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Shell to investigate fraud, contract corruption, bribery, money-laundering and organised crime inside the Shell Group

By Alfred Donovan

Shell International is currently seeking applicants for two Investigation Case Managers. Each will be in control of a team of up to six individuals who will tackle 100 plus investigations every year inside the Royal Dutch Shell Group. The fact that up to a dozen investigators are needed indicates the considerable volume of bribery, corruption and other illegal activity going on. 

My son John Donovan and I may well apply for the Case Manager appointments since we have a track record of confronting and investigating dishonest activities by Shell managers who were protected by senior management godfathers such as Malcolm Brinded, the discredited CEO of Shell E & P. Brinded turned a blind eye to irrefutable documentary evidence of a conspiracy by Shell managers to deceive and cheat participants in a Shell tender process. As Managing Director of Shell Expro, he was implicated in the Brent Bravo scandal which cost two Shell employees their lives. He is now up to his neck in the Sakhalin II debacle.

This further acknowledgement of the scale of ongoing cases of corruption and other misdeeds (already admitted in the annual Shell Reports) is likely to be of interest to Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong in connection with the defamation action brought against him by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies. It provides more concrete evidence to support the allegations which Shell has disputed.  No doubt Dr Huong will insist on receiving copies of all such cases within Shell’s discovery documents.

Dr Huong may also wish to contact an Investigations Case Manager in relation to the “protection and risk assessment of Whistle-blowers” mentioned in the job description printed below. He certainly needs protecting from ruthless Shell management bully boys such as Jon Chadwick who acted disgracefully in Malaysia before being transferred to Singapore. Let’s hope that there is an extradition agreement in place in the event that any further “unlawful” activity is revealed.

In this connection, we understand that an emergency meeting of members of class action lawsuits against Shell Malaysia involving the litigant groups known as “Team A” and “Team B”, representing several hundred former Shell employees, is taking place tomorrow, Sunday, 21 January, in Malaysia.  The claims are in respect of employee retirement funds which, as a High Court Judge has already ruled, were “unlawfully” misappropriated by Shell management. We do not yet have firm information about the purpose of the emergency meeting. There is speculation that a conflict of interest may have occurred involving a paid Shell official who unlawfully acted as an “independent” administrator of the retirement funds. Hopefully we will have facts within days.  It could be another case for investigation.

If Jyoti Munsiff had not retired as the first Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, her past involvement in Shell managements corporate culture of deceit and cover-up, could have provided another excellent case for investigation.  Miss Munsiff used threats to try to prevent Shell shareholders from learning about senior management misdeeds. Likewise the actions of her former bosses, Sir Philip Watts, Sir Mark Moody Stuart and Jeroen van der Veer, all currently defendants in a multibillion class action lawsuit arising from the reserves fraud, all deserve investigation. Did their activities fall under the heading of organised crime?

We are extremely grateful to the Shell insider who brought this advert to our attention.

Advertised by Shell International on

Investigations Case Manager (x2) Job ID: E8021

Location: Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands

Shell Central Finance (CF) provides a range of professional services, advice and products to Shell companies on a global basis. This support encompasses everything from management and financial accounting, consultancy and business controls through to Mergers & Acquisitions, insurance and treasury operations.

The importance of compliance in today’s climate means that our Internal Audit department is integral to our success. As well as carrying out audits for our businesses and functions, it helps to streamline our operations, engineer business processes and facilitate more open communication. 

The successful candidate for this role will provide specialist advice, awareness training, information and expert investigative resources to all Group companies worldwide on practices which conflict with Shell Group Business Principles. These include fraud, contract corruption (illegal information brokering), bribery, money-laundering and organised crime.

As one of our Investigations Case Managers, you’ll identify and advise on the implementation of improved controls, the coordination and governance of Business Integrity across the Group, and maintain a cross-business integrity network. You’ll undertake the role of Regional Case Manager on behalf of the Ethics and Compliance Office, including regular contact and briefings with Business Compliance Officers.     

Taking responsibility for assessing integrity issues that are forwarded to the department, identifying the appropriate resources, managing the assigned investigation teams, and reporting to the Business on conclusion, you’ll be required to manage 100+ investigations every year. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the investigation, you’ll brief and manage investigation teams of up to six people. These teams are made up of individuals from different Shell companies, external suppliers and external counsel.

You also have the following additional responsibilities:

• Acting as Group Subject Matter expert and advisor on investigations, and taking responsibility for the protection and risk assessment of Whistle-blowers while considering the physical, psychological and legal risks involved

• Developing materials and organising and delivering an Investigation Skills course to 24+ international staff a year

• Providing awareness presentations to audiences ranging from 10-70 staff

• Coordinating the activities of nominated Business Integrity representatives around the Group to maintain a cohesive network and approach to the management of Business Integrity

• Facilitating the sharing of relevant information

• Taking accountability for the advice, expertise and work product provided by Business Integrity Department re investigation activities

• Taking accountability for compliance to internal and external legal policies during internal investigations.
Your principal accountabilities will be as follows:
• Providing regular communication and investigative briefings to senior managers within Shell on highly sensitive business issues. This involves investigating entities, collating and analysing data, writing reports, presenting findings and proposing pragmatic and robust business solutions

• Taking accountability for the management of integrity related investigations as required by Shell Internal Audit, managers in the Group businesses, as a result of Whistle-blowing submissions

• Providing Subject Matter Expert advice to different parts of the business upon request

• Ensuring confidentiality in relation to sensitive data with potential Group impact on a daily basis
You’ll also have a number of key challenges, including:
• Prioritising the demand for BID Services with the added difficulties of balancing the requirements of international/cross border/cross time zone cases

• Managing investigations staff and resources in difficult environments and countries
• Understanding the different business areas and having the ability to rapidly assimilate facts and knowledge of commercial practices in a constantly changing business


With highly effective communication and interviewing skills, and the ability to communicate well with senior management, you’ll be an expert operator of specialist investigation software.
With first-class prioritisation skills, you’ll be effective at influencing without authority, and be passionate upholding moral and ethical behaviour within the company.

You’ll have excellent presentation, training and facilitation skills, and capable of providing expert assistance to those investigations that are particularly sensitive to the Group. With specialist knowledge and experience of crime, illegal activities, the management of Whistle-blowers and Contracting & Procurement irregularities, you’ll have the ability to transfer specialist knowledge into useful business input.

Capable of assessing trends of fraudulent crime and its impact on Shell around the world, you’ll have expert knowledge of Shell policies relevant to Business Principles and the investigation of breaches including Shell disciplinary procedures.

With excellent knowledge of current legislation concerning corporate investigations and external reporting requirements, you should also have good diplomatic skills and awareness of Diversity and Inclusiveness issues.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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