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REGNUM News Agency (Russia): REGNUM readers call upon Oleg Mitvol to “tell the truth on Sakhalin”

Most questions sent to the online conference with Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor (Russian federal nature management watchdog) Oleg Mitvol are about the situation with Sakhalin.

REGNUM readers ask Oleg Mitvol, why media cover only negative features of Sakhalin 2, “most of which are, mildly speaking, exaggerated, starting from dead fish and finishing with the pipeline crossing rivers and seismic dangerous areas.” Authors of such questions stress that activity on Sakhalin 2 Project is assessed by them as populism.

Besides, Mitvol is asked what is done by Rosprirodnadzor to increase its activity in Russian provinces.

Questions come from Moscow, Vladimir, Togliatti, Nizhniy Novgorod, Sakhalin, Karachayevo-Cherkessia, Tver, Birobidzhan, Volgograd, Samara, Kostroma, Stavropol, Altai, Chuvashia and other Russian provinces are being received.

The online conference is to start at 01:00 p.m. Moscow time.

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12:39 11/27/2006


REGNUM News Agency has launched a new project – online conferences with leading Russian newsmakers. The project is aimed at taking most vital problems of people’s concern.

The first guest of REGNUM’s virtual press center will be Rosprirodnadzor Deputy Head Oleg Mitvol. It will be conducted under the title “Violations of nature protection legislation in urban construction.” Last years, observance of the nature protection legislation has become one of most acute problems faced by Russians. Dozens of conflicts connected with violation of civil rights for safe environment during urban construction have become a common practice. Can those conflicts be solved? What Russian citizens should expect in connection with adoption of the Water and Forest Codes?

Everyone can ask Oleg Mitvol a question on the page of the conference or by phone +7495 6610457.

The online conference will be held on November 27 from 13:00 to 14:00 (Moscow time). and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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