Comments on: Shell Blog News and information on Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Mon, 24 Aug 2015 16:51:48 +0000 hourly 1 By: John Donovan Mon, 24 Aug 2015 16:51:48 +0000 I have received a couple of formal emails today from OSSL complaining about the comments made by the person claiming to be Jerry Fletcher from Mayo.

This is the content of their second request today:


Mr Donovan,

May we respectfully request that recent postings on you website that relate to OSSL in the matters of taxation, lies, corruption and false invoicing, in our business transactions with
Shell E&P Ireland be remove from the site.

We at OSSL refute completely all aspects of these postings attributed to a “Jerry Fletcher,” and trust you will act immediately to comply with our request.

Thank you,



With regards to taxation, I am not sure if that is a reference to VAT on the invoice OSSL issued to Shell requesting payment for alcohol OSSL distributed to the Irish Police on behalf of Shell, or to some other taxation matters.

As to corruption, OSSL has admitted distributing gifts to various parties on behalf of Shell including the free alcohol to the cops. All designed to smooth the path of the controversial Corrib Gas project in Ireland.

Have to agree with Jerry that OSSL has not produced any financial transaction records to support their various claims. OSSL says that the reason is because Shell insisted on being given all such information so that no trace was left of the corruption scheme.

As to false invoicing, I assume that this is what OSSL has described in hundreds of emails as disguised invoices passed through Roadbridge, a main contractor.

The alcohol was transported across the Irish border by OSSL. What was that all about?

Where was it purchased?

One thing for sure. OSSL directors cannot be described as angels.

They had the goods on Shell and decided to blow the whistle.

I described their actions as blackmail against Shell, but no one seemed bothered.

I reported that matter to the Irish Police but no action was taken.

The bombardment of OSSL emails against Shell has continued for years.

OSSL advised me that the Irish police are engaged in a criminal investigation against them over alleged harassment, presumably by email. Do not know the status of the case.

By: Relieved Sat, 22 Aug 2015 14:23:26 +0000 There is an excellent chance that Hilary Clinton will be elected President during the next election cycle. This does not bode well for Shell or any of the other majors seeking to exploit the offshore US Arctic oil reserves. While Shell may indeed prove up the reserves in their Burger prospect, getting the permits to produce and build pipelines is another matter. Count on long legal battles.

By: Jerry Sat, 22 Aug 2015 08:23:48 +0000 Forgot to mention, it is Mr. Jerry Fletcher a Mayo resident. As for the guards, have some balls and arrest the OSSL Directors.


Jerry, you and I are now in total agreement. The Irish police have ample legitimate grounds on which to take action against OSSL for an array of offences. It does not make sense why they have not done so unless they know that action would open a can of worms.

By: Jerry Fri, 21 Aug 2015 16:36:01 +0000 THIS POSTING BY JERRY FLETCHER SUSPENDED.

Mr Jerry Fletcher, you are invited to supply me within 14 days verifiable evidence to support your serious allegations against OSSL, which OSSL insist are unfounded and defamatory. Please also supply your Mayo address including postcode. Your address will not be published. Please send required information to Your posting is suspended until the expiration of the 14 day period, when in the light of any information supplied by you, I will decide whether to repost your comments.Contact me on the same email address if you want copies of the relevant postings.

John Donovan for 25 August 2015

By: Truth / Shell Fri, 21 Aug 2015 06:25:41 +0000 Mr or Mrs Jerry , you are wrong on all fronts, senior
Counsel states that the veracity of Ossls delivery of factual honest evidence on the top police man’s demands for statement falsification by OSSL and the delivery of alcohol by Shell gave “enormous weight” in the unanimous acquittal of Shells pipeline neighbours. On the matter of evidence, you would do well to follow @osslsafety on Twitter and Facebook and watch the police and Shell being completely hampered by the truth.