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Regnum: Sakhalin governor: Sakhalin 2 is important project, so it faces serious requirements

12:59 11/18/2006

Sakhalin 2 is a very important project for Sakhalin Region’s administration, too; that is why it is facing the most serious requirements, including environmental ones, which are not completely fulfilled,” the regional governor Ivan Malakhov is quoted by Sakhalin Region’s administration information department as stating on November 17 while meeting with UK governmental Export Credits Guarantee Department Chief Executive Patrick Crawford; a REGNUM correspondent informs. The meeting was initiated by the British side.    

The governor informed representatives of the UK embassy that much attention had been paid to the Sakhalin 2 oil and gas project recently. As REGNUM informed earlier, at present, a group of the Russian Federation Council is functioning on the island; its activity is connected with the situation around the project.   

In his turn, Patrick Crawford called Sakhalin 2 “the biggest integrated project in the world,” he informed that the UK government considers it in the same way. Also, he expressed hope that the model of cooperation of his government and the project operator would become an example for Sakhalin projects of the kind.

Ivan Malakhov stressed that Sakhalin regional administration’s position consists of further promoting the project due to constant dialogue with operator – the Sakhalin Energy Company. Also, the governor emphasized that the Sakhalin region is a part of the Russian Federation, and the country’s legislation should be impeccably fulfilled. 

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