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Royal Dutch Shell Thursday, 24 March 2005

Royal Dutch Shell Thursday, 24 March 2005

AME Info (United Arab Emirates): Shell corporate brand launch: “Shell International is launching its corporate brand campaign in Dubai in collaboration with CNBC Europe and The Wall Street Journal…” ( 24 March 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell to add high-value IT services: “THE Royal Dutch/Shell group plans to include several new high-value information technology (IT) services to Cyberjaya-based Shell Information Technology International Sdn Bhd (SITI) this year…” ( 24 March 05

THE INDEPENDENT (UK): How ethical is that job?: “Take a company such as Shell. The Brent Spar fiasco [in which Shell was forced to back down from dumping an oil storage platform at sea] made a major dent in its reputation. Such companies realise that reputation rather than share price is what will attract the brightest talent.” ( 24 March 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): MPs call on oil majors to share profits in ‘fuel poverty’ fight: Big oil companies should either donate some of their record profits to help combat fuel poverty or face a windfall tax, a select committee of MPs said yesterday.: “BP and Shell recently announced combined profits of £18billion for 2004.” ( 24 March 05

THE INDEPENDENT (UK): MPs blame DTI ministers for gas shortages: “The committee said it had found no evidence of gas producers colluding with one another or withholding supplies to drive up prices. It also ruled out a windfall tax on North Sea oil companies but said companies such as BP and Shell, should consider “jumping before they are pushed” by providing financial support for those hit hardest by rising domestic fuel bills.” ( 24 March 05

Lloyds List: Chartering club fixes Norway rigs: “OIL companies operating in Norway have formed a drilling rig chartering club, fixing three rigs on long-term contracts totalling $473m.”: “…Norsk Hydro, Shell and Eni.” ( 24 March 05

THE STANDARD (CHINA): Crash fears as oil minnows swim into big money pond: “Make way for the black gold rush … “ ( 24 March 05 “THE FIRE IS NO LONGER ON ITS WAY – IT HAS BEGUN”: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group on 5 February 2005 cut its 2002 published estimate of its total oil and gas holdings by one-third. It reduced its 2003 estimate of oil reserves by 1.4 billion barrels, or 9.8 per cent, and admitted that two-thirds of its listed prospective wells in 2004 were in fact dry holes. Shell has been fined $US151.5 million for misleading stock markets. The US justice department is undertaking a criminal investigation. Given that company value is directly related to oil reserves, it is not surprising that Shell has lost its top-tier credit rating.” ( Posted 24 March 05

The National (Papua New Guinea): Napanap fuel shipment contaminated, says Shell: “SHELL has announced that a shipment of jet fuel from the InterOil owned Napanapa oil refinery was contaminated and samples have been sent to Australia for testing.” ( 24 March 05 and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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