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Links to over 265 articles by a host of different publishers including the FT, Wall Street Journal, Reuters etc., all containing references to or its founders

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-15-34-38Links to over 265 articles by a host of publishers including the FT, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg, New York Times etc., containing references to this website, or its founders Alfred and John Donovan (photo right).

Includes newspaper and magazine articles, and newsletters. All in date order.

WALL STREET JOURNAL ARTICLE: “Shell Wages Legal Fight Over Web Domain Name”: 2 June 2005

BLOOMBERG ARTICLE: “Shell in Legal Battle Over Name of Web Site, Journal Reports“: 2 June 2005

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10th Anniversary of Domain Name Win Over Shell

10th Anniversary of Spectacular Domain Name Win Over Shell

By John Donovan

Ten years ago, in May 2005, Shell International Petroleum Company Limited served proceedings in New York against my late father Alfred Donovan, via The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in an attempt to seize the top level (.com) domain name for its newly merged company, Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

The new company had arisen from the ashes of the hydrocarbon reserves scandal, which in January 2004, had engulfed The Shell Transport and Trading Company and Royal Dutch Petroleum Company.

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Why doesn’t Shell sue Donovan for libel?

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 15.49.41Such deliberate misinformation (propaganda, to put it politely) is also totally at variance with Shell’s claimed core business principles. This proves beyond any doubt that the media and the public should not believe anything Shell says. The company even lies to itself.

By John Donovan

Why doesn’t Shell sue Donovan for libel?

I feel sure that this is a question that many visitors to this website have probably asked themselves many times.

It is a question that Royal Dutch Shell put to itself in July 2009. 

Below is an extract from an authentic confidential Shell internal document dated 08 July 2009 in which this very question was raised in relation to “the Donovan’s.” Shell lawyers have redacted names shown on the “Confidential Focal Point”document, other than the names of my late father and myself. A series of questions are posed and then answered, to provide a contingency script if certain anticipated questions were raised by the news media, or at the Shell AGM. 

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Reflections on Yuletide greetings from Shell lawyers

A promotional game devised for Shell by Don Marketing

A promotional game devised for Shell by Don Marketing

The threats about defamation, breach of contract, contempt of court, potential action by third parties etc are also duly noted; a fairly typical variety of seasonal greetings from Shell. Is this part of the policy of dealing with me “sympathetically” as promised in writing by Mr Wiseman on 26th November 2002? If this is the compassionate approach, it is frightening to speculate on what I could expect if Shell decided to take a hardline; perhaps a gift-wrapped bomb-tipped walking stick, or an Ebola infected fairy queen to hang on my Xmas Tree?

By John Donovan

I have been looking at our correspondence files with Shell and its lawyers stretching back two decades.

This is in connection with an ongoing project that will come to fruition in 2014.

Since we fought six high court actions against Shell between 1994 and 1999, there were bound to be some interesting episodes.

In 1997, Shell management was enraged that we were bringing yet another claim for breach of confidence and breach of contract  – Shell had already settled our first three actions.

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From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Date: 2 August 2013 12:46:37 GMT+01:00
To: [email protected]


Dear Mr. Brandjes

I am disappointed, but perhaps not surprised, that Shell management has not been gallant enough to make any comment about the death of my father, a 96 year old 2nd World War veteran who had a business relationship with Shell stretching back over 50 years, the majority of which was mutually beneficial and friendly.

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A Unique Relationship With Shell

Because of the “” domain name, we regularly receive job applications, business proposals, pension enquiries, and sometimes even terrorist threats meant for Shell. We deal with all such matters as agreed with Mr Brandjes, sometimes corresponding with third parties on behalf of Shell, occasionally passing on correspondence to him.  We have been offered oil wells and coalmines by third parties wrongly believing that we are Shell.


24 June 2013

Mr. Gary Thomson

Shell International Limited

Shell Centre

London SE1 7NA



Dear Mr Thomson

Data Protection Act 1998 Subject Access Request (SAR)

Thank you for your letter dated 19 June 2013.

Please find enclosed completed application forms together with cheques based on a fee of £10 per applicant, if that is appropriate.

The application is made on an annual basis in joint names; the formula sensibly requested by your former colleague Mr Richard Wiseman and agreed to by us.

The categories of  “Particular Personal Data” you have brought to our attention in the standard form supplied are not appropriate to our application. You do not have any category that is relevant to our relationship with Shell, which is unique.

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Shell Oil Axes Exec For Alaska Drilling Fiasco. Will More Heads Roll?

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 20.21.07

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 18.26.52Christopher Helman, Forbes Staff: I’m based in Houston, Texas. Energy capital of the world.

David Lawrence, the executive vice president directly responsible for Alaskan operations has left the company. A Shell spokesman says that “Mr. Lawrence’s departure from Shell is by mutual consent.” Lawrence had been with Shell since 1984. His departure was first reported on the site started by longtime Shell gadfly Alfred Donovan. So will David Lawrence be enough of a sacrificial lamb for Shell to satisfy investors that it’s learned its lessons? Or should the buck stop higher up the pecking order, perhaps with Marvin Odum, president of the entire Americas division…; If Odum can be this disingenuous about a certified “screw up” then you have to wonder: what else at Shell is subject to subterfuge?

Published 3/26/2013 @ 1:20PM

David Lawrence, the executive vice president directly responsible for Alaskan operations has left the company. A Shell spokesman says that “Mr. Lawrence’s departure from Shell is by mutual consent.” Lawrence had been with Shell since 1984. His departure was first reported on the site started by longtime Shell gadfly Alfred Donovan.

A year ago Lawrence had said that Shell’s planned Arctic drilling “is relatively easy.” So it’s fitting that he was made to answer for the disastrous Alaskan campaign which was marred by a host of delays, accidents and mishaps. The misadventure resulted in a couple of wells being started, then abandoned, and one of Shell’s rigs, the Kulluk, being damaged in a grounding near Kodiak Island. “ Shell screwed up in 2012,” said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar earlier this month.

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Law of the Internet by George B. Delta and Jeffrey H. Matsuura (Oct 2008)

Excerpt from 2011-1 SUPPLEMENT 8-28

“The Sixth Circuit took the position that these negative domain names used in conjunction with Web sites that raised criticism of commercial conduct were forms of expression protected by the First Amendment.93 In some instances, critics of an organization register domain names using marks associated with the target company in order to prevent the company from using those domains or to use the domains to present Web content critical of the target organization. This type of dispute exists between Royal Dutch/Shell Group and Alfred Donovan, involving the domain name″

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How two men and a website in Colchester humbled one of the oil industry giants

Derek Brower (Editor, Petroleum Economist): 25 February 2007

It is not the kind of place you would expect to find at the centre of a global energy war. John Donovan’s office is in a modest house in a suburb of Colchester. No electronic maps of Europe adorn his walls, as they do the walls of Gazprom’s Moscow control room. And nor are there any butlers bringing cups of tea and expensive biscuits, as you find at Shell’s head office on the Thames. There is just Donovan’s 89-year-old father, Alfred, in the room next door.

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Shell endorsement of Donovan website

The following extract printed in red text is from a Shell internal email supplied to us by Shell in response to a Subject Access Request we made under the UK Data Protection Act (equivalent of U.S. Freedom of Information law). Some third party information has been redacted by Shell.


John and Alfred Donovan well known in UK / Hague. They perceive Shell played them and so have made it their mission to embarrass, belittle and criticize Shell, which they do quite well. Their website, is an excellent source of group news and comment and I recommend it far above what our own group internal comms puts out.

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Shell Job Application Farce

Shell has been prepared to put up with the ignominy of its “No1 Enemy” receiving private communications meant for the company. Several years ago Mr Michiel Brandjes (right), Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate, gave us written permission to vet incoming mail on behalf of Shell, using our discretion to remove and destroy what we consider to be spam and pass on to Shell what we decide they ought to see!

By John Donovan

Because Royal Dutch Shell Plc petulantly decided to keep trading under the name Royal Dutch Shell Plc  despite knowing that my father, Alfred Donovan, had registered the domain name, a certain amount of unforeseen confusion was probably inevitable.

Shell tried to escape humiliation by attempting to seize the domain name, issuing proceedings against him. Shell lost the case and did not bother to appeal against a unanimous verdict, which resulted in yet more embarrassment.

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Gripesites: How to Gut Goliath by Becoming an Interactive Hub of Dissent

By John Donovan


At long last, someone has written an invaluable guide on how ordinary individuals can publicly criticize the rich and powerful, including multinational corporations, by using the Internet.

My father and I pioneered the use of websites for exposing Royal Dutch Shell.  Indeed, the author, Robert Eringer, uses our experience as a case study for how David can tackle Goliath.

Moreover, Eringer relates his own case study:  himself against a whole country–the Principality of Monaco.  ([email protected].)

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ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST: The Corrib Gas controversy



Though theoretically citizens in a liberal democracy, those who have stood in the way of the exploitation of the Corrib gas field by a consortium led by Shell found themselves with very little protection from their own government. Instead of seeking to negotiate a settlement on behalf of these citizens, Irish governments aligned themselves to an overwhelming extent with Shell, putting the resources of the state behind the acquisition of land and, when locals objected, mounting a policing operation that at one point included the deployment of the navy.

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Story linking Shell with Jewish skin lamp shades is gutter press


I am afraid that there clearly is very little news (i.e. aspects of Shell’s work) for the Donovan’s to rant on about recently. A great deal is re-printed as though it’s new but is merely old stories and anti-Shell propoganda that is old history. Yes, we learn from history but we don’t have to regurgitate it repeatedly. The lead story today linking Shell with Jewish skin lamp shades is really gutter press and totally deplorable nonsense from the Donovan’s.

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Malaysian Judge told Shell that they should sue John Donovan in the UK

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia.

By John Donovan

In 2004, EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group collectively took legal action against Dr John Huong (above), a former Shell production geologist who blew the whistle on the reserves scandal and other nefarious activities carried out by Shell executives in breach of the much proclaimed Shell General Business Principles.

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison in Malaysia and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia.

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Damage still reverberating from Royal Dutch Shell reserves scandal

By John Donovan

The Guardian reports today that several hundred senior scientists employed by Shell at the Thornton Research Centre in Cheshire “will be scattered to other offices” in what is described as a more general retreat by Shell from the UK.

Shell staff, who are said to be “seething,” apparently believe the retreat from the UK is a consequence of the reserves scandal that came to light in 2004.

Shell executive directors including Group Chairman, Sir Phillip Watts (above right), were forced to resign. Basically Shell had repeatably filed false Form 20F returns to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission each year, inflating claimed proven hydrocarbon reserves.

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Shell Make Money promotion wrangle (Information from our archive)

My son John Donovan (centre), Chairman of Don Marketing, with two fellow DM directors John Chambers (left) and Roger Sotherton (right), at the launch of the UK Make Money promotion in 1983

Printed below is the background information relating to an article published by Forecourt Trader in January 1995.

By Alfred Donovan

Our High Court action in April 1994 against Shell UK Limited in respect of the Shell Make Money promotion, provides a clear example of bullying, double-dealing and deception by Shell in its dealings with our company, Don Marketing.

In June 1993, Andrew Lazenby, the Shell executive who masterminded the serial theft of intellectual property from companies disclosing proprietary information to Shell, raised the subject of Shell Make Money in conversation with us, as did his boss, David Watson. This was a promotion to which we held joint rights with Shell.

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Integrity of Wikipedia corporate articles corrupted by editing scandal

On 12th October 2010, I published an article containing the warning: “…it is only a matter of time before the culture of subterfuge and deception at Wikipedia results in a scandal.” My prediction has come to pass…

By John Donovan

Jimmy Wales is to be congratulated on being the joint founder of Wikipedia and for the non-profit basis on which the organization is operated. He is obviously a man of integrity deserving of the highest praise.

Unfortunately, many contributors to Wikipedia do not share his high ethical standards and take full advantage of the fact that it is possible to edit Wikipedia corporate articles completely anonymously for financial reward, removing or suppressing negative information. Parties can completely hide any trace of their identity and motive, even their ISP addresses.

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Natural resources – they haven’t gone away you know

Friday, 07 October 2011

Liamy MacNally

The days are getting shorter and the lawyers are tripping over themselves in the noontime darkness.  Their cathedral minds are busy.  The Four Courts silver spoon still shines with looming cases.  The law does not always bring justice, even if the ladder of law has no top or no bottom!

A High Court judicial review of permissions granted for ongoing work on the Corrib Gas project is due to be heard on October 11.  The judicial review was sought by An Taisce and some local residents into permissions granted by An Bord Pleanála and the then acting Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, Pat Carey, for the pipeline and the Plan of Development.  The outcome could have serious implications for the Corrib project.

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Banter with Michiel Brandjes of Royal Dutch Shell Plc

By John Donovan

On Friday I sent an email to Mr Michiel Brandjes (right), Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. It had a subject – “Gannet Oil Spill: Document Authenticity” – but no content.  It was sent by mistake.

It prompted the subsequent self-explanatory email correspondence.


From: [email protected]
Date: 12 September 2011 08:00:54 GMT+01:00
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Gannet Oil Spill: Document Authenticity

Dear Mr Donovan,

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Fond memories of Mr Justice Eady, the privacy law judge

By John Donovan

Mr Justice Eady is the High Court Judge accused of being responsible for “bringing in a privacy law by the back door with a series of “arrogant and amoral” judgments…

Personally, I have fond memories of Mr Justice Eady. Royal Dutch Shell may take a different view.

On 18th April 1998 I was surprised to learn from Rachel Oldroyd, a reporter from the “Financial Mail On Sunday”, that Shell had issued a press statement that clearly inferred that previous claims I had brought against the oil giant were bogus, thus repeating a libel of March 1995 , which Shell had already settled at some considerable cost to Shell shareholders.

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By John Donovan

Twitter is currently flooded with people trying to identity parties who have obtained Super-injunctions in an attempt to hide embarrassing information from public scrutiny.

It is not widely known that Royal Dutch Shell has been a trailblazer in using draconian litigation to silence a conscience driven whistleblower who objected to Shell defrauding its shareholders and recklessly putting employees lives at risk.

In this case, it was a multinational oil giant trying to keep the lid on a potentially highly damaging story.

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Crisis Media Management in the Digital Age

Extracts from the newly published book: “The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management” by Jane Jordan-Meier

ALL EXTRACTS FROM THE CHAPTER: “Dealing with Bloggers”

From page 163

First, treat bloggers like mainstream journalists…

The big difference is that they have no editors–there is no editorial chain of command other than their loyal followers and readers.

From page 164

While moms will be fiercely protective of their young, and will fight for their cause (and so would I), so will just about any purist.

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£250,000 to close down anti-Shell website

By John Donovan

We have recently received information from Shell in response to our 2011 SAR application under the Data Protection Act.

It always contains some surprises, and this time is no exception.

Unbeknown to us, Shell engaged in email correspondence in September/October 2010 with an unknown third party, a business owner, on the subject of Shell paying us a large sum to stop our campaigning focused on Shell.

The correspondence is reproduced below in chronological order, with the first email dated 25 Sept 2010. Identification information other than our surname and web domain name has been redacted by Shell.

We have good reason to believe that the person responding for Shell was Mr Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Mr Wiseman retired a couple of months ago.

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Inside the Shadowy World of Shell Corporate Security

By Alfred & John Donovan

We knew that Shell took seriously the leaks of information and Shell internal documents which have been supplied to us over several years by Shell employees. This was plain from Shell internal documents the company has been legally obliged to disclose to us.

We did not know just how seriously, until information reached us recently from a Shell Corporate Security source.

Leaked Shell Corporate intelligence documents now in our possession cover Shell’s security plans until 2014.

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Pirates of the Intranet

Working in internal communications is hard enough – but it just got tougher with the arrival of pirate sites that can sink your company intranet. Marc Wright offers some useful tips to ward off the invasions.

by Marc Wright

Internal communications is facing its greatest threat ever. The rise of low-cost websites created by employees for employees means that your own intranet, forums and newsletters run the risk of being bypassed and rendered obsolete. In this article I explore the history of pirate sites; look at some examples of ‘gripe’ sites that have cost companies dearly; and suggest some steps you can take to protect yourself and your channels from these marauding invaders.

A short history of Pirates

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Royal Dutch Shell Spooks


By John Donovan

Regular visitors will be aware of our extensive history stretching back over a decade of being the subjects of intense Royal Dutch Shell espionage activity.

Shell admitted in writing its association with an undercover agent caught red-handed at our offices using fake credentials. Shell informed us that he was not the only investigative agent on our case, but refused to reveal the nature and scope of other intelligence gathering activities.

Shell categorically denied any connection with other sinister events, including threats made against us and our key witnesses in the run up to a High Court action against Shell; burglaries at the homes of our lawyer, our main witness and our own home during the same period, when Shell related documents were examined; interviews conducted with our key witnesses and our solicitor by undercover agents pretending to be journalists for well known newspapers.

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Gardaí investigate alleged death threats to Corrib whistleblowers

The Irish Times – Monday, April 11, 2011

LORNA SIGGINS Western Correspondent

GARDAÍ IN north Mayo have initiated inquiries into alleged threats made to a contact supplying information on the Corrib gas project to a British whistleblowers’ website.

Supt Pat Diskin of Belmullet Garda station confirmed yesterday his office was carrying out “initial inquiries” regarding “correspondence in relation to matters raised by a third party”, but could not comment further.

John Donovan, who runs with his father, Alfred, said he had written to the Garda Commissioner last October and was contacted by Supt Diskin just over a week ago.

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Whistleblower 2004 email on Shell reserves scandal

Honesty and Integrity once the pillars of culture in the Shell Group, no longer appear to exist.

John Scruton

Extracts from an email we received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (some personal information omitted)

From: huong john <[email protected]>
Date: 18 August 2004 14:00:32 GMT+01:00
To: John Donovan <[email protected]
Subject: RE: FW: SHELL WHAT ELSE no3

Dear Mr. Donovans,

Good evening. I pray that you are both in the best and that Mr. Donovans Senior have been to see the doctor for a check up.

I got news from my lawyers that the affidavit that was filed was acknowledged by the High Court and that they have written to the Shell Lawyers informing them of the application.  The Shell Lawyers have two weeks to respond from yesterday and the hearing will take place on 21st September 2004. After the case is set aside I will again start to contribute to your website if Shell is not going to start talking like gentlemen!

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Donovans v. Royal Dutch Shell

By John Donovan

Printed below is our most recent correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

It is self-explanatory.

From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Date: 2 February 2011 14:47:14 GMT
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Section 7 (1) of the Data Protection Act


Mr. Gavin White
Company Secretarial Department
Shell International Limited

Dear Mr. White

Section 7 (1) of the Data Protection Act

As you may be aware, my father Alfred Donovan and I reached an agreement with Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Mr Richard Wiseman, that in future our Subject Access Request applications to Shell would be made on a joint basis i.e. in the names of Alfred and John Donovan.

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Invitation by Shell to a Malaysian jail cell

Article by Alfred Donovan

By June 2006 Shell Malaysia legal boss, Thavakumar Kandiah Pillai (right), had got himself into a most dreadful mess.

Two years earlier he had advised EIGHT different companies, all within the Royal Dutch Shell Group, to bring a collective defamation action against a former Shell Malaysia Production Geologist, Dr John Huong. The action was in respect of information published on an earlier version of this website, which I jointly own and operate with my son, John Donovan.

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Royal Dutch Shell Malaysian pension fund controversy

If you haven't seen the attached, it may interest you to know that the attached is a copy of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company's internal management exchange which was leaked by one of the employees who is disgusted with Shell. You may take note that Shell cheats on paying the Retirement Benefit Fund resulting in the class action at Miri High Court by ex and current staff of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company.

Royal Dutch Shell tried to blackmail reserves whistleblower

Shell lawyers to Dr Huong:

…positive steps must be taken by you to ensure that these notices must be given to all persons’, not only Donovan, who are able to operate and maintain the web site. As such by simply writing to Donovan to request him to remove your postings as you have done is not in full compliance with para 3 of the order of court. We therefore expect you to take all positive steps to ensure the postings are removed and deleted immediately.

By John Donovan

In June 2004, EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies collectively sued a former Shell Malaysia employee, Dr John Huong (above), for alleged defamation in respect of articles published on this website owned and operated by Alfred and John Donovan. The litigation involved multiple injunctions served against Dr Huong, including  committal proceedings demanding his imprisonment for exposing serious misdeeds by Shell senior management, including the filing of false information about claimed hydrocarbon reserves.

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Dr John Huong accused Shell lawyers of tampering with evidence

May I asked you where you got all those information for your articles, the publication of which prompt Shell to take legal actions against me, in breach of my human rights and freedom?

Email received from Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong on 21 April 2008. We have provided hyperlinks to the articles he itemized.

Dear Mr. Donovans,

Good evening.

A few months ago, you wrote articles concerning the Malaysian judiciary System.  Can you confirm and tell me where the following articles were posted and the author and/or authors of those articles itemized from 1-3 below.


2. Malaysia: Judiciary and corruption (For obvious reasons the legal jurisdiction of choice for Shell)

3. HRH Sultan Azlan Shah speaks out on crisis in Malaysian judiciary.

Since posting those articles, were there any changes made to the document since then?

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Dr John Huong: Donovan correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell

At the age of 90 and with numerous aliments, the thought of ending up in a small room with only iron bars for a view and without air conditioning in a tropical climate, is not much of an incentive to make the trip. In other words, while pretending that my presence in court in Malaysian legal jurisdiction is essential, there is also more than a hint of intimidation attached to deter me from giving evidence in support of my sworn affidavit, which quite frankly, completely destroys Shell’s defamation case against Dr Huong. (Head cut image of Alfred Donovan courtesy of The Wall Street Journal)

Self-explanatory email correspondence between owner Alfred Donovan and Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

—–Original Message—–
From: Alfred Donovan [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: vrijdag 3 augustus 2007 12:26
To: Brandjes, Michiel CM RDS-LC
Cc: van der Veer, Jeroen J RDS-CEJV; Ollila, Jorma RDS-RDS/CH; Brinded, Malcolm A RDS-ECMB; Wiseman, Richard RM SI-LMAPF; ‘John Donovan’


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Whistleblower Dr John Huong on Shell’s North Sea safety record

By John Donovan

We have hundreds of emails received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) during the many years when he was prohibited by the Malaysian courts from supplying information to us for publication.

This was part of the draconian defamation proceedings and related multiple injunctions brought against him by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies in respect of articles published on this website. He was also under threat of imprisonment for alleged contempt of court, again in relation to information published on this website.

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Dr Huong defence against Royal Dutch Shell defamation action

It will soon be apparent to our readers from the extracts below, why Shell settled the Dr Huong litigation out of court. A very considerable pile of extremely smelly internal dirty laundry that Shell definitely did not want aired in open court, even in Malaysia.

By John Donovan

Dr John Huong, a former Shell geologist of almost 30 years standing was the FIRST SHELL employee to blow the whistle on the Shell reserves fraud (and other important issues relating to the misdeeds of Royal Dutch Shell management). He was not prepared to tolerate  the lives of Shell employees being recklessly put at risk.

As a result Shell was determined to silence him at all costs. Hence the unprecedented spectacle of EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies collectively bringing a defamation action against one former employee – an unemployed Malaysian who had no prospect whatsoever of finding alternative employment in his profession while the litigation cloud hung over the heads of himself and his family for several years.

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Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong and freedom of speech on the Internet

Extracts from comments by Dr John Huong regarding Alfred Donovan and the right to criticize Royal Dutch Shell on the Internet

I am baffled why Shell allows him to comprehensively tear Shell management to pieces on countless postings all over the Internet, including Shell’s own website – while I am not allowed the freedom to make criticism on Shell, my former employer of 29 years.

For anyone who doesn’t know, it is a matter of public record that I am currently the subject of a High Court Injunction and a Retraining Order obtained collectively against me by eight Royal Dutch Shell Companies. As far as I know, I am the only person on the entire planet whose freedom of expression is being curtailed by a multinational Goliath. It’s a strange feeling.

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By Alfred and John Donovan

Our outspoken friend, the former employee of Shell Oil USA, has raised the question of why Shell has not sued us for libel. Extracts from an article we published in February 2006 are informative on the subject. Since then, Shell was legally obliged to supply us with internal documents including one indicating that Shell decided long ago that it will never take legal action against us. Perhaps this is over concern about what Shell describes as “internal laundry” being aired in open court.

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Merry Christmas from Alfred and John Donovan

We would like to wish all of the tens of thousands of good folk at Royal Dutch Shell and all people who visit and contribute to this website, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From Alfred and John Donovan

Message to Shell management from a blunt American


I have been reading and contributing to this blog for some months now, and it is clear that RD Shell has pretty much made an implacable enemy out of the Donovan’s. They have done so unnecessarily and through managerial arrogance and complete incompetence.

Unlike RD Shell management John and Alfred conduct themselves with a good degree of ‘class’ and humor, and respect for the law, and I commend them for this.

I think I know a little about John’s attitude towards you folks, and I sympathize with him. That  attitude could probably be most colorfully stated by quoting a famous fictional character of American literature, Captain Ahab, of Herman Melville’s ‘Mody Dick’ (I presume you people do read good literature, on occasion). To wit:

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An eventful year for Royal Dutch Shell

Photograph of senior Shell official Richard Wiseman, right, was kindly offered and supplied by him for display on this website.This happened when he was still fond of us.


As notified in advance to Mr Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, we today distributed leaflets (example below) to Shell employees at the Shell Centre in London.

Within minutes of arriving, a Shell security guard tried to move us on. When we politely refused, explaining that we were on public property and had notified Mr Wiseman of our intention, the security guard said he had never heard of Richard Wiseman and that we were not allowed to remain outside the main staff entrance. When we again declined to leave, he reported to a colleague that three people were issuing leaflets. I advised him that only two of us were doing so, the third person was a journalist from a daily newspaper.

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Royal Dutch Shell and the lampshades made from HUMAN SKIN

The Sun newspaper has published an article horrifically confirming, following a DNA test, that a lampshade bought at a New Orleans car boot sale is made from human skin. A gruesome relic from Nazi crimes against humanity in the 2nd World War. As the main financier of the Nazis, does Royal Dutch Shell bear any moral (or legal) responsibility for the crimes of Hitler and his equally evil henchmen?


We’ve all heard the stories of the Nazi human lampshades.

There have been many fakes over the years but no proven examples of a real Nazi lamp made from the skin of Jewish prisoners in concentration camps during the Second World War.

However, one crucial early scientific test set this lamp apart.

When Mark, an American, sent a small piece away for DNA testing at Bode Technology near Washington DC it came back as “100 per cent human”.

Royal Dutch Shell had no involvement in the concentration camps, but driven by greed, the company did in the crucial years prior to the 2nd World War, save the Nazi party from financial collapse and continue to pump funds into the Nazi regime in a variety of ways.
Greed and fat cat egotism won out over mere moral considerations. Shell knowingly collaborated directly with Hitler and the Nazis – the most evil regime in history. Without Shell’s financial backing, history might have unfolded without the horrors of the 2nd World War.
What transpired all those years ago obviously has no reflection on current Shell employees, the vast majority of whom are decent hard working people.
Those events do however stain forever the name of Royal Dutch Shell and the brand name by which the company is best known throughout the world: Shell.
As a result of a recent article published in the Guardian, we now know that as a consequence of Shell’s association in the death of Ken Saro Wiwi and eight other Nigerians hanged with him also on trumped up charges, Shell seriously considered changing the brand to “New Shell”. Shell settled out-of-court for $15.5 million a related claim in the U.S. courts last year alleging human rights violations and torture.
Extract from a BBC article: Shell settles Nigeria deaths case
The case alleged that Shell was complicit in murder, torture and other abuses by Nigeria’s former military government against campaigners in the oil-rich Niger Delta. Shell had propped up an evil corrupt Nigeria dictator so that it could continue its plunder and pollution in the Niger Delta.   Now the latest crop of Shell fat cats are pumping funds into another fanatical regime, this time in Iran. Once again, greed for hydrocarbon reserves is taking priority over ethical considerations. Shell is acting with typical deception to hide what is going on. Shipping movements have been disguised.   Once again Royal Dutch Shell is pumping funds into a fanatical regime intent on the extermination of the Jewish people. Iran is bent on developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, finishing the job that Shell’s former Nazi partners embarked upon, killing millions of Jews in the Holocaust. (see Royal Dutch Shell Iranian treachery)   The latest *Wikileaks revelations will only increase concern about those few remaining companies putting their own interests before the safety of the growing number of people living in Countries under threat of Iranian rockets, partly fueled by Shell.   The future looks dark and foreboding. What will be the consequences this time?   How long before Royal Dutch Shell decides it might be best to change its name?     ARTICLE BY ALFRED DONOVAN AND JOHN DONOVAN


*We note that UK lawyer Mark Stephens is representing Wikileaks. We last corresponded with Mark when he represented Oleg Mitvol and the Russian government on the Sakhalin II project.

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Can Royal Dutch Shell be trusted by America?

Mr Michiel Brandjes, the Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc has had advance sight of this email and therefore the opportunity to correct any inaccuracy, or seek an injunction to prevent it being circulated. The fact that you are now reading it means that Shell has not taken action to challenge the facts as stated herein.

Shell’s trustworthiness as a foreign company operating in the USA

By Alfred Donovan and John Donovan

Yesterday we supplied Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc., with an email we intend to circulate to U.S. government officials, Senators and Congressman posing an important timely question:

Is it safe to trust Shell to drill in the Arctic Ocean?

The email contains information about various matters concerning Shell’s trustworthiness as a foreign company operating in the USA.


The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, though disastrous in consequence, was an accident. Even if it occurred as a result of gross negligence, or even criminal negligence, it was not a deliberate act.

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By Alfred Donovan and John Donovan


Displayed right is an article from the Dutch newspaper “Limburger Koerier”, headlined “SIR HENRI DETERDING”, plus a related receipt/note, both displayed on page 480 of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell” Vol 1.

Related text printed on the same page.

This extract from the Limburger Koerier of  29 December 1932 was only one of the many articles in the national and international press speculating about who might be funding the Nazi party, which was deeply in debt. Deterding’s name came up more than once.

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Email to Peter Voser concerning Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets

By John Donovan

Printed below is an email my father sent to Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Royal Dutch Shell Plc., which was also sent to Peter Voser, Chief Executive Officer and Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary/General Counsel Corporate.

The stated subject: Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets.

Knowing that my father is 93, it seems extraordinarily impolite of Mr Wiseman to not even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt.  Shell has not taken issue with the accuracy of what was stated in the article, nor raised any copyright objections.

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Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Introduction

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Introduction