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£250,000 to close down anti-Shell website

By John Donovan

We have recently received information from Shell in response to our 2011 SAR application under the Data Protection Act.

It always contains some surprises, and this time is no exception.

Unbeknown to us, Shell engaged in email correspondence in September/October 2010 with an unknown third party, a business owner, on the subject of Shell paying us a large sum to stop our campaigning focused on Shell.

The correspondence is reproduced below in chronological order, with the first email dated 25 Sept 2010. Identification information other than our surname and web domain name has been redacted by Shell.

We have good reason to believe that the person responding for Shell was Mr Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Mr Wiseman retired a couple of months ago.
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Shell quizzes all advisers on corruption policies


24 January 2011 | By Catrin Griffiths

Shell has upped the ante on anti-corruption prior to this year’s implementation of the Bribery Act by extending its scrutiny to law firms that advise third parties involved in joint ventures, and therefore are not employed by the company.

Shell chief ethics and compliance officer Richard Wiseman and global legal services coordinator Leanne Geale are asking non-panel firms with which Shell does business for details of their anti-corruption compliance procedures. read more

Protest row at Shell Centre, London

Shell Centre


Initial Correspondence

Latest Correspondence

—–Original Message—–
From: John Donovan [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 05 October 2009 19:00
To: Wiseman, Richard RM SI-RDS-CCO
Subject: Leaflet Distribution Outside Shell Centre

Dear Mr Wiseman

Because of various circumstances outside of our control (e.g. rain) it has become obvious that it is impractical to advise you of the precise days and times when the leaflets will be distributed, or how many people will be involved on a particular day. I think the best we can say is that the leaflets will be handed to Shell employees most business days of the week. read more

Shell Chief Ethics Officer Richard Wiseman Refutes Accusations

The statement that "Shell has never been involved in “atomic” or “nuclear” research at the Thornton site or elsewhere in the U.K." appears to be at odds with allegations made by former Shell employee James Featherstone, in a letter he sent on 2 May 2009 to Detective Inspector Nick Sumner c/o Homicide & Serious Crime Command at New Scotland Yard.

The false bravado of Shell Ethics Chief Richard Wiseman

John Donovan

In an email dated 11 November 2005, Shell International General Counsel Richard Wiseman (now the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc) dismissed our website in the following words:

“The extraordinary tolerance shown to your internet activities ought to demonstrate better than anything else the fact that we are uninterested in, and unmoved by, your current activities.”

Wiseman’s bravado was undermined by the fact that we already had evidence to the contrary from an email about us that he sent on 24 June 2004 to Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer and his fellow Executive director, Malcolm Brinded. Wiseman informed them that he was contacting Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (a former Shell Group Chairman) about us. Wiseman’s email (supplied to us by a high level insider source) also confirmed that Shell “PX” was briefed and ready to react behind the scenes to our activities. read more

Massive Shell Job Cuts, Again

By John Donovan

There is nothing new about Shell making massive job cuts.

It happened most recently, a decade ago, under Shell Group Chairman Mark Moody-Stuart. In those days the panic driven restructuring was called “Transformation”, whereas under Peter Voser, it’s called Transition 2009. Basically the same unpalatable medicine, under a different name. Unfortunately, then, as now, the doctor prescribing the medicine, benefits financially from the treatment. Hence the danger of an overdose. read more

Corporate spying

By John Donovan

On 16 August, the Financial Times published a major article about the growing use of private investigators by corporations intent on digging for information (dirt) on perceived opponents.

German state prosecutors are considering a criminal investigation of Deutsche Bank after the bank targeted Michael Bohndorf, a shareholder and vocal critic.  In response, the bank employed private investigators who allegedly set a “honey trap” and engaged in “an operation that could have come from a spy novel“.  The bank is also under investigation from financial and data protection watchdogs. Deutsche Bank senior executives claim they were unaware of the admitted “overzealous surveillance“. read more

Royal Dutch Shell Fat Cat Malcolm Brinded: Big Brain but no scruples

Shell Foundation Chairman Malcolm Brinded

By Alfred and John Donovan

On Monday we will publish Shell internal documents and correspondence with Malcolm Brinded providing evidence of how this brainy man,  who remains at number 2 in the Shell hierarchy, sanctioned corrupt practices, deceit, theft and other illegal action involving a conspiracy of Shell managers. This dishonest activity was also condoned by Richard Wiseman, the former Shell Legal Director now laughingly given the job of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Royal Dutch Shell Plc. The Shell UK legal team Wiseman controlled played a key role in a corrupted Shell tender process. read more


Below is an article supplied to Shell in advance of publication. The relevant email correspondence with Richard Wiseman, the Shell official who is the subject of the article is printed immediately below it. It contains his comments and our response.

By Alfred and John Donovan

This is the first in a series of articles in which we provide overwhelming evidence why Richard Wiseman (above) is an unfit person to be the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

From Shell’s standpoint, we are sure Wiseman did a good job as General Counsel and later as Legal Director of Shell UK. We understand from our sources that he is generally liked and respected by colleagues. He is loyal to the company and Shell executive directors. We acknowledge that Mr Wiseman has many admirable qualities. read more

Shell South Africa Pension Fund: Ken Purchase email with Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Do you stand by your comments that the trustees and Shell are totally independent when the outside professional is formatting his advice and response to me after consulting Wanjiru.Kirima and others who I believe, but may be wrong, are funded by Shell?


Printed below is a draft article. It contains my interpretation of the information contained in email correspondence supplied to me by Shell SA retiree, Mr Ken Purchase. No doubt you will advise if any of the emails are not authentic. If I do not hear from you by close of business on Friday 27 March, I will take it that there is no dispute or challenge over authenticity, stated facts, nor my interpretations or conclusions, and will state as such.

Heated email correspondence with Richard Wiseman, Royal Dutch Shell Plc

As usual I will ignore the gratuitous, libellous and insulting language you use about me.

Shell Blocks Employee Internet Gambling Sites

Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell has confirmed that IT staff have commenced blocking undesirable websites accessed by employees whilst at work.

Shell bans employee access to Internet porn, gambling and nudity

The fact that your informant feels he should have unlimited access to pornography through Shell computers (presumably while at the office) says as much about him, as it does about you for supporting him.


As usual I will ignore the gratuitous, libellous and insulting language you use about me.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer Richard Wiseman silent on Shell ethical ratings debacle

Geneva-based Covalence published on 20 January 2009 its annual ethical ranking covering 541 multinationals. According to information on their website “Covalence’ s ethical quotation system is a reputation index based on quantifying qualitative data, which is classified according to 45 criteria such as Labour standards, Waste management, Product social utility or Human rights policy. It is a barometer of how multinationals are perceived in the ethical field.” Out of 541 multinationals surveyed, Shell is ranked near the bottom, at 510 overall, alongside the likes of the tobacco companies and Halliburton.

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