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20 October 2011 EXTRACTS FROM THE ARTICLE: The strategic application of Web 2.0 in the mining industry [Mining Engineering] The introduction of Web 2.0 platforms (also referred to as social media), with their architectures of participation, has ushered in a new era of technological interaction and information exchange that is changing the nature of corporate-community […]

Top 5 infamous data breaches

By Steve Evans: Published 8 July 2011 Thanks to WikiLeaks and hacktivists Anonymous, data breaches have never been higher up the agenda. CBR looks at some of the more infamous incidents of data loss. Extract Shell, 2010 Keep your workers happy seems to be the message behind this leak. Energy giant Shell was rocked in […]

Overnight ‘crippling load’ on Royal Dutch Shell website

By John Donovan As regular visitors will be aware, this website, which is operated on a dedicated high traffic server hosted in the USA,  is being brought down on a regular basis. By coincidence or otherwise,  it often seems to happen when we publish negative information about Royal Dutch Shell, such as in WikiLeak cables, […]

Traffic data for Jan 2011

By John Donovan Highest traffic figures for this website since March 2010. Original source stats available to news media. Hits: 2,276,701 Pages Views: 1,323, 759 These figures generated despite the frequent interruptions to website access whether arising from denial of service attacks on our dedicated server by an unknown party, or otherwise. Further steps were […]

Mistaken again for being a Royal Dutch Shell Plc official website

Bu Alfred Donovan and John Donovan We recently published an article in which Shell was praised for setting up this website: Shell Actually Implements a Blog! Dow Jones Newswires has also described as the “company web site” Now the Asian Tribune has described us as “an international news website of Royal Dutch Shell Plc” […]

Call for Americans to boycott Shell

THE TRUTH BEHIND GAS PRICES BY RICHARD CLOUGH Extract from page 157 A second way to boycott this one company is through an economic boycott. Stop buying their stock and watch their value plummet. Individuals as well as institutional buyers, along with other organizations that buy energy stocks as investments would have a major and […]

Leaked Shell E-mail Reveals 62 Senior Executive Appointments

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL JUNE 22, 2009, 11:26 A.M. ET LONDON (Dow Jones)–An internal e-mail from Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) leaked to a blog critical of the company has revealed the appointments of 62 senior executives to new roles within the restructured company. The e-mail dated June 16, sent by incoming Chief Executive Peter […]

Surprise departure as Shell set for revamp, an independent website used by Shell staff, said yesterday that more than 30 per cent of senior managers were expected to go.

Shell to cut 350-450 senior managers in overhaul – web site

Sat May 30, 2009 9:49am EDT LONDON, May 30 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSa.L) plans to cut 350-450 senior management roles as it restructures to cut costs and improve operational performance, according to a website to which Shell employees post internal information. The cuts represent almost 30 percent of Shell’s “Senior Executive Group” […]

Snapshot of Wikipedia Article 30 April 2009

Snapshot of Wikipedia Article taken on 30 April 2009 is a gripe site operated by 92 year old Alfred Donovan and his 62 year old son John Donovan, which is critical of Royal Dutch Shell. On 11 June 2007, Ed Crooks of the Financial Times described it as “an anti-Shell website run by a father and son partnership that has […]

Deleted Wikipedia article: Royal Dutch Shell initiatives

Royal Dutch Shell is responsible for many important initiatives in relationship to the environment, encouraging business start-ups, supporting charitable causes and other good works.

Interview: Shell eyes Mideast growth, to cut some jobs

Earlier, some employees posted comments on Shell protest website saying up to half the jobs at the Dubai operation could go. Dubai is a regional centre for Shell, with more than 600 staff, Restucci said.

Santa Barbara News-Press: Gripe sites are all the rage

“It is a way of taking on Goliath,” John Donovan told The Investigator. “The Internet provides a low cost public platform for anyone to reach a global audience, giving ordinary individuals the opportunity to take on the powerful. Our David has already given Goliath — with its 100,000 employees and business in 140 countries — the PR equivalent of two black eyes.”

Gripe sites are all the rage now

Continued Mr. Donovan: “Our anti-Shell Web site receives several million hits every month and has become an interactive hub of dissent attracting whistleblowers who, through our Web site, have leaked many Shell secrets to the news media, resulting in huge embarrassment to Shell senior management — and also to the resignation of a Shell senior executive.”

Mergers, Acquisitions Loom Over Brazil Sugar, Ethanol Indus

Brazil’s state-run energy giant Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PBR), or Petrobras, as well as Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) and BP PLC (BP) have also been reported as keen to grab assets in the ethanol segment.


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Email received from Caroline Tan disgruntled former employee of Shell Malaysia

Hi John, I was recently dismissed from Shell Malaysia on medical grounds.  I am a sufferer of major depression which was caused by Shell and its unfair practices.  You may read about my story in my website stated below.  I would like to know if there are successful cases of former Shell employees who were “medically boarded out”. Thank […]

Further signs of stress in Canada’s oil sands

Oil majors like Royal Dutch Shell and other companies are re-examining the viability of oil sands development in an area that could hold as much as 175 billion barrels of oil. Only Saudi Arabia has more than Alberta.

Energy agency warns of impending supply crunch

The warning from the Paris-based agency comes at a time when major oil companies are pulling back investments during one of the most severe economic downturns in a generation.

WWF Memorandum submitted to UK Inquiry relating to ECGD and Sakhalin II

During the construction of Sakhalin II, there were several times when urgent action was needed to intervene in the construction of offshore components. Yet ECGD failed to respond to the information provided by NGOs.

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