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Royal Dutch Shell News Saturday, 19 February 2005

Royal Dutch Shell News Saturday, 19 February 2005

The Arizona Republic: Shell back at Valley pumps: “Shell Oil Co. is moving back to metro Phoenix and is putting up its familiar yellow king-scallop shell on 55 former Texaco stations, including many Circle K stores with branded pumps, and 11 ExxonMobil stations.” ( 19 Feb 05

The London Times: Exxon rises above GE to the market’s highest peak: EXXONMOBIL has seized the mantle of the world’s largest public company, in terms of stock market value, from General Electric.”: “The SEC’s recent decision to impose year-end pricing also affected the reserves of BP and Shell. The Anglo-Dutch firm was forced to admit that it had barely replaced half of its annual output with new reserves…” ( 19 Feb 05

The London Times: This week of hate is depressing for the idealists: “…we know about Shell’s mistakes in Nigeria and marketers of high-price sportswear that used unacceptable sweatshops in Asia”: “On Tuesday the European Court of Human Rights ruled that two “environmental and social campaigners”, who were sued successfully for spreading untrue libels against McDonald’s, had been wronged.” ( Posted 19 Feb 05 Shell and Venezuela’s State Oil Company Agree to Major Joint Venture: “Venezuela has the western hemisphere’s largest natural gas reserves and one of the world’s largest oil reserves. Also, it is the world’s fifth largest oil producer and one of top four oil suppliers to the U.S. Following a recent meeting with Venezuela’s Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Rafael Ramirez, Shell’s Executive Director, Linda Cook, said, “We wish to expand our activities in the country [Venezuela], including the realization of the Mariscal Sucre LNG and of other projects related to oil and gas.” ( Posted 19 Feb 05

Business Week: The Oil Patch Is Getting Slippery: Sure, Big Oil is raking in money. But new reserves are more elusive, and governments are bargaining harder: “In this environment it’s tough to play catch-up after poor exploration results. That’s what Shell is racing to do. The company is hiring 1,000 exploration and production personnel and focusing its $15 billion per year capital spending on boosting reserves. Those engineers will undoubtedly find more oil. Whether it will be enough to keep the party going is another question. ( Posted 19 Feb 05

Business Week: THE BARKER PORTFOLIO: Stocks By The Barrel: Sizing Up The Oil Patch: “Even net of troubled Royal Dutch/Shell was up 48%.”: “…as Royal Dutch/Shell’s series of downward restatements of reserves show, assets can dry up fast” ( Posted 19 Feb 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: US Envoy: Indus More Bullish On Norway Oil, Gas Prospects: “Earlier this month, Shell said it had begun test drilling a gas find at its Onyx well, which industry experts said was a sure sign the company thinks it’s a commercial discovery.” ( Posted 19 Feb 05

THE INDEPENDENT (UK): Exxon chief calls for Kyoto reality check: “Unlike Shell and BP, Exxon opposes the Kyoto treaty – many saw its hand behind the decision taken by the Bush administration in 2001 to pull out of Kyoto.” ( Posted 19 Feb 05 and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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