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 By John Donovan

As users will have noticed, Live Chat is being abused by the posting of links to commercial websites, most of them highly distasteful in nature. It may involve organised activity by an interested party wishing to torpedo this unique facility for Shell related free speech, by users who prefer to remain anonymous.

We could prevent this abuse by insisting that all Live Chat users register, but much prefer to leave it as it is for use by Shell whistleblowers and anyone else who has something positive or negative to say in relation to Shell, the owners of this website, or any related matters, without being obliged to disclose their identity.

The anonymous uncensored posting policy has produced some vitally important information which has had a major impact on Shell. One example is the multibillion dollar global class action lawsuit relating to the reserves fraud, whereby Live Chat facilitated the launch of the expanded action. Another is the Sakhalin II white elephant project, whereby information has been supplied directly to Oleg Mitvol, the senior Russian environmental official unkindly described by The Guardian as a “Kremlin attack dog”.

In view of the draconian ongoing litigation by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies against a former employee, Dr John Huong, involving defamation proceedings, multiple High Court Injunctions to ensure his continued silence and a contempt of court action seeking his imprisonment, we can all guess at the fear and abhorrence which Shell senior management must have for Live Chat. Shell employees, current and former, can speak freely without fear of retribution by a vindictive unscrupulous oil giant which wants to keep a lid on management misdeeds at all costs.

It is because of the success of the anonymous posting policy that we have decided to put up with the repulsive spam links. However, we do apologise for its appearance on our website and are taking steps to facilitate deletion on a 24/7 basis.

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