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Shell’s blood money settles the Wiwa case

By John Donovan

As forecast on June 3 in my article “Shell settlement in the Wiwa v. Shell U.S. trial imminent?“, Shell has indeed chosen “to solve the problem with hard cash rather then allowing the dirtiest of dirty laundry to be aired in court”. $15.5 million to be precise. 

My analysis and forecast was based partly on inside information and partly on our own unique experience in dealing with Shell lawyers and Shell senior management, including Malcolm Brinded, in an unparalleled series of seven court actions, all of which Shell chose to settle.  read more

Residents told Shell $26 million settlement money on the way

Yurgine hopes that $26 million, part of a Kankakee County-record settlement residents won in a class-action lawsuit against Shell Oil Co., will be disbursed to Limestone property owners the end of this year.

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