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The Hartford Courant: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Broadwater

Broadwater Will Provide Needed Energy
February 10, 2007

Yale University Professor Dolores Hayden offered an opinion piece representing the views of many of those opposed to the Broadwater liquefied natural gas facility proposed for Long Island Sound [Place, Feb. 4, “Broadwater: Floating Folly”]. It was heavy with exaggeration, half-truths and the scare tactics that have become a hallmark of the opposition to this project.

Shell U.S. Gas and Power (a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell) and TransCanada Pipelines are partners in the Broadwater project and there has been no attempt to hide that fact as Hayden suggests.

The purpose of the project is to take delivery of liquefied natural gas from tankers, convert it to gas and pump it to markets in New York and Connecticut. Despite the professor’s assertions, there is a growing market for natural gas in this region fed by growing demand.

Although the professor argued that the Broadwater project would not be safe and secure, the truth is it would be more secure than a similar facility would be if it were sited closer to shore or on land. When the facility becomes operational, a security zone will be maintained around the vessel 24 hours a day. The LNG terminal is double hulled, making a leak highly unlikely even in the event of a direct collision.

Professor Hayden and others claim the answer to Connecticut’s energy future lies in conservation and alternative sources such as solar power. We agree conservation, solar and wind energy are part of the solution, but energy demand is so high in this region, we cannot depend on those sources alone. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible.

This winter, Connecticut consumers have been hit with higher than average energy prices. The reason is higher demand. Connecticut has a history of opposing new energy projects like Broadwater, and consumers are paying the price.

Many opponents of the Broadwater project offer no real alternatives for Connecticut’s energy future. As prices rise and demand soars, their only answer is to oppose new generation and tout alternatives such as solar, which at this point is beyond the economic reach of most consumers.

Broadwater is a sensible, reasonable solution for the region’s growing demand for natural gas. The more people understand the risks and benefits, the more they see the Broadwater project as something worth considering.

Gary Hale
Halloran & Sage Government Affairs

Halloran & Sage Government Affairs represents Broadwater in Connecticut. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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