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Re: Dow Jones Newswires: Shell Brazil To Export 150M Ltrs Of Ethanol To US In ’06

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Effect of MTBE

OK. So now people are understanding the importance of MTBE. When the price hike goes beyond control due to this need for ethanol to be exported ,they will surely understand the importance of MTBE. And coming to the matter of MTBE LITIGATION , the act of suing up the oil companies would ultimately harm the consumers itself. Sooner or later, if not for MTBE , a better substitute than ethanol has to be found, coz its supply, as everyone knows is low. So, if the oil companies are made liable for a large claim , then who will fund for the research for a better oxygenate?

Its high time the people have to act as responsible citizens. Anyone there wants to a better idea about the whole issue of MTBE and MTBE LITIGATION do follow the link.

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  1. #1 John Robert
    on Jul 19th, 2006 at 04:52

    Those who don’t know anything about MTBE, go check out the site and gather some info on MTBE.

    GET back to my blog

    We’ll discuss on anything and evrything related to MTBE

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