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Indymedia UK: Hell at Shell petrol Stations: London blockade

Blockage of Shell stations in London

(Two Shell petrol stations blockaded by activists)

On the evening of the 24th January two Shell petrol stations in north London were blockaded by activists who are concerned over Shell’s aggressive business practices and poor human rights record.

For more details of Shells record see:

The non-violent actions took place at Shell stations on Holloway Road and Upper Street in north London. No arrests were made. However some motorist became aggressive, made threats and insulted blockaders.

The police did not over react and one officer made the comment … “I suppose we can look this up on the usual website can we?” Here it is officers.

After the last action at the station on Holloway Road one very friendly black cab driver congratulated blockaders and asked for publicity cards to hand out to his passangers. Thank for your support mate.

Mike Wells
e-mail: [email protected]

Comment posted below the article:

Protesters putting peoples safety at risk.
25.01.2007 18:59

In the first photo on the Hell at Shell petrol Stations: London blockade article, it is obvious that the protestors have moved the cones/fence placed around the tanker to ensure the publics safety whilst it was discharging.

I wonder whether the stupid arses would be so willing to be photographed had there been an accident and the whole place gone off.

A stupid act with over 20,000 litres of flammable fuel about.

A worried tanker driver.
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