Detective Superintendent John Gilligan of the Irish Police (the Garda) concerning corruption allegations surrounding the Shell led Corrib gas project in Ireland, that were the subject of my recent correspondence with the Irish Justice Ministry. Shell corruption scheme operated in Ireland on an industrial scale?: 6 […]


Come to act in solidarity with the campaign in Mayo against Shell’s Corrib Gas Project. For over 12 years, the local community have been resisting Shell’s plans to force through a high pressure raw gas pipeline and inland refinery. Local people have gone through all possible channels to fight the project. Let down by the […]


News release – Issued by Shell to Sea Friday 19th April 2013 — Latest incident further example of Shell as “Neighbour from Hell” —  Shell has admitted that on Monday, the 8th April, they had to vent all the nitrogen currently in the gas pipes at the Bellanaboy refinery, after they mistakenly cut a gas […]


OSSL seems to have been used as a “Mr Fixit” for SEPIL, allegedly facilitating the distribution of improper gifts to various parties, including the Garda, who rightly or wrongly, have been accused of acting as an offshoot of Shell security in policing protests against the project. It was also alleged that related invoices were falsified […]


OSSL allege that acting on Shell’s instructions, OSSL has distributed bribes on Shell’s behalf to parties connected with the project, including the Irish police force (the Garda) who have been the subject of serious accusations of wrong doing by environmental activists protesting against the project. The main accusation being that the Garda has acted as […]

Shell Accused of Corrupting Irish Police Force

OSSL claim that their company was a supplier to Shell in respect of the Corrib Gas Project. They allege that acting on Shell’s instructions, OSSL has distributed bribes on Shell’s behalf to parties connected with the project, including the Irish police force (the Garda) who have been the subject of serious accusations of wrong doing […]

UN special rapporteur calls for full investigation of Corrib human rights issues

The report refers to evidence of “a pattern of intimidation, harassment, surveillance and criminalisation” of those peacefully opposing the gas project. UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, Margaret Sekaggya, has called on the Irish government to investigate all allegations and reports of intimidation, harassment and surveillance in the context of the Corrib Gas […]

UN Special Rapporteur calls for full investigation of Corrib Human Rights issues

In a report submitted to the UN Human Right Council last Monday (4th March), the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders Margaret Sekaggya, called on the Irish Government to “Investigate all allegation and reports of intimidation, harassment and surveillance in the context of the Corrib Gas dispute in a prompt and impartial manner”. [1] Mrs […]

Beware of a man in a Shell Hat

By John Donovan: We have published below the content of an email sent on 1 March 2013 to Shell CEO Peter Voser by a former Shell supplier in Ireland: The OSSL Company. Basically it is alleged that Shell involved the company in corruption, facilitating bribes given to third parties on Shell’s behalf, including the Irish […]

Shell EP Ireland mired in corruption allegations

By John Donovan The long-running saga involving Shell EP Ireland and a small Irish company continues. OSSL supplied goods and services to the Shell Corrib project in Ireland.  It has accused Shell management of instructing them to make corrupt payments/gifts to third parties on behalf of Shell, including Police involved in handling environmental protests against […]

Shell to Sea protesters block trucks en route to compound

Protesters waving signs saying “Shell Destroys Communities and Environment” and “Harmful to Local Community” blocked trucks drawing material to a Shell tunnelling compound at Aughoose. Partners Shell, Statoil and Canadian-owned Vermilion are now 10 years behind the initial target to start generating revenues from the field. Saturday, February 02, 2013 A group of environmental activists […]

Shell Corrib Project $2.2 billion overbudget and delayed by 12 years

Shell Ireland has received a fresh cash injection of €125m from its parent to deal with the spiralling costs of the Corrib gas field project. Gas was originally expected to flow from the Mayo field in 2003, resulting in the project likely to be 12 years behind the original schedule, and the outlay on developing […]

Irish Supreme Court rules against Corrib protesters

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 The Supreme Court has today overturned a High Court decision by ruling that opponents of the Corrib gas pipeline are out of time to challenge the validity of the compulsory acquisition orders. The decision allows planning consent to be granted to Shell to build the pipe. The legal action began as […]

Corrib protestors meet UN Human Rights Rapporteur

Áine Ryan: [email protected]: TUESDAY 04 DECEMBER 2012 GOVERNMENT’S ‘positive’ attitude to human rights issues in Africa are not reflected in its addressing of the controversial Corrib gas project. That was the view expressed by human rights observer, Sr Majella McCarron, when she met the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders recently. The ten-person delegation, […]

Shell to Sea campaigners met UN rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders

Mayo Advertiser, November 30, 2012. Last week Mrs Margaret Sekaggya, the UN special rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, met a delegation of 10 people to discuss the issues they face regarding the Corrib Gas Project. The delegation comprised seven members of Shell to Sea, Kilcommon parish priest Fr Michael Nallen, and two members of the […]

Corrib human rights report calls for new policing guidelines

“Among its series of recommendations is a proposal that Shell ‘communicates to the community the purposes for which surveillance may be undertaken by its security service’ and the procedures and safeguards it uses ‘to ensure the right to privacy is adequately protected’ during surveillance.” Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:27 Áine Ryan: [email protected] A HUMAN rights […]

Shell Security Service in Ireland

Garda guide for Corrib protests proposed ÁINE RYAN A human rights report on the policing of the controversial Corrib gas project has recommended that the Department of Justice publish a guide defining methods that may be legitimately used by An Garda Síochána during protests. The report on the Corrib Human Rights Monitoring Initiative states this […]

Corrib Gas Project Engulfed in Corruption Allegations

The latest allegation is that the local Irish Police involved in the Corrib Gas Project were supplied with alcohol by Shell EP Ireland. By John Donovan Printed below is a self-explanatory email I sent on 11 November 2012 to Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc. I sent him […]

Lies about Shell safety record on Corrib Gas Project?

Hi John, I saw that you posted up the “Mayo Today” article entitled “Corrib safety clock hits three million hours mark”. In the article Shell claim: “The record was reached on October 4 and the workscope covered included all onshore pipeline and terminal activities, plus all offshore work managed out of Erris. This represented an […]

Shell boring machine finally reaches tunnelling site at Aughoose

The Irish Times – Tuesday, October 16, 2012 ÁINE RYAN More than two months after it was delayed by a jack-knifing incident at an isolated Co Mayo crossroads, Shell’s giant tunnel-boring machine reached its final destination in a midnight operation supported by more than 60 gardaí at the weekend. Christened Fionnuala by Shell, the 500-tonne […]

Huge public pressure forced Shell to lift an injunction

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE OCTOBER 2005 The Guardian (UK): Don’t be defeatist: the power of protest is alive and well “…in Ireland last week huge public pressure forced Shell to lift an injunction which had seen five anti-pipeline farmers jailed for 94 days.” Friday 7 October 2005 The government cannot stifle dissent, say Helen […]

Shell may face contempt proceedings over pipeline breach

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE OCTOBER 2005 Western People: Shell may face contempt proceedings over pipeline breach “As the Rossport Five walked to freedom in the High Court on Friday after 94 days in jail, Shell oil company executives, who had demanded their imprisonment in the first place, were themselves having to face potential contempt […]