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Royal Dutch Shell News Sunday 6 March 2005

Royal Dutch Shell News Sunday, 6 March 2005

THE SUNDAY POST (IRELAND): Shell threat of court action over disputed Corrib pipeline: “Shell E&P Ireland has threatened High Court action against residents of Co Mayo if they continue to block access to private property near the route of the Corrib natural gas pipeline.” ( 6 March 05

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): Fuel of the future is just past Woolies: Britain’s first filling station for hydrogen, the new ‘wonder alternative’ to petrol, is about to open, writes Emma Smith of The Sunday Times: “In Britain, Shell is going head to head with BP with its own plans for a chain of hydrogen filling stations. “We would hope to move quickly from isolated projects to building up the first network of hydrogen filling stations, to serve one large urban area, perhaps in London, Birmingham or Manchester by 2007,” says Jeremy Bentham, who runs Shell’s hydrogen division.” ( 6 March 05

The Observer (UK): The vocal minority sceptical of the threat of global warming are now targeting the UK, writes Conal Walsh: “…BP and Shell, the UK’s two oil giants, have been quicker than their US counterparts to accept that greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels…” ( 6 March 05

The Observer (UK): Time for a commercial break: As the (charitable) Shell Foundation puts it in an important position paper this week, ‘in theory, practice and common sense, most routes out of poverty for poor people start with enterprise’ ( 6 March 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Shell muscles in on energy’s wild frontier: “… as Shell struggles to regain its footing after last year’s reserves scandal, it is eager to show that the Alberta oil sands, which by some estimates contain as much oil as Saudi Arabia, are as viable as conventional sources of oil such as drilling in the North Sea.” ( Posted 6 March 05 and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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