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Corporate governance: boardrooms fret over corporate espionage

In a known example where spying was authorized by companies, Hakluyt conducted intelligence gathering work on behalf of Shell and BP on Greenpeace and other environmental groups.

By Guest Contributor: March 12, 2012 By Alex Lee(Business Law Currents) – Dodd-Frank related governance issues such as say-on-pay and proxy access have been well known focal points for boardrooms during the 2012 proxy and annual meeting season, but another issue has topped headlines and is of increasing concern to boardrooms: business intelligence gathering activities. Faced with shareholder oversight, the risks posed by private intelligence gathering firms and governmental regulation in this area, companies must ensure that they abide by accepted best practices, the highest ethical standards and standards for compliance with laws.

Shareholders and governing bodies have enhanced scrutiny of corporate governance, with scandals such as MF Global highlighting abuses of corporate power and potential criminal activities by company officers. Effective corporate governance principles dictate that those who conduct unethical or, worse, illegal activities on behalf of a company must be brought to heel.The phrase “traditional intelligence gathering” has its roots corporate espionage. Popular targets include technology related industries such as software, hardware, aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunications and energy, among others. It is no surprise that Silicon Valley is the world’s most frequently targeted area for industrial espionage as any advantage gained in a rapidly evolving industry is multiplied in value. It is clear, however, that no specific industry or sector is immune to these issues. read more

Shell espionage firm opens spy nest in New York

Activists campaigning against Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean may be concerned at this development.

18 September 2011

By John Donovan

Hakluyt, the London corporate intelligence firm, which has been closely associated with Royal Dutch Shell, has recently opened a bureau in New York.

Titled Shell directors have been major shareholders in Haklut & Company Limited and were at one time the ultimate spymasters heading the company and an associated oversight foundation.

Ian Forbes McCredie OBE, the former/current MI6 senior official, who until December 2010 headed up Shell Corporate Security, has recently returned to the Hakluyt/MI6 spy nest. read more


Equally unforeseen, a CAS spook involved in the investigation of leaks to our website, has subsequently leaked information directly to us, including top secret Shell internal intel documents, one of which, we have already published.

Spoof 24 page section of Shell Annual Report published

Shell ‘apologises’ for worldwide damage in “erratum” to annual report

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, May 17, 2011: During the Shell annual general assembly (AGM) in The Hague, today, Friends of the Earth International presented an “erratum” [1] to Shell’s 2010 annual report. In this spoof “erratum”, which was distributed among shareholders, Shell ‘admits’ that it is “causing a lot of unwanted and unnecessary damage” in its global oil-gas- and biofuels operations. The company also states that Shell “has learnt from these mistakes” and pledges to take “full responsibility to prevent and mitigate costs for the environment and people affected by our operations”. read more

Shell embedded spies in host governments of Nigeria, Dubai and Iraq

By John Donovan

Today we provide a unique insight into the shadowy world of Shell Corporate Security, formerly known as “CAS” – Shell Corporate Affairs Security.

Shell has had advance sight of everything you are about to read and therefore the opportunity to challenge authenticity of the featured CAS Intel Summary, correct any inaccuracies and provide comment for unedited publication with the article. Shell has also had the opportunity to obtain an injunction to prevent publication. read more

Shell’s favorite website

By John Donovan

We have received the latest installment of Shell internal communications relating to this website and its owners. The information has been supplied in response to a Subject Access Request to Shell under the Data Protection Act.

As always, there is some information which Shell would not want put into the public domain.

For example, further evidence of Shell leaning on newspaper publishers in relation to this website. Our regular visitors may recall that Shell was determined to kill a half page Sunday Times article about our exploits. The headline mentioned that our intervention in Sakhalin2 had cost Shell £11 BILLION (over $17 billion USA). This time we have evidence of Shell’s intent to lean on the Financial Times because of irritation that it mentioned our website in an FT article. Shell self-evidently has no regard for freedom of the press. read more

Shell espionage activities in Nigeria

By John Donovan

A great deal of publicity was generated by the recent WikiLeaks revelations exposing Shell’s infiltration of the supposedly sovereignty government of Nigeria. Secret U.S. Embassy cables reported the boasting by a senior Shell executive that Shell spies are infiltrated throughout the Nigerian government.

WikiLeaks Nigeria: Royal Dutch Shell embedded spies

The news did not come as a surprise to those of us who have closely followed Shell’s sinister activities in Nigeria (and elsewhere) over many years. read more

Shell Emissions Up by 9% Last Year, Natural Gas Flaring Up 32%

by Rachel Cernansky, Boulder, Colorado on 04.18.11

Image: Lee Jordan via flickr

Royal Dutch Shell has released a sustainability report for 2010 showing that its direct greenhouse gas emissions rose by nine percent, and natural gas flaring—a wasteful practice that contributes its own emissions—increased by 32 percent. Shell attributes the increase to expanded production, including in Nigeria, where it says security has improved. People in Nigeria would probably beg to differ.

Environmental Leader reports that flaring, an industry-wide practice that wastes enough energy to power Germany, made up nearly 14 percent of Shell’s emissions last year. read more

Royal Dutch Shell Spooks


By John Donovan

Regular visitors will be aware of our extensive history stretching back over a decade of being the subjects of intense Royal Dutch Shell espionage activity.

Shell admitted in writing its association with an undercover agent caught red-handed at our offices using fake credentials. Shell informed us that he was not the only investigative agent on our case, but refused to reveal the nature and scope of other intelligence gathering activities.

Shell categorically denied any connection with other sinister events, including threats made against us and our key witnesses in the run up to a High Court action against Shell; burglaries at the homes of our lawyer, our main witness and our own home during the same period, when Shell related documents were examined; interviews conducted with our key witnesses and our solicitor by undercover agents pretending to be journalists for well known newspapers. read more

Will Shell block Internet publication of its Nazi past?

Will Royal Dutch Shell carry out threat to block Internet publication of its connection with Hitler and the Nazis?

By John Donovan

I have printed below my recent email correspondence with Mr. Michiel Brandjes, the Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

As can be seen, it relates to Royal Dutch Shell’s support for Hitler and the Nazis.

I have already published a related article: “Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis: Shell threatens legal proceedings

This is obviously a highly sensitive subject for Shell.

The reply to my email concerning our intention to publish related information from “A History of Royal Dutch Shell”, authored by Shell’s paid historians, is the first time we have managed to elicit any comment from Shell on the subject. read more

How Shell infiltrated Nigeria

How Shell infiltrated Nigeria


YouTube Video: Shell embedded spies in Nigeria Gov


Shell: Beware the Yellow Peril



Part of Shell Brent Bravo oil platform falls into North Sea

I just read about the Brent ‘incident’. That ‘little problem’ should have been taken care of through a preventive maintenance inspection program long ago. Sea water is not only highly corrosive to steel, but cyclical loading caused by wave action can induce fatigue failure. Believe it or not, the useful life of an airplane or a submarine is determined by the number of pressurization cycles the fuselage or hull goes through. Oil tankers have a useful life based on the number of stress cycles the hull has undergone. Oil tankers have split in half because of hull fatigue failure. read more

Shell to face hearings on Nigeria work

Published: Jan. 6, 2011 at 5:25 PM

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Jan. 6 (UPI) — Officials with Royal Dutch Shell said they were invited before the Dutch Parliament to discuss ongoing concerns about activity in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

Royal Dutch Shell is under fire for its operations in Nigeria as oil rebels ramp up activity following the collapse of a November cease-fire. The Dutch Parliament invited Shell in for what was described as a “fact-finding session” to address Shell’s work in Nigeria, London’s Telegraph newspaper reports. read more

Shell to face hearings on Nigeria work

Published: Jan. 5, 2011 at 7:49 AM

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Jan. 5 (UPI) — Dutch lawmakers said they would call Royal Dutch Shell officials in for questioning after conducting a visit to the oil-rich Niger Delta region.

Royal Dutch Shell is under fire for its operations in Nigeria as oil rebels ramp up activity following the collapse of a November cease-fire. The summons follows a brief fact-finding mission to Nigeria by several members of the Dutch Parliament, London’s Telegraph newspaper reports. read more

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