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Brent Display

Building the set to celebrate the Brent Field’s 30th year of operation in Oil and Gas, required a company that can deliver the degree of professionalism and skill demanded by a huge multinational company such as Shell.

Stage One, working for design agency Rapiergroup, was duly asked to produce a number of display areas complete with graphics, build several sculptural pieces and establish staging and presentation areas at the Aberdeen Conference Centre.

“This project proved to be a tough physical challenge as it required a huge amount of staging,” said Ted Featonby, project manager, Stage One. He continued: “This is demonstrated by the fact that at the height of the build we had nearly 40 Stage One employees on site.”

The Centre was transformed for the series of events. In the reception area Stage One provided three graphics areas by constructing three, semi-circular towers. Made of steel tubing, these were 4m high with a diameter also of 4m, with graphics applied. In front of them were three abstract sculptures built by the Company to represent oil pipes, each of which held four flat screen monitors. Stage One’s work in the foyer also involved building a small stage, flattage around the existing bar area and a bar storage area.

At Hangar 88 at Marston Business Park in North Yorkshire the main auditorium was accessed by two 14m long tunnels, built by Stage One and fitted out with scenically constructed pipe-work resembling an oil rig. The ‘pipes’ were painted with ultraviolet paint and UV tubes were positioned inside. These, along with two ground rows containing up lighters, created a fabulous lighting affect to lead guests through the tunnels to the main hall with its staged seating areas.

Stage One then constructed a 50m x 50m stage, which was painted completely black and was large enough to seat 1100 people for dinner. Guests accessed it via one of six ramps and were then seated in one of four sections, each representing one of the four Brent field oil platforms. At the four corners of the stage a food preparation area was constructed and in the centre a further speaker stage was constructed. Resembling a helipad, the speaker stage was 450mm higher than the rest of the stage area. Finally, around the hall Stage One used truss and filled cloth to establish four 20m x 4m front projection screens. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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