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An Open Letter to Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics Evader & Non-Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc from Ray Fox

You will recall the white worms, dying trees and plants in my garden callously dismissed by you at the time as "your horticultural problems" – those "problems" subsequently ruined the lives of my family.


EMAIL FROM RICHARD WISEMAN TO JOHN DONOVAN: You have of course completely misrepresented, yet again, my remark about the disposal of a smoke detector. The fact that I have not commented on anything else cannot of course be taken as indicating agreement with anything you have said about this matter.

Royal Dutch Shell Nuclear Subterfuge

Anyone reading the Wiseman smokescreen denials on behalf of Shell would be entitled to conclude that Shell was only ever engaged in nuclear research and had no involvement or connection in the UK, or elsewhere, in nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel or nuclear waste i.e. nothing which could possibly result in radioactive contamination. The facts tell an entirely different story.

Exxon Mobil CEO takes aim at environmentalists

Rex Tillerson, chairman and chief executive of Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest oil-and-gas company, came out swinging Wednesday against the environmental movement, arguing the science of climate change is far from settled and that his company views it as its "corporate social responsibility" to continue to supply the world with fossil fuels.

Shell’s Nuclear Past

Corporate Watch: Shell’s Nuclear Past

“So close was their relationship with the nuclear establishment that the Division of Atomic Energy at the erstwhile Ministry of Supply was based at Shell-Mex House”: “Shell’s press department has been singularly reluctant to help us with this research.”: “They cannot tell us why they still own a share-holding in Ultracentrifuge Nederland BV, the holding company that owns 33% of the uranium enrichment company, Urenco.”

Posted 21 Oct 04

Corporate Watch has some new findings to report on Shell’s past involvement in the nuclear industry.

Documents from the Public Records Office at Kew filled in more of the early history. File AB16/1856 is a series of letters and documents concerning Shell’s early nuclear ambitions from the early to the late 1950s. It shows that Shell successfully negotiated deals to supply heavy water and nuclear grade graphite to the UK’s nuclear industry. It also reveals Shell’s ambitions to develop nuclear reactors for ship propulsion and that they sent at least one scientist to the UKAEA’s “Reactor School” at Harwell as part of that project. So close was their relationship with the nuclear establishment that the Division of Atomic Energy at the erstwhile Ministry of Supply was based at Shell-Mex House. AB 16/1856 details some of their activities from 1950 to 1959. The file is suggestive of ongoing programmes, but we have no information on activities between 1959 and 1973 (when they took a 50% share in reactor manufacturer General Atomic – see CW Newsletter 16). read more

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