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Shell Tackles Climate Change

Extract from an article published 1 July by read more

Marvin Odum speaks out

Article by M. Nadeem published 27 June 2014 by insider under the headline: “Royal Dutch Shell plc’s Subsidiary Shell Oil Company President Marvin Odum Discusses Energy Industry State”

In a Fox News’ Opening Bell program on June 27, Shell Oil Company’s, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc), President, Marvin Odum, talked about the current energy industry situation. Mr. Odum said that they are worried about raising oil prices, but, at the same time, they also understand that geopolitical events and other dynamics across the industry.

Talking about oil supply, Mr. Odum stated that there is no production impact as a result of what is going on in Iraq, and hopefully it will never happen. He also noted that “energy demand is doing nothing but increasing. And that’s even with tremendous efforts around efficiency, alternative fuels and everything else.” read more

Why wasn’t Marvin Odum fired after the Alaskan debacle?



Extracts from an article published on Thursday 13 March 2014 by under the headline: “Shell Looks for Tighter Grip on Upstream Americas”

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden commented: “Shell has a strong asset base and industry leadership in many of its growth themes. While this position of strength gives confidence for the future, it is also clear that we need to get a tighter grip on performance management in Shell. I am determined that, by focusing sharply on our three key priorities – better financial performance, in particular in our Upstream Americas and Downstream businesses, enhanced capital efficiency, and continuing strong project delivery, we will continue to grow our cash flow and improve our returns.”


Comment from a well-informed reliable source

The losses in upstream in the US are only partially related to the Alaska fiasco.

The amount rumoured to have been lost by Shell on unconventionals in the US may actually be far higher than the amount spent in Alaska, even though the figures have not been widely publicised.

While Alaska was a very public debacle, the cost to date is perhaps $5 billion, which may yet be recoverable if production ever takes place. In contrast, unconventionals have cost a total of about $25 billion, much of which will never be recovered. read more

Shell CEO Peter Voser: Did he jump or was he pushed?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.51.16Why would the issue of payment for loss of office even arise? Perhaps I am wrong but I am left with the impression that his early departure was by mutual consent and on the basis of no compensation for loss of office? In other words the board wanted him to leave early and he agreed?

By John Donovan

I was intrigued by the inclusion of the following statement by Shell in the Remuneration Disclosure for Peter Voser published earlier today:

Payment for loss of office
No payment for loss of office is made or will be made to Peter Voser.”

Consequently I sent the following email to a source with Shell insider knowledge:

Wording seems odd to me?

Why would the issue of payment for loss of office even arise?

Perhaps I am wrong but I am left with the impression that his early departure was by mutual consent and on the basis of no compensation for loss of office? read more


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 09.48.24With regard to your most obvious rivals, Simon Henry seems to be a very intelligent, competent executive, but comes with the baggage of his starring role in the reserves scandal. I published our verdict. Based on my strange experience of communicating with Marvin Odum via RDS Plc Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes, I reached the conclusion that Mr Odum is a creep. As the New York Times has correctly speculated, he carries “the stigma of the Alaska debacle.”

Email to Royal Dutch Shell Upstream International Director Andrew Brown

From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Date: 3 May 2013 09:54:33 GMT+01:00
To: [email protected]

Dear Mr Brown

As you may recall, we published a leaked email from you minutes after you sent it, the content of which, with my normal lack of tact, I described as drivel.

According to press reports you are a candidate in the race for Peter Vosers job, along with Simon Henry and Marvin Odum.

Perhaps I have read too many gossip columns, but I find the carefully constructed formulation of the resignation quote attributed to Mr Voser rather odd. read more

Marvin Odum, just another Shell snake oil salesman

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 23.26.03By John Donovan

Based on insider information, we beat Shell to the punch by announcing a day before Shell, that David Lawrence had left the company. We said that he had been fired after Shell’s Arctic plans fell apart.

When Shell was put under pressure to comment, the company claimed Lawrence was leaving by mutual consent. A fuelfix article published by The Houston Chronicle said in reference to this website “skeptics have fostered a different view:”

It wasn’t a case of being skeptical. We knew for certain that Shell was not being candid. Shell Oil Company president Marvin Odum apparently hoped we would all swallow the “mutual consent” hogwash. read more

Shell Oil and pornography

Shell Oil is the only major oil company that allows porn to be sold by independent retailers who sell branded gasoline

Shell Oil Company is the first and only major oil company to define Penthouse and Playboy magazines as “not pornographic.” Shell Oil Company made this policy change to allow Circle K Stores to sell pornographic magazines at two hundred forty (240) independent Shell branded stores that Circle K recently purchased.

Florida Family Association (FFA) has worked since 1997 to influence every major oil company to prohibit their branded independent stores from selling pornography. FFA influenced BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron-Texaco, Citgo, Marathon, Murphy and Sunoco to add restrictions to their marketing agreements with independent retailers to prohibit the sale of pornography. read more

Shell to Keep Shale Drilling Investment Stable Amid Gas Glut

By Bradley Olson – Mar 7, 2012 9:29 PM GMT

Royal Dutch Shell Plc. (RDSA), Europe’s largest oil company, won’t increase its spending on drilling shale fields this year due to low natural-gas prices.

“It wasn’t so long ago that gas prices were still at a level where everybody was drilling almost as fast as you could reasonably make it happen,” Marvin Odum, the president of the company’s North American operations, said in an interview today.

“Now you’re starting to see some upstream reaction to where the prices are,” said Odum, in an interview at CERAWeek, a Houston conference held by IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. read more

Shell Executive: Expects To Drill In Alaskan Arctic This Summer

JANUARY 12, 2012

HOUSTON (Dow Jones)–Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA, RDSA.LN) is confident it will be able to drill for oil and natural gas in Alaska’s arctic region this summer as it hopes to overcome its remaining legal challenges.

“We still have a few not insignificant hurdles to get past, but it looks that we will be drilling,” Marvin Odum, president of Shell Oil Co., the U.S. unit of the Anglo-Dutch giant, said in prepared remarks delivered at a conference in Houston. read more

Deep Gulf drilling thrives 18 mos. after BP spill

By JONATHAN FAHEY, AP Energy Writer: 30 December 2011

ALAMINOS CANYON BLOCK 857, GULF OF MEXICO (AP) — Two hundred miles off the coast of Texas, ribbons of pipe are reaching for oil and natural gas deeper below the ocean’s surface than ever before.

These pipes, which run nearly two miles deep, are connected to a floating Shell platform that is so remote they named it Perdido, which means “lost” in Spanish. What attracted Shell to this location is a geologic formation found throughout the Gulf of Mexico that may contain enough oil to satisfy U.S. demand for two years. read more

Shell focuses on less developed US shale oil plays

HOUSTON | Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:35pm GMT

Oct 31 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) is “very interested” in onshore U.S. shale oil, but the company is focusing on less developed plays to bypass the pricey competitive rush for more established acreage, the head of Shell’s Americas operations said on Monday.

Marvin Odum told Reuters in an interview that oil majors likely will move into shale oil plays faster than they did during the natural gas shale boom.

He also said he expected the Keystone XL Canada-to-Texas pipeline to be approved despite opposition and that Shell’s joint-venture Motiva Enterprises’ refinery in Port Arthur will be well positioned to process heavy Canadian crude transported in the line. read more

Economic benefits will likely win Keystone XL approval: Shell

Oct 24, 2011 – 5:41 PM ET

TORONTO — The U.S. government is likely to approve the Keystone XL pipeline in part because of the economic benefits that would come along with the controversial US$7-billion project, the head of Royal Dutch Shell’s North American operations, predicted Monday.

In fact, the economic benefits attendant on the energy industries in North America in general are even more important than energy independence, Marvin Odum, president of Shell Oil Co. and upstream director of Royal Dutch Shell’s subsidiary company in the Americas, said at a Toronto conference. read more

Oil Drilling Rebounds in Gulf After Spill

A rig and supply vessel at work in the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana. Associated Press


The Gulf of Mexico has staged a comeback as a source of oil for big energy companies, little more than a year after the Obama administration largely shut down drilling in the wake of the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

The burst of activity comes as the government prepares to toughen its oversight of offshore drilling. On Wednesday, federal regulators probing the Deepwater Horizon disaster issued a report that recommended numerous changes. read more

Shell Gambles U.S. Rules on Arctic Drilling

Shell, Europe’s largest oil company, says it must decide by October whether to assume that U.S. regulators will issue all 35 permits it would need to explore under the Beaufort and Chukchi seas next year during the four mildest months, from July to October.

Shell Executive: No Emergency To Warrant Release From Oil Reserve

June 30, 2011

HOUSTON -(Dow Jones)- There was no emergency in oil markets to warrant the globally coordinated oil release announced last week, a top executive from oil giant Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) said Thursday.

“That oil is there for emergency purposes. Do I consider now an emergency? I have to say I don’t,” said Marvin Odum, president of Shell Oil Co., the U.S. unit of the Anglo-Dutch giant. “It doesn’t change the middle- to longer-term picture. The conversation we need to be having is about the long-term supply issue.” read more

Public asked to place its trust in Shell operating principles

By John Donovan

In the article below, part of a major PR campaign, Shell Oil President Marvin Odum (right) asks a public concerned about Shell onshore operations, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), to place its trust in the integrity of Shell and its global operating principles.

It is therefore timely to reflect on the repeated assurances of Shell business principles and code of ethics contained in the Form 20-F returns Shell filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission in the run up to the reserves scandal, which turned out to contain fraudulent declarations of oil and gas reserves. read more

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