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Shell News Archive Monday 29 November, 2004

Shell News Archive Monday 29 November, 2004

TimesOnline (UK): The wages of greed: Robert Winnett and Stephen Grey reveal how the UN betrayed the poor of Iraq in what is being called the greatest financial scandal ever: “…throughout the oil trade, at the top of international corporations and foreign ministries, everybody knew.”: “His Swiss company would simply take possession of the coupon and, quite legally, sell the oil to a big western oil company such as Shell or BP. In return, Mr Cash was in a position to hand the politician a large envelope of cash, or even arrange a transfer to a foreign bank account.” ( Posted 29 Nov 04 (India): Shell, UNEP to light up 29 villages: “Shell Foundation, from the oil major Shell Group and United Nations Environment Programme, will under a joint programme light up about 1,400 homes in 29 villages in Karnataka by late 2005.” ( 29 Nov 04

THE BUSINESS (GLOBAL BUSINESS PUBLICATION): WORLD BUSINESS SECTION: Chinese and Indian giants go head to head in search for oil: “What is worrying for the likes of ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch/Shell is that Asian firms are willing to develop oil and gas for lower returns. They may face the choice of lowering the profits or losing out. ( 28/29 Nov 04 and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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