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Shell to Sea: ‘We are, and will remain, a non-violent and non-party political campaign’

corrib pipeline protest

(Campaigners block the exit of Lennon’s quarry with a sit down)

The campaign to send Shell to sea has never seen a more critical time. People remain shaken, wounded and hospitalised after last Friday’s beatings by Gardaí. Elements of the media, encouraged by senior government ministers, are attempting to portray us as violent aggressors.

We are, and will remain, a non-violent and non-party political campaign.

Although we are a community under siege, we remain confident of success. There is no other option. If this Fianna Fail/PD/Fine Gael supported project  succeeds it spells disaster for our community, for our environment, and for democracy as we know it. It will rob billions of Euros worth of Irish resources, which could support our ailing health and education systems, and pump them onto the international market for resale. It will set a precedent for corporate ownership of Irish resources and mean every community in the land is exposed to what is now happening in Erris.

The odds are stacked against but this is a campaign built upon community, creativity, courage and commitment. We call upon all of you to work like never before to intensify the campaign. What you can best offer is up to you and your resources but please, whatever you do, do something!

The coming (pre-election) 6 months will be crucial. We call on you to extend your solidarity during these difficult times and to join us in our peaceful celebration of community resistance.

Beir Bua,

Shell to Sea

Press statement, November 13th

The Shell to Sea campaign condemns the ongoing co-ordinated campaign to de-legitimise and criminalise local opposition to Shell’s project in Mayo.

On last Friday, Gardai employed excessive violence against peaceful demonstrators causing scores of injuries and a number of hospitalisations. Government Ministers and the leader of Fine Gael have deliberately sought to create the impression that the campaign is orchestrated by sinister ‘outside’ forces. Sections of the media continue to propagate false and outrageous accusations.

All of this is designed to distract from the real issues. On November 6th we proposed a reasonable and viable means by which the Corrib gas conflict could be resolved. This proposal was rejected within hours by the Government and Shell. We deplore this failure to grasp a real opportunity.

We acknowledge the widespread welcome this proposal has received from the public and from all opposition parties with the exception of Fine Gael. It is now clear that Shell and the government do not wish to resolve this conflict but are instead determined to force this project through despite local opposition.

Contrary to the comments of the Taoiseach, Shell’s project has not been fully approved. There is still no agreed production pipeline route and no consents granted for any such new route. There is no operating licence agreed with the EPA for the gas processing plant at Bellanaboy. The European Commission has recently ruled that the Corrib project has breached the Habitat’s Directive.

The court case between Shell and some local landowners is still before the High Court and the many serious issues raised in that case have yet to be determined.

The planning permission granted to Shell for the processing plant is suspect because of the company’s failure to notify the local authority of its proposal to ‘cold vent’ gas on the site.

Finally, Shell to Sea is calling for a ‘Solidarity Day’ in Bellanaboy on November 24th and will be organising a National Rally in Dublin on December 2nd.

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