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Appeal and ultimatum by Ruth James on behalf Of Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) Inspectors In Bonny Terminal Integrated Project (DMB) Team.

*(Dr John Huong may wish to take note of the allegations in this article in connection with the defence of the High Court action brought against him collectively by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies for alleged defamation relating to articles posted under his name on this website: the next hearing takes place on 8th February 2007)


In Jesus Name,

We, The SPDC Inspectors in BTIP sincerely wish all SPDC Management and Staff Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2007.


It is with deep sense of seriousness and concern that we, the entire Inspectors currently engaged with the Bonny Terminal Integrated Project (BTIP), deem it necessary to call the attention of the most revered officers of the management of Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) and that of the Head offices in Hague over the endless insults, neglect, relegation, degradation and enslavement of the Quality Control Engineers whose performances on the project cannot be overemphasized.

It beats the imagination of the least oil field technician to learn that qualified, tested and experienced Engineers who constitute the SPDC Inspectors inspecting contractor workers who are better remunerated and well taken care of as evident in BTIP earn salaries as follows——–

Salary per month (Naira) Outstation Allowance per day (Naira)
QC Inspector Seventy-four thousand (N74,000) Forty(N40)
SQC Inspector Ninety thousand (N90,000) Forty(N40)
Does this in any way strike a feeling of pause to you as human being who will certainly die one day and leave this sinful and corrupt world?

This is better imagined than happening!

What a slavery!!

In the foregoing, we hereby itemize our problems and neglect as follows:

• Non inclusion of inspectors in BTIP (DMB) good welfare packages viz: End of year / Xmas gift voucher, Provision of BTIP HSE gin-jackets, Provision of SPDC PPES Provision of drinking water on sites, etc

• Poor outstation allowance

• Non provision of dry ration to BTIP Inspectors

• Refusal to provide the inspectors with access to internet facilities

• Endless inspection contract with continuous old rate payment of 1998

• Non payment of 13th month salary as applicable in the SPDC System

• Non payment of end of contract bonus as in SPDC major contracts.

We have tried as humble beings and not militants to discuss these problems with DMB, but there seemed no solution hence our decision to cry out loud to SPDC management.

We pray these will meet your kind consideration and quick response as to avoid inspectors disrupting operations in Bonny Terminal within the next seven days.

For & on behalf Of SPDC Inspectors In Bonny Terminal Integrated Project (DMB) Team.

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