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Nothing but ill-fortune for Shell off the shores of Alaska

Extracts from an article by Reuben Brewer published on 21 March 2014 by The Motley Fool under the headline: BP Wins One and Loses One in the Gulf Royal Dutch Shell has found nothing but ill-fortune off the shores of Alaska. Shell’s most public problem was the 2013 grounding of the Kulluk drill ship. However, that […]

Alaska North Slope communities divided as Arctic drilling delayed

Extract from article by Alex DeMarban published by AlaskaDispatch on 23 Feb 2014 On one side of the rift are corporate leaders who have dashed off letters to The Arctic Sounder newspaper, bashing environmental groups that were on the winning side of last month’s decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court […]

Shell looks to science for arctic help

HOUSTON, Feb. 11 (UPI) — Michael Macrander, a chief scientist for Shell in Alaska, said engagement with the scientific community could help his company navigate arctic waters. Shell Chief Executive Officer Ben van Bueden said last month he was “not prepared to commit further resources for drilling in Alaska in 2014″ following a court decision […]

Shell seeks positives as Arctic tab nears $6B

By Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce: Published: 2014.02.06 Shell’s investment in its Arctic Alaska offshore exploration is approaching $6 billion after eight years. For all that, the company has two test wells partly drilled in 2012, one in the Chukchi Sea and one in the Beaufort Sea. The decision not to proceed with 2014 […]

Melting Sea Ice And Arctic Drilling: A Risky Combination

Shell, which has spent billions on buying leases in Alaska’s Chukchi and Beaufort seas, announced that the drilling program there has been suspended amid a legal battle with environmentalists over whether Shell’s leases were legally granted by the federal government. “Right now, they don’t have the technology, the wherewithal and the capital to put into […]

Why Do Investors Put Up With Oil and Gas Madness?

Royal Dutch Shell just announced that it had a terrible 2013, but management wants to assure you that this year will be better. Shell announced that it was backing away from its absurd plans to return to Alaska’s Chukchi Sea to revive its Arctic drilling activities. That’s good, because watching Shell try to get back […]

Shell official says issue in Chukchi Sea court ruling can be fixed

Juneau (Platts)–31Jan2014/1257 pm EST/1757 GMT Shell’s decision not to proceed with 2014 drilling in the Chukchi Sea was a tough one for the company, but the silver lining in the US Circuit Court of Appeals decision that scuttled Shell’s plan was the fact that the court only agreed with the plaintiffs on one narrow issue, […]

Royal Dutch Shell Alaska timeline

Anchorage Daily News January 30, 2014 Royal Dutch Shell’s announcement that it wouldn’t drill in 2014 is the latest twist in the oil giant’s long history in Alaska. Here are some recent developments: • March 2005: Shell dominates a federal offshore oil lease sale for the Beaufort Sea with $44 million in winning bids. • […]

Oil drilling on US Arctic coast put on ice

Oil companies’ rush to find reserves off Alaska’s Arctic shores suffered a setback on Thursday after Shell said it would suspend its operations in the region — and possibly withdraw for good. “We will not drill in Alaska in 2014, and we are reviewing our options there,” Shell CEO Ben van Beurden told reporters in […]

Shell shelves plan to drill in Alaskan Arctic this summer

“The company has spent huge amounts of time and money on a project that has delivered nothing apart from bad publicity and a reputation for incompetence. The only wise decision at this point is for Mr. Van Beurden to cut his company’s losses and scrap any future plans to drill in the remote Arctic ocean.” […]

Shell’s lavish spending on quixotic drilling adventures

Shell’s quest for new reserves has seen it pump billions into money-devouring plays such as its Athabasca Oil Sands Project in northern Alberta and the Kashagan oilfield, a deeply troubled project in Kazakhstan. It’s even tried deep water drilling in the high Arctic. That attempt ended when the stormy waters of the Chukchi Sea crippled […]

Shell Arctic Drilling Plans Blocked By Courts

“This is a massive blow to Shell’s Arctic ambitions,” said John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK told the Guardian. “Shell had already lost the case for Arctic drilling in the court of public opinion – today they have lost the case in a court of law as well.” by Richard Smallteacher, CorpWatch Blog: January 23rd, 2014 […]

Controversy over Shell/Gazprom £4 million gifts to Cambridge University

Graphic from the remarkable Guardian newspaper article: Unloveable Shell, the goddess of oil (Click on image to enlarge): Sub-headline: For a century, Shell has explored the Earth to make our lives more comfortable, But in its wake, says Andrew Rowell, lies a trail of corruption, despoliation and death The University of Cambridge has come under […]

Arctic Ocean oil drilling opponents win appeal

SEATTLE — The U.S. government violated the law when it opened millions of acres of the Arctic Ocean to offshore oil drilling, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday, possibly delaying plans by companies such as Royal Dutch Shell to drill off the northwest coast of Alaska in the near future. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court […]