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Friday 19 January 2007

We will publish in the near future detailed substantial comments, allegations and threats made behind the scenes by Shell lawyers about this website and its owners/operators, Alfred and John Donovan.

The relevant information will first be supplied to Shell management so that it has the opportunity to disassociate itself, update, or take issue with the authenticity of comments attributed to Shell lawyers (every single word was written by Shell lawyers).

The comments cover the background to the long drawn out acrimony between Shell and the Donovan’s which continues in the courts and on the Internet in 2007, despite a peace treaty entered into by all relevant parties in 1999.

The consequences to Shell arising from their breach of the treaty (briefly mentioned in correspondence with Shell General Counsel in December 2007 and January 2007)  have been devastating as a result of the launch of this website: –

Shell’s online reputation (and otherwise) has been severely damaged on a global basis as will be apparent from the developments listed below.

The website has recently been described by a respected independent journalist Derek Brower, as an “open wound for Shell”. (08/01/2007  BUSINESS NEW EUROPE: Shell gets stuck in a Sakhalin blog-mire) Further articles by Mr Brower on the same subject are in the pipeline.

The website has been a magnet to parties trying to have a positive dialogue with Shell e.g. the WWF, US PIRG and The World Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility.

It is also used by parties disenchanted by the vast gap between Shell PR rhetoric versus harsh reality e.g.  MOSOP and NUOS International (USA)  who strongly object to Shell’s longstanding plunder and pollution of the Nigerian Delta. ]

Likewise current and former Shell employees who have realised that the pledges of honesty, openness and integrity in Shell’s General Business Principles, actually translate into a senior management culture of deceit and cover-up, as per the reserves fraud.

This website has played a leading role in the world-wide humiliation of Shell and the downgrading of its involvement in the Sakhalin II project at a COST OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  From being the majority shareholder in Sakhalin II Shell is now a humble junior partner. Shell management played into the Kremlins hands by engaging in deceit and cover-up over project costs.

This website helped produce the evidence which allowed the main class action lawsuit to proceed in respect of the reserves fraud.

It also found, in time to meet a US Federal Court deadline, a Shell stock holder to represent all non-US Shell stockholders in a historic expanded class action on a global basis. Shell has already set aside $500 million to settle the claim. It will not be enough. 

Shell’s own “website effectiveness consultant”, Mr David Bowen (a regular guest columnist for the Financial Times) is on record as stating that our efforts at being a “thorn in the flesh” of Shell are “highly effective”.

This website is one of only two recommended by Fortune Magazine for information about Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

The other is 

Shell management is an international laughing stock because of its inability to stop the ongoing damage inflicted by this website, none of which would be possible if Shell had a competent honest management instead of the current bunch of discredited, scandal tainted, blundering clowns.

Shell executives have been more concerned about ordering a luxury private jet fleet with deep pile fitted carpets and well stocked cocktail bars, than in upholding Shell’s former reputation as a great company of which we could all be sure. 

Sunday Times Article (Shell bosses live high life on oil profits)

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

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