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Scratch ‘n’ miff


Marketing Week LETTERS page: Scratch ‘n’ miff

14 October 1988

With reference to your Special Report on sales promotion (Research: Ensuring the right response, Marketing Week, September 23).

We were flattered to read the reference by Brian Francis to the Cinzano Instant Roulette bottle label scratch-off game, which he praises as the “most successful ever pre-christmas promotion run of Cinzano”.

For the record, the promotional theme was developed in association with CBH & Partners and used an on-label game technique pioneered by Don Marketing for which a UK patent has now been granted.

We were also surprised to learn of the subsequent “carbon copy” promotion as a “patent pending” message was clearly printed on every label. It therefore seems poetic justice that the attempted carbon-copy had to be cancelled because of insecure printing.

It proves yet again that although skill-based promotional games in particular can be remarkably successful, the involvement of an experienced specialist consultant is often the wisest precaution to take to avoid having to make an insurance claim.

And no claim settlement will cover the damage done to the image and credibility of a tarnished brand, as certain major advertisers and their promotion consultants would testify!

Roger Sotherton


Don Marketing

Stowmarket Suffolk

Picture Caption: Cinzano: Carbon copy

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