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Wednesday 3 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Shell Chairman Resigns Over Reserves Shock Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies Management Changes

News & Media Releases: Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies Management Changes

Thursday 4 March, 2004 

New York Times: Shell’s Top Executive Is Forced to Step Down

Financial Times: Shell drops claim it ‘acted in good faith’

The Guardian: The oilman cometh, with low-key approach

BusinessWeekOnline: The Spark That Shakes Up Shell?

Houston Chronicle: Shell hires outside legal team

Reuters: Shell brings in lawyers for reserves audit

Financial Times: Dice are still spinning after Shell shake-up

Financial Times: Angry investors demand answers from Shell

The Daily Telegraph: Shell chairman quits in ‘seismic changes’

The Daily Telegraph: Supertanker crew rearranges deckchairs slightly

The Times: Dutchman takes poisoned chalice

The Times: Another vanishing act at Shell

The Wall Street Journal: Ousters at Shell Fuel Questions About Its Accounting Systems

Friday 5 March, 2004 

The Daily Telegraph: Shell seeks successor for interim chairman

Reuters: Shell Braces for Legal Onslaught

The Times: Shell may shift to Anglo-US corporate structure

The Times: Shell’s axe falls on top directors

BBC News: Shell’s new boss reassures market

Los Angeles Times: New Shell Chief: Faith Lost in Leaders

Saturday 6 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Shell’s New Leader Says Predecessor Lost Board’s Confidence

The Daily Telegraph: The revolution that shook Shell’s politburo

The Daily Telegraph: Shell boss ‘listening’ to shake-up calls

The Guardian: Shell’s boss promises a shake-up

The Independent: Shell chief fails to clear air over ousting of Watts

Financial Times: Shell lost confidence in Watts, says new chairman

Sunday 7 March, 2004 

The Mail on Sunday: Scandal of Shell’s oil bonus

IrelandOnline: Shell ‘no comment’ on executive resignations

The Sunday Telegraph: Shell board shocked by devastating report

The Sunday Telegraph: Shell’s seismic shock

Times Online: Shell fails to calm City fears

The Guardian: Now Shell faces US legal storm  

The Observer: City claims its biggest trophy yet

The Scotsman: Time to come out of his Shell

Monday 8 March, 2004 Ex-Shell Head Warned on Reserves

The Daily Telegraph: Shell denies inflating figures to earn bonus

Dow Jones Business News: Former Shell Chairman Was Told of Reserve Issues

CNN: Ex-Shell Chairman Told of Reserve Issues

The Wall Street Journal: Former Chairman at Shell Was Told Of Reserve Issues

Tuesday 9 March, 2004 

London Evening Standard: Shell facing up to 15 fraud claims

The New York Times: Investors Have Mild Reaction to Regulators’ Investigation of Royal Dutch/Shell

The New York Times: Oil Giant’s Officials Knew of Gaps in Reserves in ’02

The Daily Telegraph: Watts knew ‘two years ago’ of Shell’s inflated reserves 

The Independent: Shell chief ‘told of reserves shortfall in 2002’

Yahoo News Report: Shell Execs Hid Reserves Problem

Wednesday 10 March, 2004 Brinded new power behind shaky Shell throne

The New York Times: Shell Found Variety of Practices for Rivals’ Reserves

The Times: Will more skippers have to go from Shell’s leaking ship?

Financial Times: Pressure grows on Shell’s finance chief

Financial Times: Investors call for no more Shell shocks

The Guardian: Shell’s loss is Cairn’s gain in second Indian oil strike

International Herald Tribune: Shell officers silent on alerts of oil gap Shell CFO’s position under threat

London Evening Standard: Shell facing up to 15 fraud claims

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Officials Kept Board in Dark

Thursday 11 March, 2004 

Yahoo News: SEC Examines Shell’s Bonus Awards  

Daily Mail: Shell shock spotlight on Boynton

Daily Mail: Time to get over Shell shock

Financial Times: Shell needs more than scapegoats

Financial Times: Audit chief at Shell backs top managers

Los Angeles Times: SEC Probes Shell’s Oil, Gas Report

The Economist: Royal Dutch/Shell – Another Enron?

The Wall Street Journal: SEC Probes Shell’s Bonus Awards

The law firm of Berger & Montague, P.C. has filed a securities fraud class action complaint against Royal Dutch Petroleum Company

The International Herald Tribune: Shell urged to bring in new talent

Friday 12 March, 2004 

Financial Times: Shell it out

The Daily Telegraph: US watchdog digs into Shell bonuses

The New York Times: At Shell, New Accounting and Rosier Oil Outlook Fitch lowers outlook for Shell to negative

The Wall Street Journal: Losing Reserve: At Shell, Strategy and Structure Fueled Troubles (RECOMMENDED)

Saturday 13 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Credit Agency Lowers Its Outlook on Shell

Financial Times: Shell directors to press for more resignations

Sunday 14 March, 2004 

The Independent: Watts may lose his Shell pension

The Observer: FSA probes scandal of ‘missing’ Shell reserves

The Sunday Times: Why Shell has clammed up Shell management faces tough week; annual report due U.K. Regulator Probes Shell on Oil, Gas Reserves, Observer Says

Financial Times: Shell looks at hiring ex-SEC chief Pitt

Mail on Sunday: Now FSA probes scandal at Shell

Monday 15 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Regulators’ Scrutiny Rises in Britain in Shell Case

CNN: Shell may hire Harvey Pitt

The Daily Telegraph: FSA presses Shell on reserves rules FSA launches Shell probe 

London Evening Standard: Watchdog probes Shell scandal

USA TODAY: Foreign firms aim for better oversight

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Draws Focus Of U.K. Watchdog

Tuesday 16 March, 2004 

Australian Financial Review: Shell shocked: the tank’s empty

The Independent: City watchdog launches Shell investigation

Financial Times: Shell looks to overhaul management after studying other multinationals

Financial Times: Listen up

Financial Times: Dual identity has some advantages

The Guardian: Shareholders braced for more Shell shocks

Daily Mail: Timebomb under the Shell chiefs

Wednesday 17 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Justice Dept. Opens Inquiry Into Shell Oil Shell directors to face UK shareholders next week

London Evening Standard: Shell US probe may lead to charges

The Miami Herald: UK Financial Watchdog Launches Investigation into Shell Scandal

The Times: Shell sells Sinopec stake Justice Department starts Shell probe

Financial Times: Shell’s ousted chiefs ‘paid no bonuses’ in 2003

The Miami Herald: Further Resignations Expected at Shell

The Miami Herald: Shell’s Oil-Reserves Rumpus Set to Rumble On

The Guardian: Shell plans 20% job cuts in Nigeria

Financial Times: US prosecutors to probe Shell over reserves

Thursday 18 March, 2004 

The Guardian: Shell executives may face charges over oil reserves

The Times: Shell chiefs in criminal inquiry over ‘lost’ reserves

The Daily Telegraph: Shell braces for second US inquiry into stated reserves

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Shell Sells Stake in China’s Largest Refiner

San Jose Mercury News: Shell Reclassifies More of Its Reserves Shell cuts reserves again, delays annual report

BBC News: Shell’s slippery slope Shell Cuts Reserves as U.S. Probe Widens

The Scotsman: Shell Slips as Oil Reserves Downgraded Once More Shell Reclassifies More of Its Reserves

Royal Dutch/Shell Group Announcements

Financial Times: Shell cuts oil reserve figures for second time

Financial Times: Performance bonuses for 2003 scrapped

Financial Times: Shell forced to hold back annual report

Financial Times: Probe focuses on internal knowledge

Financial Times: Pressure rises on group to hire new blood

Financial Times: Reduction in proved reserves adds to pressure on ratings

London Evening Standard: Shell slashes its reserves again

The Washington Times: Shell cuts reserve estimates again

Wall Street Journal: Shell Eased Rules in Mid-1990s

 Friday 19 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Shell Withheld Reserves Data to Aid Nigeria

The Guardian: Crisis deepens at Shell  

The Guardian: More heads may roll

The Daily Telegraph: Shell cuts reserves by another 470m barrels

The Daily Telegraph: Figures as slippery as the black stuff

The Times: Are predators eyeing lame Shell?

The Times: Second Shell reserves shock sparks industry-wide inquiry

The Independent: Shell plunged into fresh turmoil after second reserves downgrade

The Independent: Something must give as Shell shocks again

London Evening Standard: Oil giant Shell faces bigger lawsuit

The Miami Herald: 2 months later, Shell again alters its reserve count

The Los Angeles Times: Shell Cuts Reserves Again as Probe Widens 

BBC News: Shell boss ‘shocked’ at revisions

BBC News: Shell postpones its annual report

The Scotsman: Shell chief defiant over reserves cut

The Scotsman: Shell shocks with new reserves downgrade

The Scotsman: Further revelations from Shell leave oil giant looking fragile

Financial Times: Shell’s kitchen

Financial Times: Shell shocks again


Financial Times: Shell cuts oil reserve figures for second time

Financial Times: Bonuses go as changes in internal control structures take effect

London Evening Standard: Shell ‘happy to hide downgrade’

London Evening Standard: BP hits back as oil probe goes global

The Financial Times: Oil reserves

San Diego Union Tribune: Shell’s new cut in reserves jars investors, arouses suspicions

Wall Street Journal: Shell Again Cuts Reserves Estimate

Saturday 20 March, 2004 

The Scotsman: Pressure builds up on Shell

The Guardian: Busted brands

The Guardian: Investors seek Shell shake-up

The Independent: Shell insider inquiry into director deals

The Times: BP risks showdown with SEC over gas reserves

Financial Times: Shell’s reform from within needed a crisis: Old seeds of oil group’s troubles

Financial Times: Let Shell’s managers get on with it (LETTERS TO THE EDITOR SECTION)

Sunday 21 March, 2004 

Daily Mail: Shell credibility gap widens Auditor refuses to sign Shell accounts – paper

San Jose Mercury News: Estimates of oil reserves based largely on guesswork

The Sunday Telegraph: You can’t be sure of Shell

The Sunday Telegraph: The Shell debacle infects four FTSE company bosses

The Sunday Telegraph: The fault of Royal Dutch Shell is offering too little

The Sunday Time: Auditor refuses to sign Shell accounts

The Observer: Shell fears worse to come

The Observer: Double-Dutch message

The Observer: The Shell supertanker is holed below the line (‘Everyone’s very scared. They’ve all got their own lawyers,’ said one City expert late last week about Shell, the once-unsinkable flagship of the global oil industry). After week of shocks, you can’t be sure of Shell

The Scotsman: Shell investors braced for yet more oil and gas revisions

The Scotsman: Auditors ‘Forced Shell Report Delay’

Mail on Sunday: Mr Clean tipped for top Shell job

Financial Times: Shell to face grilling over reserve levels

BBC News: Shell denies auditor delay claims

Monday 22 March, 2004 

The Times: Shell faces pressure to shed more executives

The Times: William Lewis: Strange times in the Shell Kremlin

The Independent: Shell hit by audit row as investors call for shake-up

Daily Mail: Crisis grows at oil giant Shell

London Evening Standard: Shell braced for investors anger

The Scotsman: Watchdog accused in Shell saga

Los Angeles Times: Shell Won’t Speculate on Reserve Cuts

Financial Times: Shell plans to squeeze more from Nigerian operations

Financial Times: Nigerian moves come at time of turbulence for Shell UK’s ABI says had constructive meeting with Shell

The Daily Telegraph: You can probably be sure of Shell

The Daily Telegraph: Shell audit fears pile on pressure

The Guardian: Shell to cut Nigerian jobs

London Evening Standard: Shell: ‘We’re ready for shake-up’

Tuesday 23 March, 2004 

The Times: Nigeria hampers Shell’s plans for output growth

Houston Chronicle: Shell cutbacks to cost Nigeria jobs

The Scotsman: Shell announces Nigerian shake-up as ABI talks begin

Financial Times: Shell UK arm hails ‘helpful’ talks with angry investors

Financial Times: Shell does not need a Messier

Financial Times: A diplomatic dance at Royal Dutch/Shell

Financial Times: Investors flex their muscles at Shell

The Guardian: SEC under attack over Shell

The Independent: Investors to press Shell further on board shake-up

Citywire: Wall Street runs scared

London Evening Standard: Mission impossible for directors

Daily Mail: Power shift

The Daily Telegraph: Shell agrees to change structure over joint board

The Daily Telegraph: South Bank show needs makeover Shell confirms U.S. Justice Dept contact Shell Cooperating With U.S. Justice Department Probe

Mlive:com: Nigerian labor groups say Shell faces showdown over restructuring plans

HoustonChronicle .com: Criminal investigation possible, Shell confirms

BBC Radio – File on 4: Shell (Broadcast 23 March 04)


The Wall Street Journal: Shell: US Dept Of Justice Now Involved In Reserves Flap

Wednesday 24 March, 2004 

The Daily Telegraph: Shell chiefs could be prosecuted over reserves

The Guardian: Prosecutors ask Shell for explanations – US justice department raises prospect of criminal trial

The Shell-shocked Cairn executives head for Bangladesh

The New York Times: Nigeria Says Reserves Are Unaffected by Shell Cuts

The Guardian: Problems at Shell (RECOMMENDED)

Thursday 25 March, 2004 Shell signs landmark heads of agreement to re-enter Libya

The Wall Street Journal: SEC Eyes Links Between Oil Reserves, Exec Pay -Consultant

The Wall Street Journal: SEC Won’t Attend Public Forum On Oil Reserves

The Times: Diplomatic ties linked to purse strings

Friday 26 March, 2004 

The New York Times: Nigeria Threatens to Halt Shell Production

The New York Times: Libya Signs Energy Exploration Deal With Shell Nigeria Threatens to Halt Shell Production

Financial Times: BLAIR IN LIBYA: British companies quick off the mark for deals

The Daily Telegraph: Shell examiner points finger at SEC

The Independent: Shell first off blocks in race to cash in on UK’s new friendship

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Nigeria Could Soon Halt Shell Production Questions due on human rights lawsuits

SwissInfor.Org: Ex-Shell head to face Nigeria case questions Shell short of friends? look who’s buying

London Evening Standard: Sir Philip to be quizzed over Nigeria

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Executives Escape Board’s Purge

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Finance Chief Has Faced Scrutiny Before

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nigeria Unions Ask Pres To Probe Shell Plan For Job Cuts

Saturday 27 March, 2004 

The Daily Telegraph: Shell fills its boots in the desert sun

Financial Times: SEC pulls out of energy forum

The New York Times: Shell Probe to Test Regulator Cooperation

Sunday 28 March, 2004 

The Sunday Telegraph: Shell investors demand Royal Dutch meeting

The Sunday Times: Why auditors closed the door on Shell

The Independent: Sarbanes-Oxley may force out Shell duo

Mail on Sunday: Shell faces showdown in Nigeria

Monday 29 March, 2004 

Financial Times: Shell aims to deflect blame over oil reserves

Financial Times: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Contingent assets as a concept

Financial Times: The rise of the independent consultancy

The Daily Telegraph: Directors’ legal cover set to rise

The Daily Telegraph: Attention old shipping: more storms ahead

The Daily Telegraph: Stranger than fiction – I couldn’t have invented it

BARRON’SOnline: Fuel for Thought

Tuesday 30 March, 2004 

The Guardian: BP twists knife into Shell with share buyback

The Daily Telegraph: Money gusher under BP

The Independent: BP buy-back programme adds to Shell’s woes

The Independent: Outlook: BP puts Shell to shame as oil price gushes

Financial Times: Ryder Scott in talks to settle suit

New York Times: BP to Increase Cash Dividends to Investors

London Evening Standard: Oil giants in US regulator’s sights

Wednesday 31 March, 2004 U.K. Stocks Mixed; Cadbury Schweppes Rises as Shell Shares Fall

Mayo News Online: Shell reserves and reservations

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