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Royal Dutch Shell News Monday 26 April, 2004

Royal Dutch Shell News Monday 26 April, 2004

The Independent: Oil giant retreats back into its Shell Can Shell Put Out This Oil Fire?

Financial Times: UK watchdog drills at Shell

Financial Times: Another hair-raiser from Shell

Financial Times: Rotten boroughs, poison pills, odd proxies

Globe& AGMs likely to focus on gushing cash, new reserves policy

Ireland On-Line: Shell faces investigation from UK’s FSA

The Guardian: Cost-cutting ‘jeopardises North Sea rigs’

Daily Telegraph: Added pressure for Shell as results go head to head with rival BP’s

The Guardian: Shell ‘needs Wall St help’

TimesOnline: Agenda: William Lewis: And so farewell then dour, plump, bald bloke..
(Shell is a disreputable company in need of a strong injection of ethics)
London Evening Standard: Fuel for thought over Shell

The National Post: Shell story reflects a scary trend

The Scotsman: Oil majors show the extremes of fortune and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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