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Shell Springboard: Is it safe to disclose your idea to Shell?

Shell International committed fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, conversion of intellectual property, theft of trade secrets, and tortious interference with the Deep Water Parties business relationships and prospective business relationships. (Click on the link “alleged misappropriation of the plaintiffs alleged oilfield-technology trade secrets”. )


By John Donovan

Shell operates a number of schemes such as Shell GameChanger and Shell Ideas360 encouraging people and businesses to disclose innovative ideas to the oil giant.

It has just kicked off its latest search for clean tech pioneers.

The obvious question arises. Can Shell be trusted not to steal ideas knowing, as it does, that most people would be frightened to take Shell on in any legal battle given its army of lawyers and unlimited financial resources.

Shell could not be trusted in the 1990’s. I successfully sued Shell UK Limited four times in the UK high courts for breach of confidence and breach of contract in regard to a series of ideas I had disclosed to Shell in strictest confidence. All were adopted without my consent A lawyer acting for Shell threatened in writing to make the litigation drawn out and difficult. read more

U.S. Courts: Shell in deepwater, accused of more IP theft

U.S. Courts: Shell in deepwater, accused of more IP theft

By John Donovan

12 August 2008

Trawling the Internet seeking information about Court cases involving Shell, we stumbled across details of current litigation in the U.S. Courts against Shell International for alleged theft of Intellectual Property.

I personally know of several High Court Actions successfully brought against Shell on the same grounds, all by me. All resulted in media coverage.

Is Shell not concerned that it must be losing out from parties no longer willing to disclose ideas to the group because of its reputation as a serial poacher and predator of Intellectual Property? read more

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