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The Sunday Times: Letters to the Editor: Gas fight is right

November 05, 2006
A DISTURBING feature of the Corrib gas dispute has been gross misrepresentation of the Shell to Sea campaign by the Irish press.

I participated recently in one of the daily protests in Rossport, and can say that the “Shell to Sea thugs” and the technophobic troglodytes of Rossport are, in fact, ordinary citizens who believe that the conveyance of untreated, highly toxic gas under enormous pressures in pipes close to their homes presents a health hazard.

It is this that impels them to brave the intimidating garda presence in a display of exemplary civic responsibility. Noel Dempsey has attacked the campaigners on their unwillingness to dialogue with Shell. Is the minister unaware of the utter futility of such “dialogue” as long as Shell refuses to consider the only option that would ensure the maintenance of Erris as a healthy environment for human habitation: the offshore processing of the Corrib Basin reserves? Shell has not advanced a single convincing reason against it. 

Dr Tomas Mac Siomoin
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  1. #1 Mary Davey
    on Nov 7th, 2006 at 08:38

    Dear Sir,

    What is going on in Mayo is so sad. Mayo is a beautiful and an ecologically distinct area in the west of Ireland. It is sacreligious that a company with an environmental record such as Shell’s should be allowed to set up shop there. Shell do not care about the people and the environment all they care about is extracting the black gold. The reality is Gold has a negative intrinsic value in the current economic environment. This means that the damage that it is causing to the environment is greater than the economic benefit derived from extracting and consuming it. This is particularly evident when the cost of the clean up operations that it has to employ is factored into the the cost of carrying out the projects. This cost however is on the increase and it could cost the planet. It is people that run Shell oil not machines and ultimatly they will suffer the Karmic consequences of their actions. You cannot eat money and you cannot drink oil. Amen

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