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Dear Mr. Donovan’s,
Good evening

“The world is not running out of energy,” van der Veer said today at an energy conference in Houston sponsored by Cambridge Energy Research Associates.”
I cannot understand this news. I know that he and his company have a reputation for being rather optimistic over reserves but this is surely stretching credulity into the realms of the surreal.

His conclusion seems to be at odds with the assessment of most experts. What is he on? I could do with a dose because I have eight companies suing me.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Jeroen van der Veer says that there’s plenty of energy, at least in principle. Of course there’s plenty of energy from the moon, Mars and the various planets… mind you I am only talking about the solar system and not some other constellations. I seem to recall a space trip by Sir Philip Watts. He too is supposed to be a rather inventive fellow in regards to energy reserves.

Getting back to Planet Earth i.e. practical reality, if it is oil and gas plus some renewables – then the consensus seems to be that we are truly running short of energy; this would perhaps explain the high energy prices.

On the other hand, if the rest of us are all potty and it is as plentiful as van der Veer implies, why is Shell’s Rate of Reserves Replacement Ratio lagging so far behind its major competitors?

Van der Veer’s comments are baffling. Have the big energy companies and/or powerful countries alternative, highly effective and efficient energy generation inventions hidden away as some conspiracy theorists claim? I was told by reliable sources in the space station that its moving parts are made from ceramics that required no maintenance. Do you know anything about this? Is this what the conjurer has up his sleeve? I will not even mention the reserves scandal. Whoops – there I go again.

Are you Mr. Alfred and your son John able to offer me some insights? I am lost and getting agitated which bothered me in the early morning in Malaysia. Lost Lost Lost. Help Help Help!!!!!

I hope I can get some good explanation from you or perhaps one of your Shell insiders?
Perhaps I am not reading Queen’s English properly? If this is the problem, can you please give me an English tutorial? I will pay you for your service?

Very puzzled and stressed!

From Dr. Huong who is lost in outer space seeking new forms of energy for the citizens of this planet.

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