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The New York Times: New Surveys Show That Big Business Has a P.R. Problem: “This is a challenging time for big corporations,” said John D. Hofmeister, who runs the United States operations of Shell Oil Company. The modern feeling, he said, is “big is bad.”: “But why the rampant distrust?”: Friday 9 December 2005: READ
Irish Times: Sides in gas dispute differ in their views of findings: “Shell E&P Ireland has described as “detailed and thorough” the new safety review of the Corrib gas onshore pipeline, while the Shell To Sea campaign has said consultants failed to address the central issue of the high-pressure pipeline’s proximity to people’s homes.”: Friday December 09, 2005: READ
Irish Independent: New report expresses concern over safety of pipeline: “A GOVERNMENT-backed report has raised serious concerns about the safety of the controversial Corrib gasline.”: Friday December 09, 2005: READ
Irish Times: Minister praises pipeline review as thorough: “The Minister said the Shell to Sea campaign’s contention that the report did not address the issue of proximity of the high-pressure pipe to homes was a “nonsense”…”: Friday Dec 09, 2005: READ
Asia Pulse: CHEVRON AUSTRALIA SELLS REMAINING SHARE OF GORGON GAS: “Shell has also sold its share of the gas, signing a $US10 billion ($A13.40 billion) deal to market its gas through its Baja California terminal, currently under construction.”: Friday December 09, 2005: READ
The New York Times: Strangers in the Dazzling Night: A Mix of Oil and Misery: ” The World Bank is helping build a gas pipeline that will connect Nigeria to several of its coastal neighbors, creating a wider market in a power-hungry region. But the effort is behind schedule. Shell, Nigeria’s biggest oil producer, has said it will not meet the 2008 deadline.”: Friday 9 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: Tougher Year Lies Ahead for OPEC: “…some major projects… have experienced delays this year – among them… a 225,000-barrel-a-day project managed by Royal Dutch Shell in Nigeria’s offshore region that started production last month.”: Friday 9 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: Soaring revenues push Middle Eastern producers to invest in energy sectors: “International oil companies, such as Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell and Total of France, will remain restricted to the less profitable areas of refining and marketing and natural gas, especially while high oil prices mean Saudi Arabia has little need of their deep pockets, analysts say.”: Friday 9 December 2005: READ
The Daily Sentinel (Colorado): Shell’s dirty legacy leaves enviros leery: “There were a lot of practices back then that were commonly used, including those at the arsenal, that were not environmentally sound,” said Mike Gaughan, spokesman for Shell Oil Company. “We know that today … We know we created problems out there, but we’re taking care of them.”: Posted Friday 9 December 2005: READ
Ireland On-Line: Experts want gas pressure reduced on Corrib pipeline: “Consultants assessing the risks of the controversial Corrib gas project in Mayo have called for pressure in the onshore section of the pipe to be restricted, it emerged today.”: Posted 9 December 2005: READ
The Independent: Half Gone: Oil, Gas, Hot Air And The Global Energy Crisis, by Jeremy Leggett: A chilling reminder of the energy catastrophe that we are facing: “This book by Jeremy Leggett, a former geologist for Shell, chronicles how and why we have become so desperately dependent on “dirty” energy…”: “Leggett switched sides in 1989 to become Greenpeace chief scientist, and is now CEO of Solarcentury”: Posted Friday 9 December 2005: READ
Lloyds List: Woodside’s shares rocket as firm agrees north Asia LNG supply deal: Tim Warren, chairman of the Shell Companies in Australia, said the project still hinged on resolving regulatory and fiscal issues but remained a priority amid strong demand for liquefied natural gas.”: Friday December 09, 2005: READ Shell Fenceline Communities: Shell CEO Must Deliver On His Promises: “Shell will be expected to deliver on its promises, particularly in projects under development where crucial construction decisions will be made, such as those in County Mayo, Ireland and Sakhalin Island. “Shell talks about its philosophies, but philosophy doesn’t fix pipelines and it doesn’t cure pollution-related illness”: Posted Friday 9 December 2005: READ and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.


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