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Shell Global Solutions Rolls Out Carbon & Energy Management Programme to Address Asia Pacific Energy Challenge

SINGAPORE, May 18 /Xinhua-PRNewswire / —

    — Two-prong strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon
    — First roll-out of the integrated programme in the Asia Pacific for its

    Shell Global Solutions launched its Asia Pacific Carbon and Energy
Management programme at the Asia Pacific Media Technology Day here today.
The launch was officiated by Bob Frith, President, Shell Technology India
and Oscar Piepers, Regional Discipline Leader, Carbon & Energy Management,
Asia Pacific, Shell Global Solutions.

    The Asia Pacific Media Technology Day 2007 is designed to educate and
inform members from the regional media on cutting edge technologies and
innovations being developed by Shell Global Solutions to meet the energy
challenge in the Asia Pacific while promoting efficient energy usage and
reduction of C02 emissions significantly around the world.

    “The International Energy Agency has forecast a 50% rise in energy
demand over the first 30 years of this century and believes that most of
this increase will be met by hydrocarbons. The ability to manage C02 is
therefore a priority for the future development and growth of our business
— we aim to have a reputation for responsible C02 management. We are
well-placed to participate in the search for and deploy solutions because
of our experience and our know-how. We don’t have all of the answers, but
we are constantly working to find them,” said Frith.

    Shell is pursuing numerous C02 mitigation and technology development
activities in order to improve its ability to manage C02 emissions from the
hydrocarbon businesses. Examples would be energy efficiency projects,
potential large-scale C02 sequestration demonstration projects and
alternative fuels.

    Frith points out that Shell has launched an initiative several years
ago to improve the energy efficiencies of refineries and chemical plants.
The energy efficiency programme being undertaken at the liquefied natural
gas plant in Malaysia is named as a relevant example. Malaysia LNG expects
an overall LNG production increase of up to 1% as a result of improvements
made with minimal capital expenditure.

    The energy efficiency programme is helping Shell facilities and plants
to cut energy consumption, reduce emissions and is also being implemented
by clients in the manufacturing and processing industries. In 2004, the
Deer Park chemical complex in Texas, USA, reduced its energy consumption by
2.1% to give annual savings of 90,000 tons of associated C02 emissions.

    “Typically, we see the savings made in our energy efficiency programmes
are through the effective application of successful practices, technology
and economics. For example, capturing carbon dioxide means it can be stored
(sequestered). This comes at a cost. However, there are novel ways you can
‘recycle’ carbon dioxide, for example, the Shell Pernis refinery in The
Netherlands is capturing part of the carbon dioxide it produces and
provides it to a third party, who then supplies it for horticultural use.
Before, Shell supplied the C02 that growers used to burn natural gas all
through the summer for the same effect. This natural gas is now saved,”
adds Frith.

    “There is a significant amount of hydrocarbon resource available to us
over the next number of decades. If we continue to exploit that and also
meet the energy challenge responsibly, we have to look at managing the
resulting C02 emissions. We are actually developing a number of alternative
energy sources, placing Shell as the largest distributor of bio-fuels and
one of the biggest investors in wind energy and investing in new technology
such as second generation bio-fuels, thin film solar and hydrogen,” said

    “Addressing the world’s energy challenge through technology-based
strategies is essential. The regime post 2012 and when the current Kyoto
protocol expires will be critical for determining how the world responds to
all these large opportunities. All of us, scientists, technologists,
engineers, media and the consumer have a vital role to play in creating a
responsible energy future.”

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